Vacation Recap: A beach week in South Carolina


Earlier this month, I headed to South Carolina for some rest and relaxation with my family and Will. We celebrated the Fourth of July, and Will and I hung back to have some time for the two of us. It was a much needed break and helped me refocus on what is important to me.

On the Fourth of July, we started the day off with what can only be described as an epic golf cart parade. The photo below will give you a small taste of what it entailed. My little brother Jackson and his friends decorated and rode the golf cart in the parade, while Will and I followed along on bikes. During the parade, neighbors set up on their lawns to bombard the golf carts with water guns, water balloons and hoses. The golf cart drivers and riders also arm themselves with water guns and buckets of water, so it becomes a bit of a battle on the road. It was extremely hot, however, so everyone was more than happy to get soaked during this all-American experience. After that we made a fireworks run, enjoyed the beach, cooked out and watched some fireworks before setting off our own–of course!


Will and I enjoyed paddle boarding, walking along the beach and cooking out. In addition to watching Indepence Day fireworks go off up and down the coast, one of my favorite nights was when we made Oysters Rockfeller on the grill – SO delicious. We loosely used this Sweet + Sour + Savory recipe. Thankfully Will and I use recipes in the same way — as guidelines to be utilized as we see fit!

We also enjoyed adventuring over to the historic town of Georgetown and Pawley’s Island. The charm of South Carolina beach towns is something I’ll always love as it reminds me of my childhood. And of course the whole beach week zoomed by as all great vacations do.

Until we see you again!

-Sarah Camille






Starting Something New


Do you write a to-do list, find a coach or make a public declaration on Facebook?

Do you start on a Wednesday or a Sunday or on a Monday at midnight?

Do you make a plan with goals or do you jump right on in?

Starting something new is one of those seemingly simple things, but for me “simple things” like this have always been more complicated than answering my questions above. For me it is about understanding why I am doing something, recognizing the challenges I’ll face and reassuring myself that I can do it.

So… here we go!

I have thought about writing a blog and sharing my voice for years. For several reasons, the timing didn’t feel right. And while I don’t believe in perfect timing, I feel that I now have the time to focus on this passion of mine and let it grow.

My hope is to create a place in the blogosphere over the next year that brings a positive light to other women, through the sharing of tips, advice, motivation and thoughts about the things that make up our lives.

Let’s see where this takes us!!

-Sarah Camille