Fashion Favorites: Denim Edition

Last week I shared some tips for finding jeans that fit. Today, I’m sharing my favorite jean brands and styles with you. As you read along, you should keep in mind that I am 5’8” and have legs that are longer than my torso. Because of that, I find a skinny or cigarette leg with a midrise cut… Continue reading Fashion Favorites: Denim Edition


Get the Look: Wedding Guest

I’m back in DC after a whirlwind of a weekend in downtown Nashville, celebrating my cousin’s wedding. The wedding was such a fun time, perfectly suiting my cousin and her new husband’s personalities. On Saturday morning, we went to the Frothy Monkey, an eclectic, hipster restaurant for breakfast (I’d go there again in a heartbeat!).… Continue reading Get the Look: Wedding Guest


Sale Alert!

There are some amazing sales going on right now for you, my fellow shopaholic! I am sure more will be announced in the next week as we get closer to Labor Day weekend. But, if you have the urge to shop now and don’t want to wait until the holiday weekend, I’d check these out:… Continue reading Sale Alert!


My Go-To Foundation 

When I was graduating from high school almost ten years ago, my mother took me to Sephora to buy some high quality makeup and get a tutorial on how to properly apply it to my face. It was on that (glorious) day that I was first introduced to Laura Mercier Cosmetics. It may seem dramatic… Continue reading My Go-To Foundation 


Four Tips for Finding Jeans that Fit

“They are a little too tight around my hips.” “They’re little too loose around my thighs.” “They fit well at first, but after washing they are way too tight.” “They are giving me a recurring wedgie!”  “They always have to be hemmed.” These are just a few of the common comments us ladies make about… Continue reading Four Tips for Finding Jeans that Fit


Babe Lash for Longer Eyelashes

At the beginning of this summer, I decided to try Babe Lash, an eyelash serum that claims to “strengthen, condition and enhance your eyelashes in as little as 4 weeks.” The packaging says to apply the serum to your eyelash line daily and you’ll see full results after six weeks. You also need to make… Continue reading Babe Lash for Longer Eyelashes


Vacation Recap: The Midwest & a Helicopter Ride 

I’m back in DC after an awesome 5 days in the Midwest. The trip was filled with fun adventures and lovely people that made the time fly by. I went out there to meet the rest of Will’s family and they were (unsurprisingly) just as wonderful as he is. I am so thankful I got… Continue reading Vacation Recap: The Midwest & a Helicopter Ride