Fashion Favorites: Denim Edition

Last week I shared some tips for finding jeans that fit. Today, I’m sharing my favorite jean brands and styles with you. As you read along, you should keep in mind that I am 5’8” and have legs that are longer than my torso. Because of that, I find a skinny or cigarette leg with a midrise cut tends to be most flattering on me (Side note: “cigarette” jeans are just a rommier version of skinny jeans). That said, I many of the brands below have various cuts that will likely work for you if your body shape is differen from mine.

First, my favorite jeans to date are Hudson’s Nico Mid-Rise skinny jean. I have these in multiple washes and they fit me SO well. While they are on the pricey-end, around $200, they have easily lasted me two years of wear and tear. This style is also very fitted, with a good amount of stretch, which keeps the denim soft and comfy.

Rag + Bone’s ‘The Skinny’ Skinny jeans are also a favorite of mine (I’m wearing them in green at the top of this post :-)). These are a little looser and more structured than Hudson’s Nico style, but that extra structure is nice and can feel more formal at times. These fit similar to the Hudson–good for someone with a straight, slightly curvy or athletic frame. The downside on these is that they are the priciest of my favorites.

For a less expensive alternative, I go for Kut from the Kloth’s Diana skinny style jean. This cut has more of a cigarette leg than a skinny leg, and the denim is pretty soft and stretchy. These jeans usually go for about $90, but often Nordstrom marks them down. For example, the Kut from the Kloth jeans below are 40% off! This brand also sells the Diana cut in corduroys if you need to stock up for the upcoming fall and winter.

If you aren’t a huge fan of jeans with a skinny leg, I’d recommend checking out other styles and cuts from the brands I have mentioned. From what I have experienced these brands make good quality denim that lasts after many many  wears (and I am not easy on my clothes!). I also recommend checking out Zappos and Nordstrom Rack to find designer jeans at a fraction of the cost. They often sell an array of Hudson and Rag & Bone jeans on those sites.

Happy shopping my friends!


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Get the Look: Wedding Guest

I’m back in DC after a whirlwind of a weekend in downtown Nashville, celebrating my cousin’s wedding. The wedding was such a fun time, perfectly suiting my cousin and her new husband’s personalities.

On Saturday morning, we went to the Frothy Monkey, an eclectic, hipster restaurant for breakfast (I’d go there again in a heartbeat!). We spent the day walking around Nashville and exploring the city. After roaming around and getting a light lunch to hold us over to dinner, we got ready for the wedding and headed over to the Bell Tower for the ceremony and reception.

Throughout the night I received several compliments on my dress, so I thought I’d share the details and some similar styles. I wore a violet, lace dress by AQUA that I bought online from Bloomingdale’s. I paired the dress with a Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC convertible crossbody bag and strappy Michael Kors heels.

This exact style dress was exclusively sold at Bloomingdales, and now there are just a couple sizes available in violet and black. But there is good news! AQUA has some very similar styles in darker colors. These would be perfect if you are looking for a dress like this for a fall or winter event.

While lace and midi dresses are definitely trendy right now, I think there is something classic about this look. They can be worn at different types of events and for years to come. Maybe that’s why I went for it.. and why I’m so tempted to get another one!

Good luck my fellow shoppers, and let me know if you get one.

Happy Monday!



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Sale Alert!

There are some amazing sales going on right now for you, my fellow shopaholic! I am sure more will be announced in the next week as we get closer to Labor Day weekend. But, if you have the urge to shop now and don’t want to wait until the holiday weekend, I’d check these out:

  1. Anthropologie: Extra %25 off Sale Items
  2. Pottery Barn: Almost everything is being sold at a discount with this week long sale. It’s *almost* too good to be true!
  3. South Moon Under: 15% off purchases over $150. This sale ends Sunday.
  4. J.Crew: 25% off select items + extra 30% off sale items through Sunday.

This is definitely a great time to stock up on classic pieces and summer sale pieces that can be transitioned into the fall season. The flowy dress pictured above is from Anthropologie and definitely makes for a practical transition piece for fall and spring. It’s marked down from $148 to $89.95. J.Crew also has several classic staples on sale that could be beneficial to your closet.

I’ll share another sale alert next week for those of you who are patient enough to put your wallets aside for a week. 😉

Happy shopping my friends!


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My Go-To Foundation 

When I was graduating from high school almost ten years ago, my mother took me to Sephora to buy some high quality makeup and get a tutorial on how to properly apply it to my face. It was on that (glorious) day that I was first introduced to Laura Mercier Cosmetics. It may seem dramatic to say that it was a life-changing day, but when I look back at it — it was a life-changing day!

At the time, Laura Mercier Cosmetics was a relatively new makeup line (about 10 years old), but what first attracted me to their foundation was how simple it was to apply and the fact that I did not look like I had makeup on after I applied it. Laura Mercier’s primer and tinted foundation allows my skin to glow through the product.


I am not one to use heavy makeup on a regular basis, so Laura Mercier’s primer and foundation has been a staple for my daily makeup routine since I first discovered. Admittedly, I have tried other foundations and primers because I love testing out different makeup products, but I always come back to Laura Mercier.

It’s dependable and oh-so-practical for my daily routine. It is also comparable to a bb cream that has good coverage. The foundation is perfect in warmer months when you want something light. It is also easy to build upon the Laura Mercier foundation if you need to add concealer or additional foundation for more coverage. The primer also creates that perfect base for the foundation to go on smoothly and evenly across your face.

The best thing about Laura Mercier’s primer and foundation is that enhances your natural skin, and doesnt leave you feeling covered up. It is worth giving a try if you are looking for something with this effect. Let me know if you try it!


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Four Tips for Finding Jeans that Fit

“They are a little too tight around my hips.”

“They’re little too loose around my thighs.”

“They fit well at first, but after washing they are way too tight.”

“They are giving me a recurring wedgie!” 

“They always have to be hemmed.”

These are just a few of the common comments us ladies make about jeans. We all know it can be hard to find a pair that fit well, especially when there are so so many options out there. But, that struggle makes the achievement of finding a pair that truly fits your body shape that much more cheer-worthy.

Throughout my searches I have discovered some bits of knowledge that have helped me find jeans that fit and have helped my jeans maintain that fit. Here’s the scoop:

  1. Know your inseam – this is a lesson from the gentlemen in our lives. They know how long their legs are and how long their pants need to be due to the ways men’s pants are sized. This number is especially important for women above and below average height as it can save you a trip to the seamstress or from constantly returning pants that stop at your calf. Tip: look for this information in the jean’s details section when shopping online.
  2. Inside out, cold water & air dry – these are key when you are washing jeans. Washing them inside and out and in cold water helps the jeans maintain their vibrant blue color. Airing them dry afterward helps your jeans maintain its stretch factor.
  3. Don’t overwash – jeans should be washed only after you wear them several times. Doing this dramatically increases how long your jeans last.
  4. Don’t force a trend – It’s sad but true. We all have different body shapes, so not all trends are going to look good on you. No matter how much we love those high-waisted jeans on Gwyneth Paltrow, they aren’t going to look so great if you’re  short-waisted. Think about the parts of your body you love, and then determine which new trend or cut for jeans will accentuate that part of your body.


At the end of the day it is all about feeling good in your skin. Clothes should help you achieve that feeling, not leave you feeling self conscious or physically restricted. Hopefully these tips ease your search for jeans with a perfect fit and help keep you from getting frustrated as you search. It’s a process that takes patience. I know.. easier said than done!

I’ll share later this week on my go-to jeans and some denim looks I love.

Happy Monday!


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Babe Lash for Longer Eyelashes

At the beginning of summer, I decided to try Babe Lash, an eyelash serum that claims to “strengthen, condition and enhance your eyelashes in as little as 4 weeks.” I was curious to see if this product would thicken and lengthen by blonde eyelashes.

Babe Lash’s instructions say to apply the serum to your eyelash line daily and you will see full results after six weeks. It is important to make sure your eyelashes don’t have mascara or makeup on them before applying. The serum goes on really easily, just like you are applying eyeliner.

I bought Babe Lash Eyelash Serum on Amazon for about $30 (it retails for $65). After six weeks of use, I could tell my eyelashes were thicker and longer.  I just applied the serum every night after washing my face and taking off my makeup. The wand and product were super easy and quick to use.

The photos below show my results. It is difficult to see the full results in the photos where I do not have mascara on because my eyelashes are quite blonde at the tips. Nonetheless. I think you can see a difference. What do you think?!  While I could tell after six weeks that my eyelashes were longer, I did not see full results until I had used Babe Lash for eight weeks. For the price and results, this is a product I would definitely recommend.


babe lash review afterreview babe lash after

Here is what the packaging looks like. It is simple and chic in design and about the size of a mascara tube.
I have never been big on fake eyelashes (mainly because I do not like the hassle of gluing them on). Babe Lash feels like a more natural alternative, and I like waking up and not having another step to get ready in the morning. Have you ever tried Babe Lash or do you have a different method for achieving long eyelashes, like extensions or fake eyelashes? I would love to hear about it.


Sarah Camille

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Vacation Recap: The Midwest & a Helicopter Ride 

I’m back in DC after an awesome 5 days in the Midwest. The trip was filled with fun adventures and lovely people that made the time fly by. I went out there to meet the rest of Will’s family and they were (unsurprisingly) just as wonderful as he is. I am so thankful I got to meet them and spend time getting to know them. We enjoyed pool time, waterskiing, family meals, volleyball, watching the Olympics and best of all — a helicopter ride!

The helicopter ride over the Mississippi River was definitely the most amazing and unexpected part of our trip. I didn’t know we were going to do it until the day before. I had also never been in a helicopter before, so the initial lift off from the ground was totally exhilarating. With the visibility of the helicopter and its compact size, it felt as if we were floating… or I guess some would just call it flying!

We flew over Missouri and Illinois for more than 30 minutes. There was so much to take in just looking down below and all around us. Luckily the weather was just what we had hoped for. The area we flew over was so green and the skies were perfectly blue and filled with clouds. It poured rain the next day, so in hindsight we really lucked out with timing. Part of that experience still feels like a dream and I feel so lucky to have had the experience. I know it is something I will remember forever.

Driving home through the Blue Ridge Mountains.

All in all it was a wonderful trip spent with great company. I’m just sad it went by so quickly. Here’s to everyone adjusting from vacation mode back to reality this week.



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Best Podcasts for Your Road Trip

After taking a little time off to enjoy the summer, Will and I will travel through Illinois and Kentucky’s Bourbon trail back to the east coast. One of the best forms of entertainment for road trips like this are podcasts. They can be a great way to learn something new or spark a fun conversation. I am sharing a few of my all-time favorite episodes below.

What it Takes — Johnny Cash

I’m not exactly a huge Johnny Cash fan, but this podcast was fascinating. I felt like I got a glimpse of what this famous and talented man was like off stage. Cash talks about some of the obstacles he faced in life, how he became successful and

This American Life — The Heart Wants What it Wants

This podcast shares a crazy story about a man who wrote love letters to other men for years under the pen name Pamela. What’s most shocking is how the receivers of these love letters reacted when the letters stopped coming.

Death, Sex & Money — When I almost Died

Made up of a compilation of stories from listeners of Death, Sex & Money, this podcast shares people’s near death experiences and how life changed for them afterward.

Death, Sex & Money — Siblinghood

Sibling relationships can be so unique and incredibly valuable, and this podcast touches on that. Adults discuss the ins and outs, the complex dynamics and the positive things that make up a  relationship with a brother or sister.

These podcast channels have lots of other interesting episodes for your travel entertainment. Share with me any of your favorite podcasts too. I’ll be back next week to share how the road trip and bourbon trail adventure went.

Happy weekend everyone!!


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The Scoop: SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub (SDC) is a company that promises to give you straighter and brighter teeth through their system of invisible aligners and teeth whitening. Everything is mailed to you so you don’t have to worry about setting up monthly appointments.

This spring I decided to give SDC a try because my teeth have shifted some ever since I had braces and lost my retainer. I discovered this SDC after some research which led me to a free consultation in the DC area. It seemed almost to good to be true, but I figure it could be worth checking out.

I’m honestly not sure I would have considered SDC much more if it wasn’t for the in-person consultation. Before the consultation, I was worried SDC was a scam. After meeting the people at SDC and getting a free scan of my teeth, everything felt much more real and like it could be a positive experience.

One thing to note about SDC: this is a young company that is still growing. So, the option to do the in-person consultation and teeth scan is not available in many locations. If that isn’t an option, the thing you have to do is create your own impressions of your teeth with a kit that is mailed to you. I’ve read some other SDC reviews about this being tricky. So my recommendation is to do the in-person consultation and let a professional scan your teeth if you have that choice.

Anyway, fast forward to now — I have been using my aligners for two full weeks, so thought I would provide my scoop for the situation so far. The aligners for month one were mailed to me and the kit had everything I needed. My kit had a different set of aligners for week one and week two and another set for weeks three and four. I have not yet tried the teeth brightening system Glo on!, but plan to in the next week.

Two weeks in to using the aligners, I can already see a slight difference in the crowding around my lower front teeth. The system has been easy to use, and thankfully I haven’t encountered any problems with the aligners fitting properly. When I start a new week’s set, it feels tight around my teeth and my teeth feel a little sore because I can feel them shifting. After a good 24 hours of wearing the new set, this wears off. In addition, I have not had people notice them, unless we are up close. So I’d say the “invisible” part of these aligners gets a solid “A” in my books.

I’m wearing my aligners below.. Can you see them?

This has been a good experience so far, and I can see how SDC is an easy-to-use and cheaper alternative to Invisalign. However, it may not be the thing for you if you have to have that in-person experience and want a more hands-off experience. Anyway, I am excited to see the full results in three months. I’ll update how the process is going on here for anyone interested.


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Best Buys: Nordstrom Sale

I know. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is already over.. Sigh! If only it could last forever.. Or just apply to everything Nordstrom sells! Anyway, I’ll stop dreaming. Since the sale is over, I’m sharing the best things I bought.

Halogen Lace Overlay Shell

rag & bone ‘The Skinny’ Skinny Jeans (Dearborn)

Pleione High/Low V-Neck Mixed Media Top

Adidas Logo Muscle Tee

Make + Model Brushed Hacci Lounge Pants

All of these items are good quality pieces that I can wear for work & play. The Pleione top is perfect for work or a nice dinner. The Rag & Bone jeans fit perfectly, and the Make + Model pants are the absolute softest thing I have ever put on. In addition, there weren’t any surprises in terms of sizing. Everything fit me as I expected it would, so no exchanges needed to be made (score!).

While I did find some great items, I was a little disappointed with the selection included in the Nordstrom sale this year. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I had my hopes up, but I felt like in years past there has been more to choose from and things haven’t disappeared so quickly.
I’d love to know if you had any recent shopping successes or duds, too. Hopefully this list proves helpful during the next sale. And if you just can’t wait until then, I highly reccomend Nordstrom Rack. It can be dangerous, for sure, but always does the trick for me.

Happy shopping!


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