The Best Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is the holy grail of my beauty routine. If you haven’t heard, it saves you from washing your hair everyday and keeps your hair from looking oily. 

I have tried a handful of dry shampoo products, but one has continued to go above and beyond what the other dry shampoos do! Dove’s Refresh+Care Dry Shampoo is the best

Seriously. This stuff is a game changer. It does not build up in your scalp like some similar products. The smell is light and not overwhelming. The product itself goes a long way and the dry shampoo doesn’t weigh your hair down. 

If you’re thinking about trying a dry shampoo routine, do it! It is definitely worth trying out. When I add up the time throughout one week that I’d be drying my hair if I did not use dry shampoo, it adds up to about 90 minutes. This time back is huge, especially if you are not a morning person and you can sleep in a little longer! 

My hair styled with Dove’s Refresh+Care Dry Shampoo for my cousin’s wedding in August.

I have even grown to prefer the texture of my hair when it is on day one or two of dry shampoo. My hair’s easier to style and often looks fuller with dry shampoo in it. I even find my hair holds curl better when it has dry shampoo in it – is that just me?! It worked great for me when I curled my hair for my cousin’s wedding in August (pictured above). I’d love to know if you use Dove’s dry shampoo as well and how you like it.

I hope your week is off to a great start too. I’ve been sick today but am thankfully starting to feel better. So, stay tuned for some fun posts later this week.


Sarah Camille

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