Is this Foot Peel the New Pedicure?!

A sensation in Japan that has been around since 1997, this foot peel phenomenon has gained popularity in the U.S. What’s so appealing (no pun intended!) about this foot peel? Well, it promises to remove the dead skin from your feet and give you super smooth feet with minimal effort.

I was given a Japanese version of this foot peel product a couple months ago and told that they are amazing. Still, I was skeptical. Could you really just put a gell-filled bootie on your feet and get soft feet just a few days later? Since the package was in Japanese, which I cannot read, I did some research, realized just how much people enjoy this product and decided to give it a try. Here’s the Japanese version I used, available on Amazon for $14.

So, I put the plastic-wrap booties on my clean feet. The gel was cold, but other than that I didn’t think much of it. After an hour, I took the booties off my feet and washed them off. Other than my feet looking like prunes, they looked and felt fine. I went to bed, crossing my fingers that I would not wake up with dead, foot skin all over my bed.

Sure enough, all was fine the next day and I remained skeptical that the foot peel would work on my feet. But five days later, I noticed the skin felt weird on the arch of my feet. My skin was peeling off! Honestly, it was pretty gross. So much so, I have decided not to include photos of what it looked like. No one needs to see that, and if you want to, you can check out google!

The peeling process took a couple days, and I wore socks for most of that time. Afterward, It was pretty amazing – the skin on my feet was SO smooth. I could see right away why this has gained popularity.

Similar products like Baby Foot, available on Amazon for $17, are the way to go if you want to give it a try. Target and Wal-mart also sell these now. I have also read that some people recommend soaking your feet before you put on the booties, some people leave them on for 90 minutes. Some women even put these things on their hands!

The best thing about these foot peels is the minimal effort and cost. It is less than a pedicure you’d get at a nail salon and it doesn’t involve salon razors, which can be too rough on your feet. To me, this seems like a safer and less-invasive option to get super smooth feet.

The worst thing is the peeling, which leaves little to be desired. This is a product I’d reccomend using in the winter or spring in preparation for sandal season. I could be wrong, but you probably don’t want to be walking around in flip flops with the skin peeling off your feet. The other negative for this product is the time involved. You do not get instant results, so you have to think ahead if you have a vacation coming up. I’d recommend trying this at least two weeks before you want to see results.

I’d love to hear if you have tried out a foot peel recently and what you thought of it. Or if you decide to try it, let me know what you think of the results.




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What I’m Wearing: Winter Edition

Hi friends!

Thank goodness it is Friday!! I’ve had a long (but very good) week and I am ready to relax this weekend. Since we’re in the middle of winter, I have realized there are certain items in my closet that have been repeated a lot lately. I just love them so much! It often surprises me what pieces I get the most use out of, so hopefully this list of the top things I’m wearing this winter is helpful for you.

  1.  London Fog Hooded Wool Parka, $80 on sale
    • This blue coat was a Christmas gift and I am obsessed with the color. It is super warm and a little roomy. The detail at the waist is also quite flattering.
  2. J.Crew V-Neck Wool Sweater, $60
    • It’s the kind of sweater that makes you look polished. The fit is perfect, not too baggy and slimming. It’s versatile as well; perfect for the weekend or work.
  3. Kork-Ease ‘Castaneda’ boot, on sale for $133
    • These are my go-to winter booties with a heel because of how comfortable they are. The rubber sole also has good tread if it is icy.
  4. Cotton Emporium Marled Open Knit Cardigan, $49
    • I mentioned my love of this sweater in a previous post, and since then my love for it has only grown. It is seriously like wearing a blanket–so cozy!
  5. BP Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Tee, $18
    • I’ve been layering this basic tee with all kinds of different outfits. The cotton is super soft too.
  6. Rag & Bone Olive Skinny Jeans, $198; (similar here for $114)
    • I love Rag & Bone Jeans, as you probably know, but the reason I’m wearing these on repeat right now is the color. I’m obsessed with olive this season, but especially pants.
  7. J.Crew Factory Donegal Turtleneck Sweater, $40 (similar here)
    • Turtlenecks are in right now, and I really love how this one has specks of other colors within the grey wool and the oversized collar.
  8. Steve Madden Austin bootie, $100
    • The pointed toe on these booties gives them a unique and western vibe. I thought I’d wear them more in the fall and spring, but they look awesome with jeans and dark wool socks on. Just beware, they run small and narrow. I’m usually a size 7.5 or 8 or 7.5, and I needed these in a size 8.5.

Above are some recent looks I have been wearing. As you can see, another thing I have been wearing a lot lately is my plaid Mod Cloth blanket scarf that I got for Christmas. They are unfortunately sold out, but I did find a new one on Poshmark, if you are in the market for one.

If you have anything in your closet you can’t get enough of this winter, I’d love to hear what it is and why you are enjoying it.

Cheers to a fabulous weekend!


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West Virginia Weekend Recap

Last weekend was huge for D.C., and I’ll just assume (and hope) that you know why. So, Will and I took it as an excuse to flee the city for a little weekend away. We stayed at an awesome, old (and super affordable) farmhouse that we found on Airbnb. The farmhouse was located outside of the tiny town of Sheperdstown, which is about 20 minutes from Harper’s Ferry, W.V.

We left Friday evening, stopped at Cerritos Pupuseria, an authentic Mexican restaurant, and ordered way too much delicious food. Then we continued on to the farmhouse. Once we passed Leesburg, Va., the area became more and more rural by the minute, until we were the only ones driving down a dark and windy road. It was just what we needed.

Once we got to the farmhouse, we cozied  up by the fire and had a drink while we chatted up a storm and watched Netflix. The next morning we slept in and had some breakfast before exploring the area. We drove into Maryland, scoped out Antietam and eventually ended up in Harper’s Ferry for lunch at a little cafe.

After we ate, we hiked along the Shenandoah river, across the Potomac and up a steep, foggy cliff side. The hike, which I coined “The Stairmaster 4000,” was more than 5 miles total. The steep part, known as the Maryland Heights trail, was about 2.8 miles and I burned more than 500 calories hiking just that part of the trail alone. Hiking up to 1,600 feet was totally worth the beautiful view at the top. As you can see, it was super foggy, so we were lucky that once we got to the edge of the cliff the fog cleared.

Saturday night we had dinner in Sheperdstown at Blue Moon Cafe and then hit up the local Irish pub for a drink and some live music from a local band. The dinner was pretty good and the restaurant had a fun, hipster vibe. On Sunday we checked out of the farmhouse and explored the Antietam Civil War battlefields. As we headed back to D.C., we stopped at Charles Town for a delicious meal at Alfredos Mediterranean Cafe. Everything we ate was super fresh and authentic. I’d definitely recommend it, if you’re in that area.

After our meal, we made our way back home and relaxed for the evening. I was surprised how much fun we fit into the weekend and how much there was for us to enjoy in northern West Virginia. It was a beautiful and welcomed escape that made what would have normally been a dreary winter weekend, much more fun.

Have any of you been to that area? Or have you recently enjoyed a weekend in the country? I’d love to hear about it. It’s amazing just how helpful it can be for your frame of mind to get out of your normal routine and to a place that is rural and relaxing.

Cheers to a great week!


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