Is this Foot Peel the New Pedicure?!

A sensation in Japan that has been around since 1997, this foot peel phenomenon has gained popularity in the U.S. What’s so appealing (no pun intended!) about this foot peel? Well, it promises to remove the dead skin from your feet and give you super smooth feet with minimal effort. I was given a Japanese version of… Continue reading Is this Foot Peel the New Pedicure?!


What I’m Wearing: Winter Edition

Hi friends! Thank goodness it is Friday!! I’ve had a long (but very good) week and I am ready to relax this weekend. Since we’re in the middle of winter, I have realized there are certain items in my closet that have been repeated a lot lately. I just love them so much! It often… Continue reading What I’m Wearing: Winter Edition


West Virginia Weekend Recap

Last weekend was huge for D.C., and I’ll just assume (and hope) that you know why. So, Will and I took it as an excuse to flee the city for a little weekend away. We stayed at an awesome, old (and super affordable) farmhouse that we found on Airbnb. The farmhouse was located outside of… Continue reading West Virginia Weekend Recap


Fashion Favorite: Sorel Boots

Hi friends! How was your weekend?  Martin Luther King Jr. Day gave me a three day weekend, which was definitely a treat. And while I’m glad the weather wasn’t unbearably cold, I’m also crossing my fingers that we get a big snow before winter is over. I’d love a good excuse to trek my favorite… Continue reading Fashion Favorite: Sorel Boots


Tips for Nailing a Perfect Manicure at Home

When I was a little girl, painting my own nails was a BIG mess. More nail polish ended up on my hands than on my nails. But over the years, I have perfected this craft, and now painting my nails is a welcomed activity to relax and unwind at the end of a long day.… Continue reading Tips for Nailing a Perfect Manicure at Home

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Four Favorite Shades for Your Winter Manicures

Winter is in full force and we might get snow this weekend – fingers crossed! Since it is only fitting to have nails that compliment the season, I wanted to share  four of my favorite nail polishes and shades for a manicure in the winter.   Dark Teal – Try Revlon’s Fashionista for a beautiful… Continue reading Four Favorite Shades for Your Winter Manicures


The Scoop on Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm

Hi friends! How’s it going? We got our first snow of the season on Saturday and it was absolutely FREEZING. So aside from working out, going on a cleaning frenzy and cooking, I laid low over the weekend. It was really nice, and well-timed since I started a new job yesterday (woohoo!). Anyway, I’ll stop… Continue reading The Scoop on Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm