Best & Worst Products for Enhancing Eyebrows

Happy Monday friends! Finding good products for enhancing eyebrows has been a major makeup struggle for me, but I recently have come across some great products. I would like to share with you all the best and worst of what I have discovered.

Before I dive in to my products for your brows, I want to clarify that this post is catered to all you blondies out there. Since I have blonde brows, just keep in mind that the products I mention below are what worked best for me. That said, if you are not blonde, I am pretty confident several of these products will work just as well for you in a darker shade.

Some of you may not know this, but my eyebrows (and eyelashes) are naturally quite blonde. The picture below is not my natural eyebrow color. What you see is a couple shades darker than the natural color of my brows. I found a few years ago that making them a darker helps frame my face and makes my blue eyes pop.

Best & Worst Products for Your Brows
However, it took me months to figure out what product works best. Thanks to the full eyebrow craze that started a few years ago, there is a ridiculous number of brow products to choose from – gels, pencils, brushes. When I first started exploring these, it was hard to know where to begin.

Nonetheless, I have found a few standout products that I have had success with and a couple I would steer clear from.

Top of My List:

  1. Lancôme Powder Pencil for the Brows, in Taupe $27
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel, in Caramel, $22


Bottom of the Barrel:

  1. Maybelline New York Expert Wear Eye & Brow Pencil, in Blonde, $4
  2. Maybelline Eyestudio Brow Drama scultping Brow Mascara, in Blonde, $8

The Lancôme eyebrow pencil is the best eyebrow pencil I’ve encountered. For special occassions, I use my Lancome pencil, followed by the eyebrow groomer. The Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel works quite well and the color is really nice. This brow gel is pretty good at building up of you are trying to make yours brows look thicker. I imagine the Anastasia brow gel would be perfect for darker brows that already look fuller, as well.

Now for the products I stay away from, the Maybelline eyebrow pencil was particularly difficult for me to apply. I had to press really hard into my skin for anything to show up (ouch!). Maybelline’s brow mascara was also sub-par because the product did not really stay on my eyebrows no matter how many times I applied it. In fact one half of my eyebrow would end up lumpy with product while the other half would look bare — not a good look!

Overall, I have found for eyebrow products in particular, I am better off spending a few more dollars for something that will work well and last.

Have you used any of these products before? Do you have a favorite product for your brows? I’m also curious to know if any of you use clear brow gel because the ones I have tried don’t seem to do much at all for me.

Cheers to a great week!

Sarah Camille

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The Scoop on Poshmark

Hi friends!

I’m a little thrown off this week since I had Presidents Day off from work, but don’t fear – I will still have two posts up this week! I hope you all got a long weekend as well or at least got to enjoy the amazing weather we had on the east coast.

Last year I shared my thredUP experience, and it has continued to be a successful way to both donate and profit from my gently used clothing. While I have had a positive experience with Thred Up, a couple weeks ago I decided to try out Poshmark for a couple pairs of shoes that I bought and wore a couple times.

Since then, I have successfully sold one of those pairs of shoes (pictured above) on Poshmark — woohoo! My experience with Poshmark has had some positives and negatives so I thought I’d give you the whole scoop.

How are Poshmark and thredUP are similar?

  1. You have a platform to buy and sell gently used clothing, shoes and handbags
  2. You can make money off what you sell

How is Poshmark different from thredUP?

  1. Poshmark’s app gives you the ability to upload, post, sell and buy any kind of clothing, shoes, handbags or jewelry.
  2. Unlike thredUP, you can sell your used jewelry and even makeup!
  3. You know exactly how much money you will make from what you sell because you chose the selling price, negotiate with potential buyers and Poshmark subtracts the cost of shipping and service fees. When you negotiate the price you, Poshmark calculates your earnings so you can see your potential profit instantly.
  4. Your profits can be deposited straight to your bank account on Poshmark. In comparison, thredUP now mails you a Visa gift card with your profits.
  5. Poshmark has “parties” that you can shop from or join to sell your apparel.
  6. You are your own seller on Poshmark. So, there is competition and you may have to wait awhile for items to sell. With thredUP there is a pretty typical timeline. You know when they have received your clothes, and from that point it takes a week or so to hear what qualified to be sold and how much you’ll make.
Here’s a snapshot of the Poshmark app.

Hopefully this lowdown helps you determine which platform is best for you, if you are looking to sell any gently used clothing. The ability to post items for sale straight from your phone was so nice with Poshmark, but it is also super convenient to mail your clothes to thredUP and have them sell what they can. I also feel like there is potential to make more money on Poshmark, particularly if you have items that still have the tag on them or you wore only a couple times.

Poshmark also has more flexibility in accepting a wide range of items. I was surprised to see that people sell makeup on there. I guess if you have makeup that you tried once and did not work for you, then it could be a good option. I’d love to hear if you have bought or sold anything on Poshmark. Was it a good experience?

I’ll be adding some more items soon. So if you want to check out my profile it is @sacahipp. If you are looking to join Poshmark, click here to sign up with code GREXF and save $5.




The Skinny on My Workout Routine

Hi friends!

Since I shared my workout philosophy and favorite workout gear last week, I’d like to share more about my  workout routine with you all. So here is the skinny!

How much do I workout?

I workout 5 or 6 times each week. My workouts range from 25 minutes on an elliptical to 90 minutes of cardio and weights. Usually, my workout is in the middle of those two ranges–about 50 minutes.

What’s my typical type of workout?

Each week, I do at least one HIIT class at Orangetheory. The rest of the time my workouts include running around my neighborhood, doing cardio at the gym (mostly treadmill or elliptical), weights at the gym and at-home, weight-free exercises. It’s a bit of an eclectic mix, but I will cater my workouts to what works best for my schedule. The average week in workouts looks like: 1 Orangetheory class, 2 runs outside and 2 gym workouts and 1 home workout. The weight-free exercises I do at home consists of an array of exercises I have found on Pinterest and YouTube. If you haven’t checked out Blogilates or Tone it Up on YouTube, definitely check them out.

How did I work up to my current routine?

When I decided I needed to workout more a couple of years ago, I began by setting goals. I made a running mileage goal for the year and calculated what that equated in miles to run each month. I track my monthly goals on the Nike+ Run Club app. As I mentioned last week, I currently aim to run at least 60 miles each month. My goal began with 42 miles per month and 500 miles in one year. I am goal-oriented by nature. For me having monthly goals, as opposed to a weekly goal,work best. It gives me the leeway to have a light week if my schedule is crazy, and then make that up the following week.

What’s my secret to staying motivated and on track?

The most effective way to keep myself motivated is by putting my workouts in my calendar and planning at the beginning of the week when I will workout. Having that game plan in my mind helps keep me on track, and getting calendar reminders about my workouts keeps me feeling motivated. Pinterest is another key way I find motivation. About once a week I look at workout tips or workout clothes on there, and pin my favorites. Reading magazines about healthy living, also keeps me motivated. Lastly, I track how many miles I run on my shoes with my Nike app and reward myself with new shoes and new workout clothes when I hit 350 miles in my shoes.

I hope this insight is helpful for you. Of course, this is the routine and the things that work for me. Some of my routine may not make sense for you, and that’s totally fine. If you’re trying to get into a better workout routine, my advice is to be realistic with yourself about what will work for you and don’t be afraid to try different routines to discover what you like best.

I’d love to hear what your workout routine is like and if your routine has any similarities or differences from mine. If you have any questions or would like more information about any of my workout, just let me know and I’ll give you the scoop.


Sarah Camille