Best & Worst Products for Your Brows

Happy Monday friends! Before I dive in to my product reviews, I want to clarify that this post is catered to all you blondies out there. Since I have blonde brows, just keep in mind that the products I mention below are what worked best for me. That said, if you aren’t blonde, I’m confident… Continue reading Best & Worst Products for Your Brows

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The Scoop on Poshmark

Hi friends! I’m a little thrown off this week since I had Presidents Day off from work, but don’t fear – I will still have two posts up this week! I hope you all got a long weekend as well or at least got to enjoy the amazing weather we had on the east coast.… Continue reading The Scoop on Poshmark


The Skinny on My Workout Routine

Hi friends! Since I shared my workout philosophy and favorite workout gear last week, I’d like to share more about my current workout routine. So here’s the skinny! How much do I workout? I workout 5 or 6 times each week. My workouts range from 25 minutes on an elliptical to 90 minutes of cardio… Continue reading The Skinny on My Workout Routine


The Best Drugstore Mascara

It’s no surprise that local drugstores have some good quality makeup products, but mascara is one of those beauty products that can be hard to figure out. As a teenager, I was overwhelmed with the large variety that was available for a product that has a seemingly simple purpose – making eyelashes thicker, longer &… Continue reading The Best Drugstore Mascara

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My Workout Philosophy & Style

Happy Wednesday friends! Working out is one of my favorite things. Some people give me weird looks for saying that, but it is truly the outlet that gives me energy and keeps me sane. Of course, there are times when I don’t feel like doing it, like when I have had a super longΒ or when… Continue reading My Workout Philosophy & Style


8 Staples from J.Crew for your Work Wear

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably discovered that a lot of my work clothes are from J.Crew. This brand and the J.Crew factory store have great staples for work, and the quality of their clothes continually meets my expectations. There are certain J.Crew staples I own that are classic and available year after… Continue reading 8 Staples from J.Crew for your Work Wear


A Blush Crush: Valentine’s Day Style

Here are a few crush-worthy blush pieces that are particularly fun for the holiday, whether you are staying in or going out.