Six Must-Haves for your Beach Bag

Greetings from South Carolina!

I’m on vacation for a week at the beach and it has been SO nice to disconnect and relax. I’ve spent a lot of time walking along the coast and lounging by the beach because the weather has been phenomenal in South Carolina. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

When I’m going out to the beach all day there are certain things I have to pack to ensure I can stay out there as long as possible. For me, a good day at the beach is long, sunny and entertaining. Here are the must-have items for any beach bag to help you have the best day at the beach!

Big Beach Hat

This summer I have been sporting a San Diego Hat Company Large Brim Hat that I adore. It’s such a good beach staple since it keeps my head cool and my shoulders, face and chest shades when the sun is baring down on you. This hat is also somewhat stretchy so it fits well and I can easily stuff my messy wet bun into the hat. The exact beach hat linked above only has a few left, so here is one similar style and another, both from the San Diego Hat Company.

A Good Read

I’ve been reading “The Magnolia Story” by Chip & Joanna Gaines while at the beach. Chip and Joanna are also known as the Fixer Upper couple and this book details how their story – how they grew up, how they met and how they found success together in Waco, TX. I highly recommend it to anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s entertaining to read how everything came together for the Gaines family and how their perseverance and faith through terrible times led to major blessings.

Sunscreen Stick

Now sunscreen at the beach is a no-brainer, but sunscreen sticks are my little trick. I LOVE my Neutrogena CoolDry Sport Sunscreen Stick. This stuff has great coverage with SPF 50 and it smells clean, almost like deodorant, which is perfect if you’ve gotten a little sweaty walking on the beach. What makes sunscreen sticks a must-have is that they are perfect for small areas that are burned or are prone to being burned, like your neck, forehead, tops of your shoulders or chest. The stick just makes it so easy to apply, and you know right where the product is going, unlike sunscreen spray.

A Super Soft Beach Towel

Everyone wants a cut beach towel (right?!), but what good is one without it being soft, comfortable and durable? This watermelon printed beach towel from P.B. Teen is SO soft and absorbs water well. It’s the perfect comfy thing to sit on in my beach chair. They come in lots of fun designs too! Here’s one with a trendy palm tree print for $29.

A Ruana

I got my Michael Stars ruana (different color) in my FabFitFun summer box, and it was such a well timed surprise for my beach trip. Similar to a wrap, this ruana is breathable and ties around your waist in various ways. You wear it over your shoulders like a kimono or even wear it as a scarf if you have a nice beach dinner planned. This ruana has turned into amust-have for me because it is much more versatile than a typical cover up.

Cheap Sunglasses

I made the mistake of bringing nice, designer sunglasses to the beach too many times when I was younger. I think every pair I brought out to the beach was consumed by the ocean in some way. You never know when a wave will come out of no where and steal them from you!! It is much more practical to have a cheap pair of sunglasses on hand. I wear my COAST sunglasses that were $3 or a tortoiseshell pair from Loft that are $15.

Some of these items may surprise you and some may seem like no-brainers. Are any of these items must-haves for your beach bag? I’d love to hear what your must-haves are.


Sarah Camille

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25 Replies to “Six Must-Haves for your Beach Bag”

  1. Thanks for putting together such a great list! I really had no idea that sunscreen sticks existed and this is definitely on my list next time I stop by the drug store!

  2. No no no.. that watermelon towel is not real! So adorable.. I need to step my beach game all the way up!

  3. Love this list!!! The watermelon towel is a must! and cheap sunnies are a fantastic idea! I always drop or scratch my sunnies on the beach so having cheap ones is very smart! Thanks for sharing these fantastic tips! 🙂

  4. Im packing my beach bag tonight… going to Florida in the morning! I havent tried the sunscreen stick yet… i usually buy spray so keeping an eye out for that!

  5. This is such a great list! I’m definitely looking into getting a ruana and the book by Chip and Joanna Gaines. Fixed Upper is one of my favorite shows!

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