A New D.C. Tote & 12 Ruffled Tops for the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving Eve my friends! I am excited to get lots of time with my family and Will’s over the next few days. But before the festivities begin, I am sharing with you all 12 ruffled tops for the holidays and The Little Market’s new reusable tote that I previewed in my Cheap Date ideas post. As you may recall, I did a little modeling with the totes around DC for photographer-extraordinaire Joffoto. I promised more photos and details, so here they are!

The Little Market's New D.C. Tote & 12 Ruffled Tops for the Holidays - SCsScoop.com

The Little Market’s Reusable Tote

In case you don’t know, The Little Market is a company that gives its customers the ability to purchase handmade fair trade products crafted by artisans around the world. If you are looking for a particularly meaningful or thoughtful gift this holiday season, definitely check them out. They have all kinds of unique home decor and accessories, like beautiful woven baskets, personalized candles, baby blankets and elephant-shaped mugs (swoon!!). There is something about a handmade gift that you know is supporting people around the world that just feels extra special.

Side note: This post is not sponsored by The Little Market. I was just fortunate to do some modeling with their totes through my connection to Jof. As always, my opinions are authentic, and this is just a company I truly love.

The Little Market Reusable DC Tote - SCsScoop.comThe Little Market Reusable DC Tote - SCsScoop.com

Outfit Details: Ruffled Top | Skinny Jeans | Booties (hello, short version!)| Watch Necklace | Bracelets

Now to the bag I wore for our photo shoot. It is their newest locals bag for Washington, D.C.  These reusable bags are so functional, cute and sturdy. The Little Market has a ton of totes for various cities around the world and totes with various sayings, like happy holidays, packed with love and bonjour!

I styled the tote with Gibson’s Ruffled Hem Top from Nordstrom, my favorite skinny jeans and super comfortable brown booties. Ruffled tops are one of my favorite trends this season. And since there are several on my wish list (and maybe sitting in a couple of online shopping carts!), I am sharing the ones at the very top of my list.

Ruffled Tops for the Holidays

The plaid ruffled tops might be my favorite because they feel festive and I like the mix of a masculine print with feminine ruffles. I also like styling flowy, ruffled tops with skinny jeans. For a holiday party, try pairing a ruffled top with a structured skirt. Now do you have any ruffled tops to wear this holidays season? Is there a way you prefer to style them?

I would also love to know your thoughts on The Little Market and giving a gift that supports local artisans. Do you shop anywhere that is similar? Or have a unique, handmade gift you love to give? Tell me all about it in the comments!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and have time to be with the people you are most thankful for.


Sarah Camille


12 Ruffled Tops for the Holidays - Sarah Camille's Scoop


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An Easy Way to Invest Spare Change & Grow your Savings

Acorns App Review - Investing Spare Change

Hi friends! For today’s Friday Favorite, I’m sharing a new, easy-to-use investment tool that Will and I came across recently. For me, investing money has always been one of those topics that seems too complicated and time-consuming to figure out. But now, the investing tool we found is doing the thinking for me. It is too awesome not to share it with you all! It is Acorns, an app that allows you to invest spare change with ease.

Will and I learned about Acorns at a high school reunion, while we chatted with friends about the major expense of education for children. Our friends mentioned they were investing a certain amount of money into Acorns accounts to save for the cost of school for their two kids. They had calculated how much they needed to save based on the average growth of their investment and setup automatic payments into the app. Intruiged, Will and I looked at the app when we got home and decided to give it a go.

How to Invest Spare Change

Acorns provides a simplified, convenient platform that automatically invests spare change by rounding up your transaction to the next dollar. So, the change you would get from a cash transaction goes straight into your Acorns investment account. You can connect Acorns to one or more checking or credit card accounts. Similar to the couple we talked to, you can also setup recurring monthly payments into your Acorns account. The beauty is that you invest spare change that grows with the stock market.

I also love that this platform works automatically once your account is activated. For example, when I bought groceries for $32.43 last week, $0.57 was added to my Round-Up balance, and I did not have to do anything (hooray!). Once the Round-Up balance reaches $5, money is withdrawn from my bank account and added to my Acorns investment. In addition, you can customize which transactions you want to include in your Round-Up amount or make it automatically calculate all eligible transactions.

To really get your money growing quickly, Acorns users can boost the Round-Up amount by as much as 10 times. So that 57 cents from my grocery store purchase, could be increased to as much as $5.70 with Acorns boost options. The recurring deposit our friends set up can also be customized for a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

Acorns App Found Money Program and Investing Spare Change

Setting up Acorns

Will set up his own Acorns profile first, and then helped me with mine. Once you download and open the app, Acorns takes you through the steps to open a round-up account, connect your checking account, and create an investment account. You choose from a selection of five different reasons for investing:

  1. Long-term investment,
  2. Short-term investment,
  3. Major purchase,
  4. Children, or
  5. General.

With the future in mind, we created accounts as long-term investment vehicles. After your bank account connects to Acorns, you answer questions about your age, income, investment goals, etc. The answers are used to tailor your Acorns investment portfolio from a conservative to an aggressive investment strategy.

Once set up is complete and a bank account is connected, Acorns withdraws an initial deposit for your new investment stream. Below, you can see my Acorns account is currently set up with a monthly $5 recurring payment. I also connected two accounts to Acorns, so I get round-ups on top of my $5. As seen in the chart below, Acorns shows how your money can grow over time. It is pretty enticing to invest more money, right!?

Acorns Fees and Extra Perks

Many investment tools come with hidden costs or fees. For Acorns, there is no deposit or account minimum to get started, no commission fees and no penalties when withdrawing funds. Users pay $1 per month for your first $5,000, or 0.25% annually for accounts greater than $5,000.

If you are a college student, Acorns is completely free. There are no fees on accounts of any size for college students. You must have a valid .edu email address and employment status as a “Student” for up to four years from the date of registration.

I have used Acorns for about a month and have found the platform easy to use. There are a lot of cool features too, like the investment growth program, seen in the projected value chart above. This forecasts how much your money will grow based on your contributions. Also, Acorns has some amazing partners that you can shop with and receive bonus investment contributions, like Nordstrom, Comfort Inn and Apple, pictured below.

If you haven’t invested your money or find the process daunting. like me, I  reccomend trying this platform out. If you want your money to grow, an investment option like this may be a better option for you than a standard savings account. It is awesome how much your money grows when it is properly invested.

If you want to give Acorns a try, click here to start investing and you will get $5!

Now I need to know. Do you use Acorns or a similar tool to invest spare change? Do you find investing money daunting like me? Or, are you a total whiz with money? If you have any advice or thoughts when it comes to saving and investing, please share.


Sarah Camille



An Easy Way to Invest Spare Change and Grow your Savings - Acorns App - SCsScoop.com


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11 Cheap Date Ideas & a New Bag from The Little Market!

Hi friends!

How is your week going? I am still reminiscing over the weekend. Will and I spent in western Virginia. The fall foliage was seriously stunning (see below!) and the fresh air was just what we needed. The weekend away reminded me how wonderful the simple things are in life and how a good time doesn’t need to cost anything. All that matters is that you’re in good company! So, today I’m sharing fun and cheap date ideas that Will and I have done.

11 Cheap Date Ideas for Quality Time - SCSScoop.com

Sneak Peek

First, there’s a little sneak peek for you I need to point out. The photos, courtesy of Joffoto, in this post are from some modeling I did for The Little Market’s newest locals bag for Washington, D.C. We had a blast visiting the local farmer’s market (hello, cheap date idea #1!) and putting The Little Market’s reusable bag to good use. I will do a full post on the blog with more photos and details of the bag and The Little Market soon.

The Little Market DC Locals Bag & 11 Cheap Date Ideas- SCsScoop.comThe Little Market DC Locals Bag & 11 Cheap Date Ideas- SCsScoop.com11 Cheap Date Ideas & a Date Outfit for Inspiration - SCsScoop.comThe Little Market DC Locals Bag & 11 Cheap Date Ideas- SCsScoop.com

Cheap Date Ideas

  1. Browse your local Farmer’s Market.
  2. Volunteer at the Animal Shelter. (Warning: you may end up adopting an animal!)
  3. Play cards or board games, with a side of B&B on the rocks.
  4. Visit the zoo.
  5. Throwback Thursday – take a walk down memory lane together. Give a tour of memorable childhood places, like your school, neighborhood or playground.
  6. Cook together and try a new recipe.
  7. Go on a hike.
  8. Visit a new food truck and have a picnic at the park.
  9. Star gaze at the beach.
  10. Hang out on the swings of a nearby playground, and pretend you’re 5 again!
  11. Go fishing or catch fire flies at dusk.

What I like about these ideas most is that they all give you and your partner time to focus on each other, and really have good quality time with each other. Over the past couple years, Will and I have discovered the difference in being together and truly being focused on having good quality time together. For me, this means putting my phone away and any other distractions!

The Little Market DC Locals Bag - SCsScoop.com
11 Cheap Date Ideas & a Date Outfit for Inspiration - SCsScoop.com
11 Cheap Date Ideas & a Sneak Peek from the Little Market - SCsScoop.com
The Little Market DC Locals Bag - SCsScoop.com

Outfit details: Dress | Vest | Shoes (Similar) | NecklaceWatch | Bag

I think the outfit I wore for our visit to the farmer’s market in DC could be worn for a lot of the date ideas I shared. What do you think? Are any of the date ideas on my list your personal favorites? Or, do you have a go-to cheap date ideas that are not on my list? I would love to hear your thoughts and how you and your significant other maintain a cadence of having quality time together.


Sarah Camille


11 Cheap Date Ideas for Quality Time - SCsScoop.com


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