25 Affordable Christmas Gifts & Stocking Stuffers – $25 or Less!

Hi friends! Can you believe how quickly Christmas is approaching? Personally, I CANNOT wait. Opening stockings on Christmas morning is a tradition I have always enjoyed. It is a fun way to kickoff the Christmas Day festivities together. Just as fun for me, is picking out the contents of the stockings. I love finding cute, little items that suit a family member’s personality or offer a practical purpose. Since Christmas is approaching fast, I am sharing 25 affordable Christmas gifts and stocking stuffer ideas. They are all $25 or less! I selected various practical and fun gifts that are sure to suit a wide range of personalities, too.

Affordable Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

    1. Rifle Paper Co. Mermaid Notebooks, $14 — These are so cute and fun, and there are several more fun designs by the Rifle Paper Co. Notebooks like this are perfect for those who are organized and those who try to be (like me)!
    2. Bath Bombs Gift Set, $17 — Bath bombs are a fun stocking stuffer for kids, teens, men and women. Seriously. Have you met someone who doesn’t like these?!
    3. Cable Knit Pom Pom Beanie$15 — This beanie is a super cute way to keep your head warm this winter.
    4. Eco-Friendly Loofah, 6 for $11 —  These are great for anyone, but especially for those who enjoy relaxing in the shower or tub.
    5. The Body Shop Bath Foam, $13 — Bath Foams like this are perfect for your friend who loves baths. I love this Vanilla Chai scent too!
    6. KitchenAid Spatula, $11 — Perfect for the cook in your family, this KitchenAid one is such a pretty color to add to your kitchen utensils.
    7. Tweezerman Nail Rescue Kit$18 — This kit is one of my favorite things. It’s perfect for traveling, and it is one of those things everyone can use.
    8. Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, $24 — If you know someone who loves singing in the shower or listening to podcasts while cooking, this is a great gift.
    9. 2018 Animal Memes Calendar$6 — This is a great gift for your silliest friend or family member. Just think, it will have them smiling all next year!
    10. Himalayan Salt Body Scrub with Lychee Essential Oil $13 — This stuff normally sells for $32, so the $13 price tag makes it quite a steal. It is a perfect stocking stuffer for that person in your life who could use a little relaxation and pampering.
    11. That’s What She Said Game$25 — Perfect for friends who love to throw parties, this game will definitely get people laughing.
    12. Anker PowerCore+ Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger$20 — This is a gift that’s perfect for someone who travels regularly, or that person who is regularly glued to their phone!
    13. PopSocket Stand$10 — This nifty and cute product is perfect for holding up your phone on a table while you watch or read something. It also helps you hold onto your phone.
    14. Retro Rewind Classic Sunglasses$11 — These Ray Ban knock offs are a steal at $10. Of course you can get fancy ones too.
    15. Zmart Funny Saying Socks, $10 — For men and women, these socks come with all different types of sayings and are sure to bring some laughs to your home!
    16. HD Phone Camera Lens Kit$19 — If you know someone who loves taking photos with their phone, they’ll love trying out these different lenses.
    17. Ban.do Floral Thermal Mug$14 — Travel mugs are perfect for people on the go and coffee lovers. This floral print will be pretty in your hands all year-long, too!
    18. Faux Fur Lined Suede Slippers$25 — These suede lined slippers are thick enough to wear outside. Plus, these are also made for men.
    19. NEST Fragrances Votive Candle$16 — NEST candles are on the pricier side, but the scent of this Holiday votive is simply divine.
    20. Foldable Headphones with Mic$15 — These gold headphones are beautiful, right?! Best of all, they fold easily for traveling.
    21. Fur Pompom Keychain and Bag Charm$18 — For anyone who wants a little fun and fun in hand, this key chain is the way to go. The large pompom makes keys easy to find in your purse too.
    22. Burt’s Bee Moisturizing Lip Shimmer$5 — I absolutely love this product and the caramel hue makes my lips look like rose gold.
    23. ITraveller Portable Hanging Toiletry Bag, $14 — This toiletry bag comes in several designs for men and women. It is a perfect size for travelers and the compartments inside are perfect for keeping your products separate.
    24. Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream$6 — Winter can really dry out our skin, so this is something that is sure to be used by everyone. I like to keep one of these in my purse and at my desk.
    25. Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Set$24 – This gift set has three beautiful nail polishes, perfect for your most polished and put-together friend or family member.

Establishing Christmas Traditions

On Christmas Day with my family, everyone takes a turn going through their stocking. Before any Christmas gifts are opened, we go one by one and item by item. As little kids, gifts from Santa were not wrapped, but were instead displayed with our stocking. Seeing everything from Santa displayed together was always super exciting.

Now, I know it may sound like torture to refrain from opening gifts. But, having that time together to go through our stockings is absolutely one of my favorite Christmas traditions. Similar to the affordable Christmas gifts I have shared with you, our stockings have a mix of candy, beauty products and small items that are just for us. Take a look at my stocking from last year, below.

Affordable Christmas and Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

Since I am getting married next year, this Christmas will be the last time my family does the stockings all together. While we will have many future Christmases together, the dynamic will change. Will and I will pass along this tradition to our family. I think carrying on traditions like these can be a meaningful way to stay connected to those you love.

Now, I would love to know about your traditions and your favorite affordable Christmas gifts. Do you have a favorite tradition in your family or did you continue one from your childhood? What do you like to give and receive during the holidays?  Are there any go-to, affordable Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers that you love? Also, stay tuned for the story of my newest Christmas tradition.

Cheers & Happy Holidays!

Sarah Camille

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25 Affordable Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffer Ideas for $25 or Less


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Lady in Red Perfume for the Holiday Season & Promo Code

Lady in Red Perfume for the Holiday Season and Coupon Code - SCsScoop

Happy holidays my friends! We have three weeks until Christmas – can you believe it!? Like me, you are probably in the mix of holiday shopping, cooking, a never-ending to-do list and preparing for holiday parties. I have talked about some of my favorite ruffled tops for holiday parties, but today I am talking about the new Lady in Red perfume. It is perfect for the holidays and can be the cherry on top for your festive or classy attire.

Lady in Red Perfume for Holiday Season & Promo Code - SCsScoop.com

I have had the chance to test out Lady in Red’s newest perfume and it is totally share-worthy. Lady in Red has launched a new perfume just in time for the holiday season, and as part of their campaign, I am revealing what energizes me, what empowers me and what fires the passion in me. Here we go!

  • What energizes me? This is an easy question to answer. It is blogging! When I am blogging, especially writing, I feel re-energized and like I am being true to myself.
  • What empowers me? In my life I have felt more empowered and mentally strong when my I am physically strong. Working out or taking a few moments outside in nature makes me feel empowered. So it is important for me to make time to workout on a regular basis.
  • What fires passion in me? This is a hard question to answer. I think passion is something that has to be ignited every day. Having a creative outlet like blogging definitely ignites the passion in me, but there are other ways I channel my creative energy. I love painting, putting together a new outfit, drawing and doing fun DIY projects.

Lady in Red Perfume

Adding a fragrance to your look can be a fun way to feel extra confident and sexy during the holiday season. Lady in Red’s newest fragrance has a timeless aroma with floral notes. It is not too strong and not too subtle. Honestly, I think it is a great everyday scent. In addition, if you tend to steer away from perfume, this would be a perfect one to try out. First, it is affordable at $35 for a 1.7 ounce bottle. Second, it is a classic fragrance that will work for a variety of women.

This Lady in Red Perfume would also make a great stocking stuffer or gift for the holiday season. As a holiday gift to you, use code “SPRAY2SCS” for a buy one, get one free promo AND a free red picture frame as a holiday gift!

Now, I would like to hear from you all. What makes you feel energized and empowered? Is there anything in particular that fires up the passion inside of you? Staying energized can feel extra difficult during the holiday season, so I hope you all remember to take a little time to take care of yourself each day.


Sarah Camille


Lady in Red Perfume for the Holiday Season and Coupon Code - SCsScoop


See my disclaimer here.

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