How to Transition Summer Dresses into the Fall

How to Style & Transition Summer Dresses into the Fall - Sarah Camille's Scoop -

Labor Day has passed and that means the unofficial start of fall has begun! And while it still feels very much like summer in Northern Virginia right now, fall fashion will be here in full force before we know it. You may be tempted to pack all your summer clothes away, but you can get much more out of your wardrobe when you keep a few summer items out as the seasons change. Some pieces clothes can be styled for fall weather more easily than others. One of my favorite summer pieces to wear into the fall are those pretty, bright floral dresses I love wearing all summer. They’re too fun to pack away just yet, so let’s dive into some tips on how to transition summer dresses into the fall!

Before we get into the tips, here is the dress styled for summer. I got this yellow floral dress because I loved the wrap style, length and sleeves. During the summer, I have worn this dress with the sleeves pushed up. I also paired the dress with light, neutral accessories.

How to Style & Transition Summer Dresses into the Fall - Sarah Camille's Scoop -

How to Style & Transition Summer Dresses into the Fall - Sarah Camille's Scoop -

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Tips to Transition Summer Dresses into the Fall

As the weather gets colder, here are the two main things I will do to style and transition my summer dresses for fall:

  1. Switch lighter accessories for darker ones. This includes my jacket, purse and shoes. As you can see below, the pieces I switched out and the jacket I added are all darker. This helps make the whole look feel more appropriate for fall
  2. Opt for heavier or bulkier pieces. The purse and shoes I’m wearing for fall have a heavier more substantial appearance. This creates a more appropriate look for fall.

How to Style & Transition Summer Dresses into the Fall - Sarah Camille's Scoop -

How to Style & Transition Summer Dresses into the Fall - Sarah Camille's Scoop -

I chose a blue jean jacket and red purse to style for my fall look because they play off the colors in the dress. The thicker, heavier sandals I am wearing can also be switched for booties when the weather gets even colder.

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There are similar dresses here and here.

Affordable Find Alert!!  The red bag I’m wearing is a dupe for the much more expensive Celine version. It is available on Amazon for 10% of the designer price tag. I was intrigued by all the good reviews and it has lived up to all of them!

I would love to hear how you transition summer dresses or other pieces into the fall. Do you have a similar floral dress from the summer you’ll wear into the fall? What are your favorite pieces to get you through the summer to fall transition? Let’s chat in the comments!


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How to Style & Transition Summer Dresses into the Fall - Sarah Camille's Scoop -


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16 thoughts on “How to Transition Summer Dresses into the Fall

  1. Nati says:

    These tips are excellent! I am going to do so, because the weather is also (unusually) still quite warm here in Switzerland too! I’ve been wearing my denim jacket in and out.

  2. Donna says:

    I love that print on you! This is my favorite time of year, when its still kind of warm, but not too cool. I love your ideal of trading darker accessories for lighter ones.

  3. Glenda Kruse says:

    I really like how you change the shoes and handbag in your transition outfit which creates a new look. I cannot live without my denim jacket. It really does look amazing with the dress.

  4. helenevlacho says:

    Such a beautiful dress! Adding different cover ups and changing also the shoes and bags can very easy to update any summer look to fall.

  5. Jazmin Williams says:

    I love this dress and you’ve styled it so well! And the fact that it’s a deep yellow/close to mustard is gorgeous, I know that colour is quite popular for Fall right now. The Denim goes so well and that bag is one of my favourite Fall colours!

  6. Anshika Juneja says:

    Wow, I love this vibrant floral print dress! This is so feminine and chic. I love the fact how you have switched your looks according to the both the seasons. The jacket is definitely adding a very soft and romantic look and that bag is super stylish. I really want to buy this ensemble.

  7. Danielle Old Soul Mama says:

    I am not really into fashion so I don’t really know a whole lot about it. I love how you changed the summery accessories for bulkier ones to make the outfit more appropriate. I have never thought of that and will definitely use that advice.

  8. riaparikhblog says:

    That’s a lovely dress. Florals can be super cute in fall as it is for spring. I love throwing on a denim jacket for layering on my dresses – gives a nice laid back touch to the look.

  9. elaineebest says:

    I’m in the Baltimore suburbs, so I feel you 100% on the necessity of transitioning summer pieces into fall appropriate outfits. It’s especially helpful when the days start off chilly and end sweltering hot!

  10. seekneverland says:

    I am so happy to read this. It was just the article I was looking for. I’m currently switching to fall wardrobes and finding clever ways to repurpose past seasons into a fall look saves me so much money. Thanks for this.

  11. mdaisi says:

    Thanks for these recommendations. I especially like the floral dress and I agree – switching for darker/heavier items gradually in the fall, could definitely help with the transition.

  12. angieh86 says:

    That dress is so pretty! I love wearing dresses and since I live in AZ I can wear them for a few more months without needing pants hahaha.

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