11 Most Amazing Amazon Designer Dupes

Amazing Amazon Designer Dupes

Hello friends! If you have been following along on the blog or Instagram, you probably already know – I am all about affordable style! But, achieving a cute “look for less” can require a lot more  research and trial and error, compared to buying designer, high-end items off the rack. Some may say if you sacrifice the price, you sacrifice the quality, but I disagree. There are a lot of items marked up exponentially, purely because of the label. At the same time there are cheap brands out there that are best to stay away from. It’s complicated for sure, but today I am here to help you navigate through all the online shopping options! I’m sharing 11 amazing Amazon designer dupes that prove it is definitely possible to get items for less that still look top-notch.

> The Amazon Designer Dupes for You! < 

#1 – DESIGNER: Celine Micro Luggage Tote, $2,850  | DUPE: Amazon, $129

The Amazon dupe for this designer tote is amazing quality for the price! It is genuine leather and feels so good to the touch. Everything from the liner to the pockets and zippers make me feel like I have the real deal. It’s no wonder so many people compliment the bag, thinking it is the designer version, when I wear it. The brand that makes the Amazon dupe makes lots of other dupes as well and there is a wide range of colors to choose from!

Amazing Amazon Designer Dupes

#2 – DESIGNER: Valentino Rockstud Pointy Toe Pump, $875 | DUPE: Amazon, $48

I wore the designer dupes for my bachelorette party at the beginning of the year. Both the pumps and my feet lasted a whole night, walking around Charleston. They’re so fun and they really look like the real deal!

#3 – DESIGNER: Gucci Leather Belt with GG Buckle, $450 | DUPE: Amazon, $14

These belts are so popular and trendy lately, but who knew you could get one for a mere fraction of the cost! As you’ll see on the Amazon page there are lots of great reviews and photos of the dupe.

#4 – DESIGNER: Chloe Faye Suede & Leather Shoulder Bag, $1,950 | DUPE: Amazon, $65

I have been eyeing this bag for quite some time, so I was super excited to find a dupe for only $85. Wouldn’t this color be perfect for fall and winter?

#5 – DESIGNER: Topshop Stripe Colorblock Cardigan, $85  | DUPE: Amazon, $27

This Topshop cardigan sold out so quickly during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and I haven’t seen it in stock in my size since. Luckily the Amazon dupe is identical!

#6 – DESIGNER: Valentino Rockstud Flat, $775 | DUPE: Amazon, $115

Black flats are a staple for all wardrobes, but this designer dupe ups the fashion game! These would look great from day to night and from work to play!

#7 – DESIGNER: Stuart Weitzman Over-the-Knee Boots, $798 | DUPE: Amazon, $34


I hesitate to splurge on trendy pieces like over-the-knee (OTK) boots because you don’t know how many seasons they’ll last you. The Amazon designer dupe has so many good reviews and they have the high end look at a fraction of the cost.

#8 – DESIGNER: Hermès Garden Party Tote, $3,500  | DUPE: Amazon, $138

Both the designer and dupe version of this tote is so classic and charming. The Amazon dupe has so many colors to pick from as well!

#9 – DESIGNER: David Yurman Oval Link Bracelet, $1,850 | DUPE: Amazon, $17

Accessories can make an outfit, but it’s nice when that doesn’t require breaking the bank, right?! This dupe looks so good and the style will go with everything.

#10 – DESIGNER: Hermes Oran Sandal, $700 | DUPE: Amazon, $40

If you missed these sandals over the summer, where were you?! Just kidding. These popular slide sandals are the perfect minimalist touch to any summer outfit. The dupe on Amazon is a tenth of the price and just as cute!

#11 – DESIGNER: Cult Gaia Mini Ark Handbag, $138. | DUPE: Amazon, $38

This is another super popular and trendy piece for warmer weather. The dupe looks so amazing too! Can you tell the difference?!

What do you think?

I would love to hear if you have gotten any Amazon designer dupes or dupes from anywhere else. Of the amazing dupes I shared which one is your favorite? Let’s chat in the comments.


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21 thoughts on “11 Most Amazing Amazon Designer Dupes

  1. Courtney says:

    How did you find that celine bag dupe on Amazon? When I go to the link, it says “sorry we cant find that page”. That purse is so cute and for a great price!

  2. helenevlacho says:

    Gorgeous suggestions! I have already found so many dupes on Amazon for only a few $$. And some them look exactly like the expensive ones.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I love #5 the dupe is so cute too. I am a fan of anything affordable and cute I don’t care if it is offbrand so I am loving this post!!

  4. Jack branson says:

    I think the black and yellow is matched so perfect and looks great when aomeone wear it. This is good collection!

  5. Joshua says:

    wow what incredible price differences. I like the tote bags and the knee high boots. Those would probably be me favorites out of the list.

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