The 11 Best Amazon Purchases I Made in the Past Year

Hi friends! It’s been a busy summer (hard to believe we are over halfway through the year), but I’ve recently been making a list of our best Amazon purchases of the past year to share with y’all and I’m excited the timing lines up close to Prime Day, which is July 11 and 12 this year. The items below are pretty indicative of the current life I’m living, which often involves running after and negotiating with a toddler! There is a mix of fashion, home decor, health and toddler things; and they’ve all shown themselves over the past year to be totally worth it!

Before we dive in, I know Prime Day and holiday sales can get a little overwhelming, and I honestly don’t know if all my favorite items listed below will be on sale as I write this. Most pieces are already offering some kind of discount as of Sunday, July 9. At any rate, I honestly feel all these items are worth the full price tag, which is what is listed below. You’ll have to click to see if there’s discount if you are looking at any of these items on Prime Day. For now, I’ll keep my fingers crossed we get some good deals.

The 11 Best Amazon Purchases I Made in the Past Year -


Two-Piece Knit Set, $49.99 — I’ve been wearing this set SO much since I got it, especially when I work from home. It’s a great look-a-like of the popular Free People set, which is more than 2 times the price. The pants are a little cropped on me (5’8″) and fit high waisted with deep pockets. I got my normal size and it fits perfectly; if in between, I’d size up given the roomy style. It comes in lots of other colors too.

Checkerboard Print Blanket, $54.99 — This blanket wins the prize for coziness. It’s super soft and has a nice weight to it, very similar to Barefoot Dreams blankets. It’s perfect for cuddling up on the couch which we do all the time. One thing I really love about ours is the size, we got the second to largest size and it’s great. Being tall people, most blankets cut off at our ankles! It comes in 4 sizes total and lost of colors.

UPF 50 Sun Hat, $21.99 — I have bought this hat for the past three summers for Liam because we love it so much. Sizes fit will fit newborns to 14-year-olds. This hat provides great protection from the sun with it’s wide brim and it stays on easily. The head strap and the chin strap are adjustable. It also floats and is made with a quick-dry fabric, making it perfect for the beach and pool. The hat comes in tons of colors to choose from.

Raw Greens Whole Food Powder, $54.95 — Will and I use this just about every day and love it. Adding this powder to our water or smoothie is such an easy and effective way to get quality nutrients in our bodies. Of course, there are lots of whole greens in the powder, but there’s also probiotics and herbs that work together to to support healthy aging, immune health, energy, and a healthy stress response. I feel better when I drink my green juice each day, and it’s noticeable to me when I don’t! We get the unsweetened powder in the large size, but there’s a smaller size if you want to try it out and also a berry flavor.

toddler sunglasses

Mom & Toddler Sunglasses, $21.99 & $7.99 — Both of these sunglasses have been repurchases this year because Liam and I love them, and we are both hard on sunglasses. Go figure! My pair look so high quality and they are very durable. Liams ray-ban style ones are made of a super flexible plastic (very bendy) and are made to fit ages 0 to 3. They also come with a removable strap. Such a steal for $7.99!

Spill-Proof Water Bottle with Straw, $32.75 — This water bottle has been a go-to this summer for when I am on the run. I love my Stanley Tumbler at home, but this one is better for travel and outdoor happenings because it is spill-proof. It keeps my beverages cool, and the FreeSip spout is genius! It allows you to sip upright through the built-in straw or tilt back to swig from the spout opening. This water bottle comes in lots of color combinations and sizes, too. I loved it so much I got the kid version for Liam. He can open it by himself, it’s spill proof and it has a child lock.

Cropped Fleece Pullover, $39.99 — I had been eyeing Lululemon’s scuba hoodies and pullovers during the winter, and was very excited to find this look-a-like on amazon with promising reviews. The I sized up one and it has the extra roominess I was hoping for.

Handmade Herringbone Frame, $19.99 — Easily one of my favorite frames! I got a new size last fall for our family photos, so I have three total now. I love that they are handmade and the herringbone design with bone inlay makes them feel extra special. Personally, I love the brown, neutral one, but the little shop that makes these has some fun colors and other designs. I have given a couple of these gifts and added a printed photo for a personal touch.

Reusable Water Balloons, $39.99 — I am honestly surprised how big of a hit these are! I knew my son would love them but every time we are at the pool with them every kid (from 1-12 years old) who sees them wants to check them out and play with them. They are super easy to fill up with water, and I love that they don’t leave any waste behind like normal water balloons do.

Pleated Mini Swing Skirt, $38.89 — This skirt is such a winner! I first got it in the fall and styled it for Thanksgiving, but I also wore it in the spring. The elastic band and pleats make it so easy to throw on and be comfortable while also looking put together.

Embossed Crossbody Belt Bag, $34.90 — With the cutest neutral embossed croc pattern, this belt bag has been well loved by me since I got it last August. It’s really great for travel or on-the-run mom life with it’s zip front pocket and hidden back zip pocket. This bag fits my large wallet and also has an adjustable strap. It can be worn across body or as belt bag. There are several colors available.

So, there you have it! Where would we be without Amazon lol?! Seriously though, I hope you found it helpful to see some tried-and-true recommended products from there. There were a few runner-up products that I will share on my Instagram account over the next couple of days. I would also love to hear what your best Amazon purchases have been in the last year or so.. or of all time! Let me know in the comments.


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