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Fall Bucket List

Hi friends! Happy Labor Day weekend!! This week has been a little wild with a cold hitting me and Will and Liam getting a stubborn rash. We were supposed to be at the beach today, but with the illnesses and the flexibility we have when staying with my parents and work, we punted the trip a few days. I guess that’s also a plus of traveling by car! But anywayyy, today feels like the last true summer Friday and Labor Day weekend always feels like the true end of summer to me. Excitedly, I made a fall bucket list last night.. as if I needed another reason to be excited for my favorite season.

So, here’s this year’s fall bucket list.

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I think the concept of “bucket lists” can get a little out of hand. Like of course, I could have thought up more extravagant things to do, but this bucket list is what I want to do and what I’m most looking forward to doing. Maybe it’s just a polished up to-do list or you could call it fall goals. Whatever it is, I find writing out lists like this make me 10000% more likely to actually do the things.

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If you have ideas swirling about in your mind, making a little fall bucket list might help you out! I thought mine might give you a little inspiration too. And a little reminder I gave myself in writing this was that it’s not the activities themselves that are special, it’s who we enjoy them with and how much we pause to enjoy them ourselves that really counts.

I hope you all have a wonderful fall!



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