7 Fashion Trends to Try this Fall

Hi friends! The summer heat is lingering but in my mind fall is here. I’m starting to pull out layering pieces for the cooler weather ahead and look into new pieces to add to my wardrobe. There are a lot of fun fashion trends that I have been looking into and reading about in the past month. Now, with the new season, I am inspired to branch out of my typical clothes and try some new trends that that work with my lifestyle as a 30-something mom. Let’s be real, there are certainly some trends that I wouldn’t feel appropriate in or like myself if so wore them (see the end of this post)! However, a few fashion trends that caught my eye will be fun, practical additions to my wardrobe. So, today I’m sharing those with y’all — 7 fashion trends to try this fall!

Fashion Trends to Try this Fall

structured plaid blazer - 7 fashion trends to try this fall -- SCsScoop.com

Structured Plaid Blazer

Menswear is definitely having a moment in women’s fashion right now, and a plaid blazer like this will be easy to style this fall. I haven’t bought or really worn a structured blazer in a very long time, so the old ones in my closet no longer work for me. It’ll be a new go-to piece for work, I’m sure!

wide leg trousers  - 7 fashion trends to try this fall -- SCsScoop.com

Wide Leg Trouser

There’s something effortlessly chic about pants like these, yet I personally rarely gravitate towards them. Of course wide leg trousers will elevate your work wardrobe, but I’m excited to style them for the weekends and create more casual looks with them too!

 button down - 7 fashion trends to try this fall -- SCsScoop.com

Button Down

Of course this is in the same vein of menswear trends as the items above. Button down shirts are back, and I just bought this one with a pretty faded navy stripe. It will be nice to reunite with this classic wardrobe staple that I have ignored in my own closet for at least a few years now.

cargo pants  - 7 fashion trends to try this fall -- SCsScoop.com

Cargo Pants

If you’ve been in a jeans and leggings rut like I have the past couple years, cargo pants are a great way to switch up your fall outfits. I got the green pair above in brown, and love the fit. The ties at the ankle can be tightened or loosened for different looks.

denim midi skirt  - 7 fashion trends to try this fall -- SCsScoop.com

Denim Midi Skirt

Midi skirts are so flattering, easy to style and made for crisp fall days. Denim ones are in the spotlight for good reason too. They are the perfect piece to create an all-American casual, cool outfit!

footbed clogs  - 7 fashion trends to try this fall -- SCsScoop.com


If you haven’t notice clogs out and about yet, I’m sure you will soon! This is the trend that I am honestly most skeptical about liking. While Birkenstock clogs are the original style, I will try a more affordable option since I’m not sure how much I’ll wear them outside of the house. They sure seem comfy, cozy and perfect for fall though!

ballet flats - 7 fashion trends to try this fall -- SCsScoop.com

Ballet Flats

These chocolate-raisin ballet flats are so darling with the Mary Jane elastic strap. I’ll grab them when I need a change from the multiple pairs of chunky shoes, boots and heels that I’ve accumulated over the past couple years.

7 fashion trends to try this fall -- SCsScoop.com

So, there you have it! If you are looking to spice up your wardrobe with trendy pieces this fall, I hope this post gives you a little inspiration. Follow me on Instagram to see how I style these pieces over the fall season and beyond!

As for the trends that don’t fit my personal style, here are a few:

  • super short mini skirts
  • low cut bra and corset tops
  • food prints on clothes
  • super full, circle skirts
  • extra chunky loafers

Of course, you may love some of these trends and they can certainly look amazing on other people. But, I am positive I would not feel confident, comfortable or like myself in them. From my perspective, fashion trends are fun to try out. We shouldn’t force ourselves to be in something uncomfortable just to be on trend. One of my favorite things about creating outfits each season is mixing my tried and true wardrobe staples with a new, fun fashion trend.

I’d love to hear if you are trying similar or different fall fashion trends too. Is there a particular trend you plan to try or one you are steering away from? Share in the comments, and let’s chat.



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