The Cheapest Date

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret. This one is especially for those of you who are looking for a fun, affordable time with a special someone. It’s the cheapest date I know, and one of my favorites. It’s going to the park with your boo. I know. It’s completely revoluntionary.

But in all honesty, going to a park to walk around, explore and talk to your loved one can be a simply amazing time. So often I think the simple things in life can be underated, overlooked or taken for granted. People are so quick to talk about the amazing things they do on their social media platforms, but I think it’s just as important to share the simple, day-to-day things we do with the people we love.

I had this realization last weekend as I walked for miles around Fort Washington park with Will and Maddie (my doggie). We decided to do something outside that afternoon. Fort Washington seemed like a fun place to check out, since neither of has have been there, despite it’s close proximity to D.C.

Well it was such a good idea. It was absolutely beautfiul, and the hours we spent there flew by. Moments like that are my favorite. There is something about being outside that is so good for our souls.

I had this moment of realization as we walked around. I now it’s a cliche that is passed around so often — the tangible things in our lives are not important. It’s the special people we share our lives with and the moments with them that give our life value. The fact that, we can go and have that experience with someone special and it doesn’t cost anything, is what makes it invaluable.

So yes, it was the cheapest date. And it is something I’d reccomend everyone do on a regular basis. Pack a lunch. Have a picnic. Bring your dog. Do it your way, but just spend sometime outside with someone you love.




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An Artistic Gift in a Flash

So, you want to give a creative gift but your artistic skills don’t get much better than stick figures and you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg?

Never fear! There’s a new phone app that can cure this problem. I had an epiphany last week as I was playing with my new favorite app Prisma. The app accesses your photo library and has tons of artistic filters that transform your photos into artwork. The results are awesome!



Soon after I created this image (and several others on Prisma) I was at CVS printing photos and decided to print a few to see how they’d turn out. I pleasantly surpsised and realized how easily this app can be put to use to make a creative gift or an artistic memory of a fun adventure that can live in your home. After some deliberation with my photos, I chose a paddleboarding photo from my recent trip to South Carolina to put in my frame.

Let me know if you try this out or if you’ve had similar lightbulb moments that make gift giving easy.

Happy Friday & have a great weekend!


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Starting Something New


Do you write a to-do list, find a coach or make a public declaration on Facebook?

Do you start on a Wednesday or a Sunday or on a Monday at midnight?

Do you make a plan with goals or do you jump right on in?

Starting something new is one of those seemingly simple things, but for me “simple things” like this have always been more complicated than answering my questions above. For me it is about understanding why I am doing something, recognizing the challenges I’ll face and reassuring myself that I can do it.

So… here we go!

I have thought about writing a blog and sharing my voice for years. For several reasons, the timing didn’t feel right. And while I don’t believe in perfect timing, I feel that I now have the time to focus on this passion of mine and let it grow.

My hope is to create a place in the blogosphere over the next year that brings a positive light to other women, through the sharing of tips, advice, motivation and thoughts about the things that make up our lives.

Let’s see where this takes us!!

-Sarah Camille

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