11 Cheap Date Ideas & a New Bag from The Little Market!

Hi friends!

How is your week going? I am still reminiscing over the weekend. Will and I spent in western Virginia. The fall foliage was seriously stunning (see below!) and the fresh air was just what we needed. The weekend away reminded me how wonderful the simple things are in life and how a good time doesn’t need to cost anything. All that matters is that you’re in good company! So, today I’m sharing fun and cheap date ideas that Will and I have done.

11 Cheap Date Ideas for Quality Time - SCSScoop.com

Sneak Peek

First, there’s a little sneak peek for you I need to point out. The photos, courtesy of Joffoto, in this post are from some modeling I did for The Little Market’s newest locals bag for Washington, D.C. We had a blast visiting the local farmer’s market (hello, cheap date idea #1!) and putting The Little Market’s reusable bag to good use. I will do a full post on the blog with more photos and details of the bag and The Little Market soon.

The Little Market DC Locals Bag & 11 Cheap Date Ideas- SCsScoop.comThe Little Market DC Locals Bag & 11 Cheap Date Ideas- SCsScoop.com11 Cheap Date Ideas & a Date Outfit for Inspiration - SCsScoop.comThe Little Market DC Locals Bag & 11 Cheap Date Ideas- SCsScoop.com

Cheap Date Ideas

  1. Browse your local Farmer’s Market.
  2. Volunteer at the Animal Shelter. (Warning: you may end up adopting an animal!)
  3. Play cards or board games, with a side of B&B on the rocks.
  4. Visit the zoo.
  5. Throwback Thursday – take a walk down memory lane together. Give a tour of memorable childhood places, like your school, neighborhood or playground.
  6. Cook together and try a new recipe.
  7. Go on a hike.
  8. Visit a new food truck and have a picnic at the park.
  9. Star gaze at the beach.
  10. Hang out on the swings of a nearby playground, and pretend you’re 5 again!
  11. Go fishing or catch fire flies at dusk.

What I like about these ideas most is that they all give you and your partner time to focus on each other, and really have good quality time with each other. Over the past couple years, Will and I have discovered the difference in being together and truly being focused on having good quality time together. For me, this means putting my phone away and any other distractions!

The Little Market DC Locals Bag - SCsScoop.com
11 Cheap Date Ideas & a Date Outfit for Inspiration - SCsScoop.com
11 Cheap Date Ideas & a Sneak Peek from the Little Market - SCsScoop.com
The Little Market DC Locals Bag - SCsScoop.com

Outfit details: Dress | Vest | Shoes (Similar) | NecklaceWatch | Bag

I think the outfit I wore for our visit to the farmer’s market in DC could be worn for a lot of the date ideas I shared. What do you think? Are any of the date ideas on my list your personal favorites? Or, do you have a go-to cheap date ideas that are not on my list? I would love to hear your thoughts and how you and your significant other maintain a cadence of having quality time together.


Sarah Camille


11 Cheap Date Ideas for Quality Time - SCsScoop.com


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The Ultimate Fall Fashion Checklist

Ultimate Fall Fashion Checklist

Hi friends! How have you been? I feel like fall is zooming by. Is it just me?! I recently celebrated my birthday and was able to sneak away for a little weekend at the beach. Will and I also have our 15-year and 10-year high school reunions this weekend (where has time gone!?).  And now that cool weather is finally setting in to D.C., the time is right to share my ultimate fall fashion checklist.

Fall is my favorite season. I love layering clothes and combining different patterns and cozy textures together as the crisp weather sets in. So, if you love to layer clothes or are looking for some inspiration for your fall wardrobe, this checklist is for you! The items on this list will leave you with endless outfit options for fall and transitioning into winter.

The Fall Fashion Checklist for Ultimate Style

Ultimate Must Haves Fall Fashion Checklist

Now that I have laid out my fall fashion checklist, I will share with you what I own, recommend and love that is on this list. There a few things I am eyeing, noted below too.

Long-Sleeve Striped Tee

Cotton Cardigan

Utility Vest

Riding Boots

Blanket Scarf

Skinny Blue Jeans

Long-Sleeved Lace Top

Flat Booties

Olive Pants

Infinity Scarf

Ruffled, Flowy Top

Crossbody Bag

Chunky Open Cardigan

Lace-up Top

Burgundy Pants

Quilted Jacket

Heeled Booties

While out and about over the weekend, I wore a few of my favorite fall fashion items from the checklist ! So far this season, I have been wearing my utility vest and flat booties the most. My favorite new purchase has been my AG burgundy jeans. They are so soft and stretchy. The high-waisted fit is perfect too. I could wear them all day because it feels like I have leggings on!

Ultimate Must Haves Fall Fashion Checklist

I wore this Levi’s utility vest over the weekend with my go-to skinny jeans and a new lace up top from Target’s A New Day line (p.s. it is currently on sale for $14!). This new line from Target is awesome, if you haven’ checked it out yet. My top in particular is thicker and softer than normal cotton. It is seriously cozy, perfect for lounging on a cold day.

Now, I need to know. Do you have similar go-to items in your closet for this fall? I would love to know if there is anything else you would add to my checklist too. Share with me what you are absolutely loving for fall this year!


Sarah Camille


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Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas and Style Guide

Hello friends, and happy October!

Fall is my favorite season and it is also a popular time for weddings. Figuring out what to wear for different dress codes can be challenging anytime of year, and some of you may find it even more challenging as the weather gets cooler. I’m going to help you tackle your wedding guest woes with a style guide from The Black Tux and a breakdown of wedding guest dress ideas to wear for all the various levels of formality. Before I begin, if you are wondering what is appropriate to wear based on the time of the event or what it says on your invitation, check out the style guide below.

The Wedding Guest Style Guide - Plus a breakdown of what to wear for each occassion.

Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Now that you have an idea of what is acceptable to wear at the upcoming wedding you will attend, here is some inspiration for each type of dress. Listed from lowest to highest price, I picked out an affordable option (less than $75), updgrade option ($76-$150) and splurge option ($151+) so you can easily find something in your price range.








I hope this guide and these outfit ideas help you figure out your “What to wear?!” dilemma, if you have an upcoming wedding to attend. Many of the dresses above can work for couple different levels of formality, like black tie optional and black tie. Investing in a dress that transcends different types of events is key. Personally, I think it is best to lean on the side of being slightly overdressed than under-dressed. If you can’t decide between a couple of options, pick the more formal one!

Rent the Runway can also be a great choice if you do not need another dress in your closet or you are attending a wedding that has a unique feel for which you know you’d never wear the dress you want to wear again.  If your date is having trouble finding appropriate attire, the Black Tux has lots of wedding suit and tuxedo options to choose from.  It’s basically like Rent the Runway for men!

Have you or has your partner ever used the Black Tux? I’d love to know how you liked it. I would love to know if you have any dress recommendations as well. If you have any clothing dilemma’s you are facing, I am happy to help you make a decision too. Just let me know!


Sarah Camille


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