Best Buys: Nordstrom Sale

I know. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is already over.. Sigh! If only it could last forever.. Or just apply to everything Nordstrom sells! Anyway, I'll stop dreaming. Since the sale is over, I'm sharing the best things I bought. Halogen Lace Overlay Shell rag & bone 'The Skinny' Skinny Jeans (Dearborn) Pleione High/Low V-Neck Mixed … Continue reading Best Buys: Nordstrom Sale

An Artistic Gift in a Flash

So, you want to give a creative gift but your artistic skills don't get much better than stick figures and you don't want to pay an arm and a leg? Never fear! There's a new phone app that can cure this problem. I had an epiphany last week as I was playing with my new … Continue reading An Artistic Gift in a Flash

Fashion Favorite: Work Pants

If you follow me on Instagram, you're sure to have seen some repeat offenders .. don't worry I'm showcasing an example for you in my favorite color ;-).  And if you have a really good eye, you've probably noticed that the style of my work pants generally look quite similar. Well, it's not a coincidence. J.Crew's Martie pant has … Continue reading Fashion Favorite: Work Pants