Making Homemade Popcorn

When Will and I first starting dating, the amount of popcorn I ate was shocking to him. I average of a few bags of popcorn each week. He told me how terrible microwaveable popcorn can be, especially because of carcinogens in the bags.  He tried to convince me to make popcorn another way, but I was skeptical about … Continue reading Making Homemade Popcorn


Life Lately & the Facade of Connection Online

Happy Monday friends! How was your weekend? Mine was a wonderful escape and break from work and technology. Yesterday, Will and I chopped down trees all day in Northwestern Virginia. Together we cleared a space to plant apple trees in a few weeks. It was my first time driving a tractor and using a chainsaw. … Continue reading Life Lately & the Facade of Connection Online

The Scoop on Poshmark

Hi friends! I'm a little thrown off this week since I had Presidents Day off from work, but don't fear - I will still have two posts up this week! I hope you all got a long weekend as well or at least got to enjoy the amazing weather we had on the east coast. … Continue reading The Scoop on Poshmark