The Perfect Lip Pencil

It may not feel like spring weather will be here soon, especially those of us on the east coast. But with the spring season kicking off next week, I have to share one of my top favorite lip products. Lip products can be difficult to nail down, and often when you do find the right shade, … Continue reading The Perfect Lip Pencil


Best & Worst Products for Enhancing Eyebrows

Happy Monday friends! Finding good products for enhancing eyebrows has been a major makeup struggle for me, but I recently have come across some great products. I would like to share with you all the best and worst of what I have discovered. Before I dive in to my products for your brows, I want … Continue reading Best & Worst Products for Enhancing Eyebrows

The Best Drugstore Mascara

It's no surprise that local drugstores have some good quality makeup products, but mascara is one of those beauty products that can be hard to figure out. As a teenager, I was overwhelmed with the large variety that was available for a product that has a seemingly simple purpose - making eyelashes thicker, longer & … Continue reading The Best Drugstore Mascara