The Best Wedding Decisions We Made

Wedding planning is one of those things you cannot fully understand or appreciate until after your wedding. In the throes of it, it can be super stressful and feel like a roller coaster of emotions. Side note: If you're a bride-to-be, hang on and try to enjoy the ride! Some days are super exciting and … Continue reading The Best Wedding Decisions We Made

Spring Wedding Highlights - April Wedding Recap - Sarah Camille's Scoop -

Our Spring Wedding Highlights

Our wedding was 20 days ago. Time is flying. We are settling back into reality (or trying to), and before my memory escapes me I want to share our spring wedding highlights. Will and I got married on April 28th in Middleburg, Virginia. It truly felt magical and dream-like. Of course, there were days leading … Continue reading Our Spring Wedding Highlights

10 Wedding Registry Tips to Make the Process Easy

When the wedding planning process began for Will and I back in April, I always envisioned registering for wedding gifts would be one of those fun and easy tasks for us. Now, we are less than six months until our wedding day, and we just recently finished setting up our wedding registry. It has taken … Continue reading 10 Wedding Registry Tips to Make the Process Easy