An Affordable Custom Frame Solution

Hi friends! I slowly continue to work my way around our home and add little touches to each room. Since we moved in, about three years ago, I’ve done a little something in almost every room at this point. But somewhat recently, I turned my attention to a room that hasn’t gotten much love and ironically it’s one I spend quite a lot of time in — my home office. We got a new storage cabinet to have a nice, functional way to stay organized. But what I’m excited to share today is the affordable custom frame solution for a vintage butterfly print that I got at a local thrift store, and is a non-traditional size (20″ x 27.5″).

An Affordable Custom Frame Solution -

Believe it or not, this custom frame solution (with a mat) for my print (similar linked here)came in under $75! The bonus was it shipped quickly through Amazon with no issues! Compared to custom framing webpages, this easily saved me over $100.

So here is the full scoop on getting the custom frame look for much less. I discovered a small business seller on Amazon — ArtToFrames — that has tons of size options for their very wide range of frames and mats. The frame and mat sizes start at small as 4 inches and go up to 36+ inches for the width and height. You cannot get a super precise measurements, but their frame options can work for most prints because there are different mat options to choose from.

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An Affordable Custom Frame Solution -

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For example, there are 1.25” custom mat options and 1” mat options. Depending on the exact product you are looking at there can be more than 600 different size combinations. For my butterfly print, I went with an oak frame and an olive green mat to tie into the storage cabinet I have in my office. There are lots of great collage style custom frames and mats available to choose from too.

If you have an awkward, non-traditional sized print that you want to get framed, I hope my solution works for you to get a custom frame for a lot less. I think it’s definitely worth checking out and looking at the sizes. Definitely let me know if you do try this out.



More custom frame and mat options!

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