How to Keep Skin Moisturized All Winter Long

As soon as winter’s dry, cold air sets in my skin knows exactly what to do! If I do not take proper care of my skin, it gets extra dry and even starts peeling. It is not pretty! Now, that is what happens if I don’t do anything to prevent this terrible reaction from occurring. So without further ado, here are the key ingredients to keep skin moisturized all winter.

Key Ingredients to Keep Skin Moisturized

Keep Skin Moisturized All Winter Long - Almond Oil -

#1 Almond Oil – I talked about this stuff in one of my first blog posts. Eighteen months later and I am still using it all over my body.  I cannot say enough good things about Almond oil. It is super affordable, soothes dry skin instantly, diminishes fine lines and reduces dark circles under your eyes, all without causing breakouts)! Before you try one of the many expensive oil-based products out there, try this stuff.

Keep Skin Moisturized All Winter Long - Humidifier -

#2 Humidifier – The dry heat that comes from heating your home can be a big cause of dry skin in the winter. Personally, I put off getting a humidifier for a long time because I did not think it would make much of a difference. But, I was so wrong! With all the time we spend indoors, humidifiers are a worthwhile purchase to keep skin moisturized in the winter. I have noticed a major difference with my skin since getting one.

Keep Skin Moisturized All Winter Long - Tervis Water Bottle -

#3 Water Bottle – If you are not carrying a watter bottle in the winter, you are doing it all wrong! Skin is our largest organ. So, if you are dehydrated, skin is one of the first things you will see effected. Sure, you should drink plenty of water every day, all yearlong, but this is a crucial step to maintain well moisturized skin. My advice – opt for a cute water bottle because you will be much more likely to bring it along throughout your day.

Keep Skin Moisturized All Winter Long - Ahava Hand Cream -

#4 Hand Cream – Similar to our faces, our hands get a lot of exposure to cold, dry air in the winter. My hands get dry quickly if I do not use a good quality hand creme. I keep some at my desk to put on while I read e-mails. Lately, I have been using a new hand cream I got in my winter FabFitFun box. It has a lovely light scent, absorbs quickly and doesn’t make my hands feel greasy. What more do we need, right!?

Keep Skin Moisturized All Winter Long - Burt's Bees Chapstick -

#5 Chapstick – This is a no-brainer, right!? Chapped lips in can quickly turn into cracked lips in the winter.  To prevent that, I get a couple extra chapsticks – one for my desk, one for my car and one for my purse. Burt’s Bees Coconut & Pear is currently my favorite chapstick. It’s super creamy, smells great and has good staying power.

In addition to the key ingredients above, keep in mind that a healthy diet and vitamins can also drastically improve the appearance and health of your skin.

Recently, I have thought about taking collagen supplements for better skin and hair in preparation for my wedding. Have you tried those or do you take them now? I would love to hear your opinions, if so!

I would also love to know if you have any tips or tricks that have improved your skin. Do you use similar products to keep skin moisturized during winter’s wrath? What is your winter skin care routine? Share in the comment section and let’s discuss.


Sarah Camille



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17 Best Fashion Purchases of the Year

Hi friends! I hope your New Year is off to a great start with some new-found motivation to achieve goals. Confession: It has taken me a little longer than usual to refocus after the holidays. Is it just me?! Maybe it is because of the whirlwind holiday activities and wedding planning (hello, homestretch!). Anyway, I have been reflecting on 2017 this past week and realized there are some fashion purchases that really stick out. There are seventeen items I would buy and wear one hundred times over. Of course, I want to give you all the details for my best fashion purchases of the year. But first, here is a look at the rave-worthy items in action.

Highlights of my Best Fashion Purchases

A big fashion highlight for me in 2017 was finding a new favorite pair of jeans made by AG. They super comfortable, with the right amount of stretch and a flattering high waist fit. I love them so much that I quickly bought them in a burgundy color. The only downside of these jeans is the price. But for me, investing in a more expensive pair of jeans that fits me properly is totally worth it because I end up wearing them all the time!

One of my most affordable rave-worthy fashion purchase this year was a jean jacket I got from Target. I have wanted a good jean jacket for a while, but many of them feel to stiff or fit in a boxy, unflattering way. This one is such a good find. It’s got that classic style and stretch in the denim that makes it fit perfectly. I also found a great long-sleeved tee at Nordstrom for only $19! I have bought in a striped pattern and multiple other colors. It has side slits that enable me to tuck in one corner at my hip and create a cute asymmetrical look. I love finding staple wardrobe items at a great price!

Perhaps my biggest splurge last year was a suede moto jacket, thought I did get in on sale during Nordstrom’s summer anniversary sale. I love jackets and coats of all kinds but this one is so versatile and has a very stylish fit. I’m looking forward to wearing it throughout 2018.

Shop my Best Fashion Purchases of the Year

One fact that might surprise you — last year was the first year (in my adult life) that I bought Converse sneakers. I really enjoyed wearing them throughout the summer, especially with shorts on the weekend. As soon as I bought them, I thought, “Why didn’t I buy these 5 years ago!?”  Have you ever had a similar experience with a fashion purchase?

Hopefully my best fashion purchases provide some style inspiration for your 2018 wardrobe. If you have any questions about sizing or fit, I am happy to help. Now, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Are there any big fashion purchases you are planning to make this year?

Have any new trends caught your eye?

Or, are you praying any fashion trends disappear? 

Personally, I am totally looking forward to wearing more ruffles, suede, gingham, florals and pastels in 2018. I would be quite happy if bodysuits, chokers and the romp-him trends say goodbye!


Sarah Camille

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Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017

Hi friends and happy New Year! I am back home after an unplugged weekend with Will in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Getting back into my groove this week has taken extra time. Is it just me!? I have been reflecting on all the changes I have encountered in the past year. While I look to the year ahead, I thought I would first share with you the ten most popular blog posts of 2017.

First, here’s a little peek of our weekend adventures. We hiked more than 11 miles through snow in 17 degree weather. This may sound terrible for some of you, but we had an absolute blast. It warmed my soul (the hot tub helped with that too!) and gave me the fresh, quiet air that I was craving.

Now, here are the….

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017!

HITT Treadmill Workout - Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017

#1 ~ Good Stress & my 30 Minute HIIT Treadmill Workout – This post features a HIIT Treadmill workout that I have enjoyed all year long. The workout has also been super popular on Pinterest.


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Wedding Registry Tips - most popular blog posts - SCs Scoop#3 ~ 10 Wedding Registry Tips to Make the Process Easy – Creating a wedding registry was one of those things I thought would be simple. But, the options out there made it confusing. If you’re getting married soon, this post will be worth bookmarking!


How to Style White Jeans for Fall - most popular blog posts - SCs Scoop#4 ~ How to Style White Jeans for Fall – A Summer to Fall Transition – Clothes you can wear for multiple seasons are always a great option. This post will provide some style inspiration for you.


#5 ~ Getting that Summer GLOW: Rodan + Fields Sunless Foaming Tan Review – Reviewing this product was a lot of fun for me, so I’m happy so many people have enjoyed reading it! I am still amazed by the natural look this sunless tanner provides.

IMG_0455#6 ~ Prevent the Damage of Gel Manicures with this Alternative Nail Polish – If you get annoyed by the damage gel manicures does to your nails, this product will be your new best friend. It was one of the best beauty product discoveries I had in 2017!

BlkTux_wedding_guest_guide_x2_v05 (1)#7 ~ Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas and Style Guide – With help from The Black Tux, I broke down all the wedding guest outfit options from casual beach weddings to fancy black tie affairs.

View More: ~ 11 Cheap Date Ideas & a New Bag from The Little Market! – Having fun with your partner doesn’t have to cost much! If you’re looking to create more quality time with your love in 2018 this post is for you.

img_4241#9 ~ The Ultimate Fall Fashion Checklist – Fall is my favorite season because of all the layers you can incorporate in a look. This post will help you get the fashionable fall looks you have been wanting.

Lady in Red Perfume for Holiday Season & Promo Code - ~ Lady in Red Perfume for the Holiday Season & Promo Code – This fragrance is my new favorite. I enjoyed talking about a new brand that has a lot going for it too.

Just thinking about these ten posts alone, I realize what a busy year 2017 was for me. I had a blast putting my creative energy into this blog and partnering with some awesome brands. I am super excited to see what 2018 has in store for my little corner or the world wide web!

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me along the way! Your continual support means so much more than you know. 

Now, I would love to here from you! Is one of my popular blog posts your favorite from 2017? What content would you love to see more or less of in the new year? Any and all feedback is welcome in the comments below.

To stay in the loop, you can subscribe to Sarah Camille’s Scoop in the righthand sidebar. You can also follow me on Facebook, InstagramTwitter and Pinterest!

Before I sign off, I will leave you with one of my favorite New Year wishes, courtesy of writer and fellow blogger Neil Gaiman.

Make Mistakes

Here’s to a wonderful year for you and yours!


Sarah Camille


Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017 - Sarah Camille's Scoop -


Five Creative Christmas Traditions You Can Start Now

Now that I have reflected on our Christmas tree tradition, I have been thinking a lot about the magic of family traditions. The Christmas tree itself is a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages. But this day in age, Christmas so often seems to revolve around ads and messages to buy things. Christmas traditions, however, revolve around fun, quality time — the most special thing and the best gift we can give our loved ones. With that sentiment in mind, here are a few creative Christmas traditions that should cost you close to nothing.

First, here’s a peek at our Christmas tree this year! My favorite part is the angel we got last year from Amazon. It is ceramic and has a glittery halo. The picture doesn’t really do it justice.

Creative Christmas Traditions for your Tree - Sarah Camille's Scoop

Creative Christmas Traditions

  1. Hiding a special ornament. Have a designated, special ornament on your tree. Then, on Christmas Eve, hide the ornament from your family members. The first to spot the ornament on Christmas morning gets to open their gifts first. This idea stems from a Wide Open Country article about pickle ornaments. Have you heard of these?!
  2. Lighting the tree on Christmas Eve. One friend told me that growing up their tree was never lit until Christmas Eve. Every year she waited in anticipation to see how beautiful it was. A different family member got to plug in the tree each year too. How fun is that?
  3. Reading the Christmas Story before placing any gifts under the tree. If you are religious, this may be a nice way to reflect on the meaning of Christmas. You can also do read the Christmas Story around the tree on Christmas Eve.
  4. Making or picking out ornaments for each other. Whether for spouses or siblings, getting a hand-picked or handmade ornament from someone you love is special. You can do an exchange of the ornaments to kickoff the decorating of the tree too. Have you ever made an ornament for someone?
  5. Enjoy the twelve days of Christmas. Historically, the twelve days of Christmas last from Christmas Day until January 6th. So, you can leave your Christmas tree up until then or even save a present for the 12th day of Christmas.

In addition to going to our annual Christmas Tree Farm trip to cut down our tree, there are a few other things I do every Christmas. I always bake seasoned crackers, following my grandmother’s recipe, and give them to friends. I also love watching certain Christmas movies every year. Every Christmas Eve, I go to a candlelight church service and have dinner with my family.

Since I am getting married next year, I have started thinking about which childhood Christmas traditions I should continue and which things I would like to do differently.

Are there any traditions you carried over from your childhood? Are there any that are brand new that you will know you will be doing for years? Do you have any creative Christmas Traditions that don’t cost anything?

I would love to hear all about the little things you do with your family every Christmas.

Cheers the happiest of holidays!

Sarah Camille


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A Christmas Tree Tradition in the Making

Our Christmas Tree Tradition - Let's Go Places -

Christmas traditions are like the special ingredients to someone’s holiday season. They are the big, little and most importantly memorable rituals we do. Personally, I love traditions that emphasize family time and connecting with each other. Will and I have created a Christmas Tree Tradition that stems from our first Christmas together. With Christmas so close, I figure it is the perfect time to share our Christmas tree tradition and share a few traditions you can start in your home.

Our Christmas Tree Tradition - Let's Go Places -

Our Christmas Tree Tradition

At the beginning of this December, for the third year in a row, Will and I travel west to chop down our Christmas tree together. This year, our new Christmas tree tradition felt extra special because it is the first year we are living together. So, we didn’t have to do “rock, paper, scissors” to see where the tree would end up! And never again will we need to – woohoo!!

On the first Saturday of December, we headed west for our mini road trip to the Christmas tree farm. Thanks to Toyota, we were hooked up with a Land Cruiser to help get us there in style! It was the perfect vehicle to tackle gravel roads, some off-roading, and of course transporting our seven-foot tree home. My favorite feature of this SUV is the bird’s-eye view, which you can see pictured below. I love how it shows your position when you are parking or stopped at an intersection.

Our trip to the Middleburg Christmas Tree Farm is the first step we take to get ready for Christmas. With holiday music playing as we drove into the countryside, venturing to get a Christmas tree feels exciting, but also kind of premature. Every year I have questioned, “How it is already time to do this again!?” Nonetheless, this year we had beautiful weather and we were excited to be keeping the Christmas tree tradition alive.

Our Christmas Tree Tradition - Let's Go Places -
Our Christmas Tree Tradition - Let's Go Places -

Once we got there, we travelled all over the farm for the perfect tree. Ironically, but maybe not surprisingly, this is my favorite part and Will’s least favorite part. So, since the first time we did this, Will has found it necessary to joke about how long it takes me to find the “right” tree. I come up with silly ways of marking them, so I do not forget them, too. This year I put trimmings at the top of trees I liked, which had the advantage of making other tree browsers think “my” trees were defective! Does anyone else do such silly things?!

After scouring through the whole farm, we found a perfectly full and beautiful tree. It was time to cut it down! Just imagine Will cheering, “Finally!!” Once we cut the tree down, we took it away in our buggy to be wrapped up before placing it on our car.

We drove off in our sweet ride and headed home, anticipating all the Christmas to-dos, and all the wonderful quality time to come during the holiday season.

Our Christmas Tree Tradition - Let's Go Places -
Our Christmas Tree Tradition - Let's Go Places - SCsScoop.comOur Christmas Tree Tradition - Let's Go Places -
A Christmas Tree Farm Tradition - Let's Go Places -
A Christmas Tree Farm Tradition - Let's Go Places -
Christmas Tree Farm Outfit and Holiday Style -

 Shop my Christmas Tree Farm Outfit:

Shirt | Quilted Vest (cheaper version)| Scarf  (similar)| Jeans | Boots | Watch | Pineapple Necklace

I hope this is a tradition we will be able to continue for years to come. It is such a lovely way to get enjoy the countryside and kick off the Christmas season. Now that I have shared our new tradition, I would love to know about your holiday traditions.

Do you have a Christmas or holiday tradition that involves traveling somewhere special? Do you have any traditions with your Christmas tree? 

If you don’t have any Christmas tree traditions yet, stay tuned. Tomorrow I will share a few affordable traditions you can start this year.

Thank you again to Toyota for offering us a sweet ride for our mini road trip.

Cheers and happy holidays!

Sarah Camille


Christmas Tree Tradition and Christmas Tree Farm Visit - SCsScoop


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