A Nighttime Shower Routine That’s Good for your Soul & Skin

After a long, exhausting day, there is nothing that relaxes me more than a hot shower or bath. A good shower transforms my bathroom into a relaxing escape from the world,  and it also gives me some much-needed time to reflect and take care of myself. Personally, I always find it interesting to hear how often people do certain self-care tasks, like shaving legs or exfoliating. So, today I thought I would share with you all my nighttime shower routine – good for your soul and skin. Now, let’s dive in to the details.

A Nighttime Shower Routine that’s Good for your Soul & Skin - SCsScoop.com

Steps for my Nighttime Shower Routine

#1 Set the Mood

Listening to music while I shower or bathe, is always a must. Recently, my go-to songs are by Anderson East and James Bay. If you are looking for some soothing and relaxing music, I  recommend checking them out. The other crucial thing I do to set the mood for my shower is light a candle. A nice, aromatic candle just has a way of making a shower feel more spa-like. I use the waterproof bluetooth shower speaker below with my phone all the time and the battery lasts a really long time!

#2 Exfoliate

For me, exfoliating comes in two categories: my body and my face. I exfoliate my face two or three times a week with Dr. Brandt’s Age Defying Microdermabrasion Exfoliator. I got this stuff in last year’s spring FabFitFun box, and it has been the best facial exfoliator I have ever tried. I really feel like it gets the dead skin cells off my face, and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth.I exfoliate my body with Origins Shower Off Exfoliating Body Wash with Hawaiian Mineral Water. When it comes to my nighttime shower routine, this stuff is my current favorite product . As an exfoliating body wash, it has a lovely scent and does an amazing job scrubbing away dead skin cells. The best part is it makes any lotions or almond oil I apply after my shower much more effective.

#3 Wash

I always wash after I exfoliate. I learned this trick a few years ago. If you have ever questioned the order in which to wash and exfoliate, check out this article on why exfoliating first is better for your skin. My current favorite body wash is SheaMoisture’s Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Energizing Body Wash. It is a great value, really effective skin moisturizer, it smells so good and to top it off, it doubles as bubble bath!


#4 Shave

I shave my underarms daily and my legs about three times each week (dependent on the weather and what I’m wearing, ha!). I use Venus Sensitive Disposable Razors, and for shaving cream I use Venus with Olay Ultra Moisture Shave Gel in the Vanilla Cashmere scent. For you guys, Harry’s makes great razors where you can even subscribe and receive brand new blades shipped right to your door.

I decided to leave washing my hair and my hair care for a future post, since that includes enough details on its own.  If you would like the scoop on my hair care routine, let me know in the comments. Then, I’ll be sure to share it with you soon.

Do you shower at night like me or in the morning? What is your nighttime shower routine like? Do you have any particular shower products you love or is there something that makes your shower time extra relaxing? I would love to know if you guys have any go-to music for relaxing, too.


Sarah Camille


A Nighttime Shower Routine That’s Good for your Soul & Skin - SCsScoop.com



25 thoughts on “A Nighttime Shower Routine That’s Good for your Soul & Skin

  1. Peng Desuyo says:

    Thanks for sharing your routine dear! I am yet to try the set the mood part as as of now I don’t find it necessary, but who knows I might like it, right? LOL

  2. Cassie says:

    I have the origins exfoliate and I literally do not think I could live without it! It does wonders for my skin. You have such a great routine. I need to add some of your products to my routine as well

  3. Andrea says:

    Oh my gosh for me bath time or shower time is also a big ordeal, it makes it so much more fun. I like to hang ecualuptus on my shower head upside down and it it is amazing. I also love to jam to music.

  4. April says:

    I am always looking forward to my evening shower routine. So many of the products that you use our products that I use as well! I don’t normally play music in the shower but that sounds like it would be so relaxing.

  5. mymindoasis says:

    I’ve always been a morning-shower person, but lately I find myself rushing on most days. It might be a nice change of pace to take a relaxed evening/night shower instead. Thanks for sharing your routine…it sounds lovely.

  6. Joan Cajic says:

    I need that speaker in my life, I love listening to music and I think I would be more relaxed during my nigh time routine if I had something relaxing to listen to.

  7. Elizabeth O says:

    This looks like the ideal nighttime routine. I like the look of the waterproof bluetooth speaker. I like a bit of music in the bath!

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