Our Gender Neutral Nursery

Before our big move in June, I made a goal to get the nursery set before the baby arrives, and I’m so glad I got it all set. There were definitely some days that I didn’t think it would come together. But, now here we are, almost a week after the due date, and I go in there every day and tinker with all the things I have set up for the baby. I smile knowing that I’ll soon be spending a lot of time in there. It’s been such a fun first project for our new home, and the way it turned out really ended up exceeding my expectations. So, today I’m sharing with you all the scoop on our gender neutral nursery.

Gender Neutral Nursery - Safari Wallpaper - Nursery Inspiration - SCsScoop.com

Why go gender neutral?

Before we dive in I want to explain a couple things about why I decided to go the gender neutral route. There is the obvious reason of not knowing the gender of our little one, but there is also a more practical reason. Even if we knew the gender, I think we’d keep the nursery neutral because the room connects to our master bedroom, and I intend it to be used for any future little one(s). I especially liked the idea of keeping the gender neutral if it meant not needing to decorate another nursery and ultimately saving money down the road. Of course, some people just like the gender neutral look and that is certainly a good enough reason. I just wanted to share a little insight into our thought process because I’ve had questions about it.

The Safari Nursery Inspiration

There were a few things in particular that caught my eye as I first started brainstorming how to decorate the nursery. I called the four things below my “inspiration pieces” and I made sure that anything I added to the nursery complimented them.

Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of getting the nursery together was waiting on the wallpaper. I ordered it at the beginning of July and it was immediately backordered, and kept getting pushed back. I almost gave up on it, and actually thought I had cancelled the order, but it arrived the next day on my, just before Labor Day weekend. Thankfully with the long weekend, I was able to get it up!

Gender Neutral Nursery - Safari Wallpaper - Nursery Inspiration - SCsScoop.com
Rocker (We found this on Craigslist! Similar) | Tassel Pillow | Stuffed Lion | Ottoman Pouf Cover | Crib | Gingham Curtains | Pom Pom Crib Skirt (my mom made it using this bed skirt) | Watercolor Lion Prints & Frames
Gender Neutral Nursery - Safari Theme - Changing Station -  SCsScoop.com
Dresser | Floating Shelves | Rainbow Print & Frame | Diaper Basket | Changing Pad
Wipe Warmer | Glass Canister |Wooden Animals | Floor Lamp
Gender Neutral Nursery - Safari Theme - Rattan Bookshelf & Mirror - SCsScoop.com
Mirror (similar) | Bookshelf | Sunshine Print | Memory Book | Lamp (got this from HomeGoods; similar)| Sonogram Frame | Giraffe Pull Toy | Wicker Baskets

I truly loved seeing this room come together, and it’s such a joy to walk through there every day as we anxiously wait for our little one to make their debut.

My favorite part of the nursery

A few days ago I had a little conversation with Will as we stood in the nursery, and I realized my favorite thing about this nursery is not any one tangible thing. Instead, it’s the fact that this little room is a unique representation of all the love and support this baby is being born into. So many things throughout the room, are gifts, hand-me-downs or things made with this little one in mind. For that I am truly grateful. It may sound really cheesy (I blame my 41 week pregnant hormones) but this room was created with a lot of love, and ultimately I think that’s the most important ingredient for any nursery.

While it is very fun for me to dive into designing a room and finding pieces that go together, I’ve learned prepping for a baby is about so much more than the tangible things. It’s easy to focus on the many lists out there sharing “must-have” baby products and “what you really need for the first three months”. But, the truth is there’s no magical combination of products or gadgets that will make us perfect parents.

At the end of the day, I am most looking forward to the special moments we’ll create with our child in this room. We can’t wait for all the tickles, tears, diaper changes, books to read and boo boos to kiss!



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