Life Lately: We are Moving!

With such uncertain times in the world these past couple months, it hasn’t felt like there’s been a “right” time to share a personal update. So before I get into it, I hope you know I'm thinking about you all and hope this post finds you doing well. Now, the truth is a lot has been going on behind the snapshots you may see on Instagram. First, I shared on social media a couple weeks ago that we’re ...

Turning 30 – Lessons from my Twenties

HERE WE ARE. When I look back at my life when I was twenty, it is truly amazing to think about how much I have grown in the past decade. So, today I want to take a moment and share my honest thoughts and reflect on the biggest lessons from my twenties.

Picking out Pumpkins & Produce in Northern Virginia

Fall is in the air in Northern Virginia! The foliage is just starting to get really good and I want to be outside all the time. Last weekend, we ventured down the road to an awesome local produce and garden center. What we thought was going to be an afternoon of picking out pumpkins and … Continue reading Picking out Pumpkins & Produce in Northern Virginia