Get the Look: Business Casual

These days business casual attire leans more towards casual and less towards business, if you know what I mean. In general, it seems like dress codes at work are becoming increasingly casual. Jeans are especially becoming more popular and acceptable at work. While I am a jean-lover, I don't think wearing jeans to work should be an … Continue reading Get the Look: Business Casual

Fashion Favorites: Denim Edition

Last week I shared some tips for finding jeans that fit. Today, I'm sharing my favorite jean brands and styles with you. As you read along, you should keep in mind that I am 5'8'' and have legs that are longer than my torso. Because of that, I find a skinny or cigarette leg with a midrise cut … Continue reading Fashion Favorites: Denim Edition

Four Tips for Finding Jeans that Fit

"They are a little too tight around my hips." "They're little too loose around my thighs." "They fit well at first, but after washing they are way too tight." "They are giving me a recurring wedgie!"  "They always have to be hemmed." These are just a few of the common comments us ladies make about … Continue reading Four Tips for Finding Jeans that Fit