My Powder Brow Microblading Experience + Before & After Pics

Hi friends! Today I’m finally going to spill the beans on my powder brow microblading experience and share before and after photos. Few people knew just how non-existent my eyebrows were because I so rarely left the house without my brows filled in. I’m so happy with how they turned out & it’s been such a timesaver to have my brows ready to go when I wake up in the morning.


At the end of last year, I decided to get microblading done. It is something I have thought about here and there, but it wasn’t until I became a mom that I felt drawn to the idea. I knew I could really benefit from getting them done. I realized how nice it would be to wake up with brows and save myself the time of drawing them on every morning. My natural brows are full with white blonde hair that makes them very hard to see. I never left the house without something on them because I prefer the shape and dimension that darker brows gave my face.

Here’s my face with no makeup and my bare brows!
With my natural brows filled in. I realize now that I have had powder brow microblading, just how much nice it is to have the shape of my brows set. Drawing brows on an essentially blank canvas was hard and took me a few minutes each day.

My Powder Brow Experience

The experience of getting powder brow done was overall very easy. The process of drawing on the preferred shape and then doing the powder brow took about 3.5 hours total. As far as pain goes, I was given numbing cream and could hardly feel anything. I was surprised how relaxing the whole procedure was. During the whole time, I laid down on a reclined, cushioned chair while music played.

For me, the hardest part about the process was the 10-day healing period after you get your brows done. During those 10 days, you should not:

  • get your brows wet
  • have prolonged sun exposure
  • sleep on your brows
  • sweat/exercise 
  • pick, peel or scratch your brows

The girl who did my brows offered little stick-on shields for the shower to keep my brows dry and some special moisturizer to apply to my brows every morning and night. Your brows start off really dark, then after a few days they start to scab. Once the scabs fall off and the skin under your brows fully heals, you can see the final result. This is usually around two weeks.

Below is a snap of my final result after my initial microblading appointment. We opted to go light initially since it is easier to build color on your brows, compared to taking color away. I was happy with this approach because I didn’t want my brows to look to dark, thick or heavy. So, after my initial appointment I went back after the holidays for a final session. 

After One Session

Here’s my final result!

Here’s my final brows with no makeup, a few weeks after my final session.
My brows this summer.

Powder Brow vs. Microblading

The two most common procedures for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is powder brow and microblading. I wasn’t totally clear on the difference, but the girl I went to helped me understand. Microblading looks like little lines of dye whereas powderbrow looks more like shading. Based on how much eyebrow hair you have and other features, one may look better than the other on you. So, I’d keep an open mind and see what’s recommended for you. I had mostly powder brow done with a little microblading.

How long does it last?

Powder brow and microblading typically lasts about 18 months. Sun exposure can make them fade though so it is important to keep sunscreen on your brows when you are outside for longer periods. This will help the color last longer.

If you are thinking about getting powder brows or microblading, I hope my experience helps you determine if it’s right for you. You all may know by now that I like to keep my makeup and skincare routine pretty simple. I was nervous about getting powder brow microblading done. In hindsight, I am so glad I did it and it’s something I will definitely be getting touched up in the coming years!


Sarah Camille

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