Why You Should Go For it: Four Benefits of a Side Hustle

Why You Should Go For it: Four Benefits of Side Hustles - Summer Work Style Inspiration SCsScoop.com
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I am not sure how the time went SO quickly, but my little corner of the good ‘ole worldwide web turns THREE at the end of this month. I plan to share more reflections on that along with some updates and changes I will be making to the blog. But today, I want to reflect on the benefits of having a side hustle. This post is for those of you who have been thinking about starting a new side hustle or thinking about taking a risk and doing something different for your life.

But first, let’s be honest. It’s really easy to focus on the reasons not to do something new. And from my experience, we often gravitate towards the potential negatives of a new venture when we aren’t ready for the change or don’t feel like we deserve it. For me, my negative thoughts sounded like, “what if I’m not good at it?”, “My life is too all over the place to focus on a side hustle right now,” and “I should start it later, when X is done.”

“It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you.”

Leon Brown

Shifting Your Mindset for a Side Hustle

Three years ago, I was still unsure about creating a blog as a side hustle. For several years, I thought about blogging. I felt passionate about the idea, but I the negative thoughts and my reasons not to do it just yet had the front seat. Then, something changed. I accepted there would never be a “perfect” time. I let go of the negative thoughts. I realized that I deserved to give this blogging thing a try. I knew that if I didn’t allow myself to try managing a side hustle, I would regret it and always wonder, “what if?”

So, I pulled the trigger. I took that first step into creating a blog and my own little side hustle.

Fast forward to today, and I have gotten SO much more out of this blog than I ever imagined! Leading up to the birth of this blog, my job situation rocky and… frustrating to say the least. The organization I worked for had had some leadership change and the environment was quickly turning toxic. (Little did I know, I was a few months away from being fired!) I began looking for a new job right as I started this side hustle. Then, almost immediately, I started realizing these benefits:


#1 – Ownership & Control

Such a large percentage of work frustrations and complaints boil down to the things we cannot control. When you have a side hustle that whole dynamic changes. Yes, it is all up to you, and that can be scary at times, but you are in the driver seat – no one else! You make your deadlines. You decide how much time you want to invest in it each week. Your side hustle is just that. It is YOURS, and that level of control and ownership can feel SO good my friends.

#2 – Creative Outlet

Having space to be creative and create the things you want, and create things how you want is such a gift. Creative outlets have also been known to improve mood, reduce stress and renew brain function. Whether your side hustle is a blog or an Etsy shop or even a side consulting business, some level of creativity is required to establish your brand. Personally, the creative outlet I have as a result of this blog is my favorite thing about my side hustle.

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#3 – Work Boundaries

When you start a side hustle, one of the first things you have to determine is how much time and energy you are willing to invest in it. Since side hustles are by definition something additional to your day job, you have to figure out how/when to fit it into your schedule. The almost instant result is clear work boundaries.

Before my side hustle, I too often got caught up in work emails and calls outside of normal working hours. I worked far more than I was required to, and because of my “always say yes” and people-pleaser personality, my job often took advantage of me. Now, I have adhere to a more strict set of work hours in order to create time in my schedule for my side hustle.

SIDE NOTE: Side hustles can also change your concept of work. While I do consider the time and energy I put into this blog work, it rarely feels like it.

#4 – Personal Growth & Confidence

To truly create a side hustle, you have to find your voice and respect it. If you are in any way apart of your side hustle’s brand, then you have to really think about who you are, what parts of you or others you want to share and how you want to highlight and communicate that. As your voice grows you will learn more about yourself and grow more confident in who you are.

Perhaps this is the biggest benefit for me. Before my blog, I felt like my voice was often lost at work or that it really didn’t matter because the higher-up would have the say at the end of the day. I would shy away from speaking up. For me, when I write a new blog post and spend time on my side hustle, I feel a renewed sense of who I am. I have become and continue to become more confident, and I see a correlation to that and this blog.

Why You Should Go For it: Four Benefits of Side Hustles - Summer Work Style Inspiration SCsScoop.com
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Of course, my side hustle is a little different from others. I also realize that a lot of people do not consider a blog a side hustle (more on that later!). BUT, regardless of what your side hustle is or what you want it to be, I encourage you to focus on the benefits and positive aspects that can or do come from it.

If you’re feeling lost or unmotivated, recalling the benefits can help remind you of the purpose behind your side hustle and why you started it in the first place.

If you’re in the same place I was a few years ago, unsure about doing something new, think about the benefits and this quote:

“You can’t always wait for the perfect time. Sometimes, you have to dare to do it because life is too short to wonder what could’ve been.”

— Unknown

My hope is the tangible benefits I have experienced will give you the courage to GO FOR IT — to start that side hustle and invest some extra time and energy into a passion that lights you up. I would love to hear your thoughts on side hustles. Are they worth it? Do you have one? Were you unsure about starting one, like I was? Let’s connect in the comments.


Sarah Camille

WHY YOU SHOULD GO FOR IT: 4 BENEFITS OF A SIDE HUSTLE + summer work style must-haves - SCsScoop.com

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Braving the Wilderness Quotes & My Journey to True Authenticity

Braving the Wilderness Quotes & My Journey to True Authenticity - Brene Brown Quotes - SCsScoop.com

Do you ever think about how our decisions and thoughts are influenced by others? We live in a world of filtered social media posts, online trolls and 24-hour news cycles. The advertising, marketing and new industries are constantly commanding our attention, telling us what to think or consume. I question the ease in which we can all make decisions for ourselves and be the most authentic version of ourselves in this world. Are we all just emulating the things we see that we like? These thoughts and questions have sat with me for some time, and they are the initial reasons I was curious about Brené Brown’s book Braving the Wilderness. If you’ve had similar thoughts or feelings, hold tight and know that you aren’t alone. I’m sharing my favorite Braving the Wilderness quotes, my journey to authenticity and what it means to find true belonging.

Now before we get any further, I want to make one thing clear. I don’t have it all figured out. I am on a journey to authenticity. It’s something I strive for, but am in now way an expert in.

Braving the Wilderness Quotes

Braving the Wilderness Quotes & My Journey to True Authenticity - Brene Brown Quotes - SCsScoop.com

In Braving the Wilderness, Brené Brown shares her personal experience coming to understand what it means to find true belonging. She talks about wanting (and trying) to be a cheerleader in high school in addition to the expectations her parents had of how she would fit in as a child. While Brown shares her journey, she doesn’t share her personal beliefs. I found that refreshing. Instead, Brown points out how we often avoid hearing beliefs that are different from our own. She encourages us to get comfortable talking about our values and beliefs with others.

“When we avoid certain conversations, and never fully learn how the other person feels about all of the issues, we sometimes end up making assumptions that not only perpetuate but deepen misunderstandings, and that can generate resentment. These results are sometimes worse for the relationship than just having the so-called “argument” would be. The key is to learn how to navigate conflicts or differences of opinion in a way that deepens mutual understanding, even if two people still disagree.” — Brené Brown

This is honestly something I struggle with. Outside of my close friends and family, I feel bad sharing personal thoughts because I worry it could offend someone. Now, I’ll never be someone who openly shares thoughts in a Facebook post about the latest headline story. But, as I get older, I realize I cannot hide my thoughts or allow myself  to feel ashamed for a certain belief just because it is not what the majority of people I know think.

Brown talks about how comfortable it is to keep to ourselves, but on the flip side it keeps us disconnected from others.

“Most of us are either making the choice to protect ourselves from conflict, discomfort, and vulnerability by staying quiet, or picking sides and in the process slowly and paradoxically adopting the behavior of the people we’re fighting. Either way, the choices we’re making to protect our beliefs and ourselves are leaving us disconnected, afraid, and lonely.” — Brené Brown

Brown also talks about our current culture and how geographically Americans are living among other like-minded people at a much higher rate than in previous periods of our history. There is a comfort that comes with being surrounded by people who think like us. Often the most common exception we make, as Brown points out, is with our families. Within many family dynamics there is an acceptance and respect for each person’s unique beliefs.

This begs the important question of why we so often judge and ridicule other people when their reaction to a situation or their belief about a certain topic is not the same as ours. 

What does it mean to Brave the Wilderness? 

When Brown talks about braving the wilderness, she is talking about the ability to confidently stand by your thoughts, actions and beliefs, regardless of whether you are alone in them. The key here is that if you are willing to brave the wilderness, you will find true belonging.

Braving the Wilderness Quotes & My Journey to True Authenticity - Brene Brown Quotes - SCsScoop.com

“Belonging is being accepted for you. Fitting in is being accepted for being like everyone else. If I get to be me, I belong. If I have to be like you, I fit in.” — Brené Brown

Braving the Wilderness reminded me that the feeling of acceptance starts with ourselves. One of the best parts of Brown’s book is her interview with Viola Davis. Davis shares her journey to true authenticity, how she braved the wilderness and what that looks like in her life today.

Personally, I think my journey to true authenticity has just begun, and I plan to share my journey on this blog and other social media channels. While I don’t ever want to focus on just the negative things in my life, I do want to pull back the lens more. I will look for more opportunities to show you all who I truly am, my real life, struggles, recent lessons learned and achievements. There are two main reasons I plan to share these things. First, to get more comfortable being myself. And second, to hopefully inspire someone else to live unapologetically.

I would love to hear your thoughts about authenticity and these Braving the Wilderness quotes. Do you think the increase of technology, social media and  advertisements make it harder to brave the wilderness today than in decades past? Do you have a favorite Braving the Wilderness quote?

Are you on a journey to true authenticity? Do you struggle with not wanting to hurt other people’s feeling like I do? Let’s chat in the comments and share some support for each other.

I’ll leave you with one last simple, but profound quote.

“It takes courage to open ourselves up to joy.” — Brené Brown


Sarah Camille


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Annual Reflections: Navigating Life’s Challenges and Embracing Celebrations

Quote about change - "The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance." - Alan W. Watts

Life continues to be busy for me as I juggle the wedding planning, training for a marathon, work and my blogging hobby. We also just got a kitten from the animal shelter (pictured below)! Her name is Maple and she’s super friendly and getting along quite well with our dog Maddie. Recently, I have been overwhelmed with several time sensitive things on my plate, and have been thinking about how I have been navigating life’s challenges. There has been a lot for me to process in the past year. So, I’d like to take a little time today to share some reflections.

Maple - kitten cuddles

Reflecting on the past seems automatic to me during the Fall. I’m not sure if it has to do with October being my birthday month, the changing weather or the approaching holidays signaling the upcoming year’s end. Whatever it is, I have been doing a lot of reflecting! The past year was characterized by major downs, major ups, a lot of change and a lot of lessons. I would like to open up and share this time in my life with you. I think it is important to not just share all the great things going on in one’s life. So, my hope is that you may relate to some of the highlights, the struggles, the changes or the lessons I have learned. Here we go!

Navigating Life’s Challenges

I am not one to dwell too much on negative things, so I think it’s best to get this part done first. One major challenge I faced earlier this year was watching my fiance Will injure himself doing something he loves — racing his motorcycle. Of course, I did not have the physical pain that Will had to deal with. But, it was very scary and difficult to see someone you love get hurt and not knowing if he was ok. Will broke his collarbone in multiple pieces, which required surgery. I was quickly consumed with trying to help him get better and heal. Will’s recovery has been longer than we expected. I also did not realize just how connected your collarbone is to everything else. It’s been difficult to see him unable to be his active self throughout the past few months.

Now to the other big challenge I faced, which was surfacing this time last year. I was struggling in a unfulfilling job, feeling undervalued at work, applying for new positions and looking for an exit. I was also still holding on to a hope that maybe, just maybe, the internal problems in my work environment would work themselves out.


Quote about fall and change - The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance." SCsScoop.com

I was wrong. Days before Thanksgiving, I was let go from my job of five years. It was a major blow to my confidence. It was hard to turn around from that and tell job seekers why I would be a great employee for them. I was able to get a new job pretty quickly, but unfortunately it did not turn out to be the right fit. In hindsight, I wonder if I would have accepted that job if I was still employed. I’ll never know. What I do know is that I knew I had made the wrong job choice about one month into the new job. Simply put, the work was not exciting and I did not have the ability to do the type of work I thought I would.

During this time, I had a couple breakdowns, which Will graciously helped me recover from. I don’t know how I would have been able to keep going without him. I questioned my career path. I questioned my capabilities. Eventually, I came to the realization that we spend SO MUCH of our waking hours at work, and I (we all!) deserve to be happy during those hours. With support from family and friends (and some validation that I was not crazy), I began looking for new jobs.

Originally, I jumped into a job at the beginning of the year that was not quite the right fit for me. The day-to-day work was not fulfilling and not what I had envisioned doing in my career. I felt crazy at first for feeling this way, and I wondered if I was just being too picky with my career. I gathered the courage to try for something else, and pretty quickly the stars aligned.

Embracing Celebrations

It felt like the universe was affirming my decision to fight for what I wanted in a job. Someone saw the value I could add to their team and appreciated my skills. Now, my new(ish) job gives me the ability to truly showcase my communications skills and be part of a wide range of projects and goals. While it challenges me daily, it also gives me confidence and reaffirms a lot of the things about myself that I questioned at the beginning of the year. I am so grateful that my career challenges turned into something I can now celebrate. They gave me a better perspective on what matters in a job, and how change can be not only normal, but healthy.

Fall Quote - We all change colors and lose our leaves … then, we bloom again." SCsScoop.com

Now, the most defining and exciting day of the past year is an easy one to choose. It was April 2. On that day, Will and I got engaged. It was a perfect surprise and a truly wonderful way to kickoff our shared desire to build a life together. The happiness that I have experienced with Will remains unparalleled. His steadfast support and encouragement, especially through the low parts of my career changes have been invaluable and reassuring. I feel so lucky and often so undeserving of his love.

Throughout this past year, it has been so exciting to dream about our future together and think about what kind of life we want to have in five, ten and twenty years from now. Knowing he will be there with me through all difficult days, the boring days and the happy days to come makes my heart feel so full. There is a lot to plan still in terms of the wedding, but this is truly an exciting time for us. It has been a lot of fun to share it with our family and friends, too. I am just trying to soak it all up!

Hold it!

I have more to say, but will continue my reflections in another post.  In a few days, I will share the changes I have encountered. I’ll also share the lessons I have learned from all the challenges and positive things going on.

Stay tuned and let me know if you have had similar ups and downs in your life. What’s been the most exciting or most difficult part of the past year for you? I would love to hear all about it!


Sarah Camille

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Navigating Life's Challenges



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