Updated! The Non-Toxic Cookware You Need: Caraway Review + Discount Code

Hi friends! I’m so excited to share with you all the new non-toxic cookware I’ve been using. If you are passionate about removing chemicals from household products, this post is for you. Caraway’s non-toxic cookware and bakeware are amazing! I share exactly why in my review below, but the bottom line up front — their cookware provides a beautiful way to invest in and protect your health, while jazzing up your kitchen. Before we get into it, I have a a special discount for you all! Just shop through this link or any of the Caraway links below to get a 20% off discount sitewide. (Note: I’ve updated this post with a new 20% off link for holiday shopping.)

Say so long to chemicals in your food!

Over the past few years, avoiding the consumption of toxic materials is something I have become increasingly focused on. I began with a focus on the toxic ingredients and chemicals in beauty products, and then began focusing on other products, like plastic tupperware. Earlier this year, I was introduced to Caraway’s cookware by a friend who uses it, and it was then I found out about the dangers of cooking with most non-stick pans.

The problem is about 95% of non-stick pans are made with teflon, made up of the chemical Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or other toxic chemical that act like PTFE. I found the research on this chemical pretty alarming. Basically, when you cook with teflon pots or pans, PTFE ends up in your food, and ultimately your digestive system. Research shows PTFE is linked to health conditions such as cancer, and high cholesterol levels. The Environmental Working Group calls PTFE and similar chemicals, ‘forever chemicals’ because it takes them decades or longer to leave your body!

Thankfully, I was introduced to Caraway cookware a few months ago and I just recently started using them. I’m completely obsessed and already eyeing their bakeware. Caraway uses a mineral-based coating that won’t leach toxic materials into your food. If, like me, you strive to cook with clean ingredients, then you need to check out Caraway’s non-toxic cookware. They’re SO much easier to cook with and clean than the other non-toxic option — stainless steel cookware — and I feel so good knowing our family is being exposed to less chemicals by cooking with them.

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What I Love Most About Caraway Cookware 

For me personally, I really love several features of the Caraway cookware. But, my top favorite thing is that they are non-toxic and a healthy cooking product I can use just about every day.

Another perks of Caraway cookware is the aesthetics. They look so beautiful on the stovetop in my kitchen that I almost didn’t want to use them haha! I’ve never seen prettier pans or pots, and the color options are all so pretty! I love the Sage in our kitchen. They’re also available in Grey, Navy, Cream, Perracotta, and other limited-time color options.

Caraway cookware is super easy to clean too. Cleaning my pots and pans was a pain before, and now with these the clean up is such a breeze. I rarely have to scrub them because the coating makes the leftover food slide right off. It’s been a total game changer for us. You’ll want to let your pans cool before cleaning them. This helps preserves them for years to come! I hand wash our pans and don’t put them in the dishwasher.

Lastly, Caraway cookware is better for the environment than traditional non-stick cookware because it releases up to 60% less CO2. All the CO2 produced by cooking day after adds up quickly, so this is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.

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What I Don’t Love About Caraway Cookware 

To me, the only real downside to Caraway’s cookware and bakeware is the price.

While they are an investment, I find the cost 10000% worth it, considering all the positive features I just mentioned! The quality is top-notch and I know I’ll have my Caraway pieces for many many years of cooking. I can tell they will hold up well. It’s more cost efficient to purchase them in a set, so I would go that route if you can.

The Caraway cookware set includes:

  • a fry pan
  • sauce pan
  • sauté pan
  • dutch oven
  • magnetic pan storage
  • canvas lid holder

By the way, the organization system is awesome. No more digging out a pot or pan from the back of your kitchen cabinet! And while the cookware and bakeware sets cover all your cooking needs, Caraway sells individual pieces too.

Dos & Don’ts for Caraway Cookware 

If you invest in Caraway cookware, remember these dos & don’ts to ensure your cookware looks new and lasts a long time:

  • Don’t use cooking spray. Instead, a tablespoon or two of butter or oil will protect the
  • Don’t use metal utensils that can scratch the cookware. Stick with wood and silicone utensils.
  • Do use a dishwasher. Hand washing with warm, soapy water is the way to go!
  • Do use the provided cork trivets to place your pans on instead of on your kitchen counters.
  • Don’t scrub or scrape the cookware harshly. It’s not necessary!
  • Don’t use high heat. Low to medium is high enough, as our cookware more evenly distributes and retains the heat.
  • Don’t drag your cookware on the stove-top. Choose to pick it up so you don’t scratch the exterior of the pan.
  • Don’t use spray oils on your pans, as they leave residue that is hard to clean and can damage the ceramic coating. Use liquid oil or butter everytime you cook.
  • Don’t stack your cookware when storing. Use the organizers included in your set, or the duster bags that come with singles. Stacking leads to chips and scratches!

A couple more things to note for you all…

Caraway also offers free shipping on orders over $90, free returns and a 30-day trial. Once you get your hands on this cookware I can’t imagine wanting to return them.

Sometimes Caraway’s cookware and bakeware is on back order due to their popularity. If you see the ones you want in stock, I’d grab them now!

I hope this post was helpful, if you’ve been considering healthy, non-toxic cookware options! I’m already so in love with ours, and I’m sure you will love it just as much. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or message me on Instagram!



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