Fun Activities in Old Town Alexandria

Old Town Alexandria is known for its old world charm, and I feel lucky to again live just a few miles from the historic area. Since spring is a time when many of us are breaking out of our homes and finding things to do, I figure there’s no better time than now to share my favorite fun activities in Old Town Alexandria. Many of these activities are free or low cost and can be done year-round!

What to Wear on Your Next Beach Vacation

A couple months ago, Will and I were over the winter weather and craving some time away from work, recharging in the sunlight. So, we booked a trip to Cancun at an all-inclusive resort. It was the beautiful, relaxing, much-needed break we needed, though we left wishing that we could have stayed another day or … Continue reading What to Wear on Your Next Beach Vacation

Our 10-Day European Road Trip – Itinerary & Overview

This European road trip ended up being quite an adventure, and it was a trip we will never forget! So today, I am sharing an overview of our trip, including a detailed itinerary, transportation information and a look at our road map.