Prevent the Damage of Gel Manicures with this Alternative Nail Polish

It’s confession time!

I have a love/hate relationship with gel manicures. I love how long they last and I hate the damage gel polish does to my nails. But, I recently found an awesome gel polish alternative – CND’s Vinylux nail polish. My nails are on the thinner side, and all too often nail technicians end up digging into my nail bed or pulling off a layer of my nail with the gel polish when it is removed. Does anyone else have this issue?!

Despite the damage, I have been in a rhythm of getting a gel manicure for a few times in a row and then giving my nails some time to heal afterwards by not having any polish on them. But trying to time that schedule with life events gets annoying, especially because gel manicures require you to get a nail technician to take the polish off (note: I tried doing this myself and it was not pretty!).

The game-changing gel polish alternative

Manicures are an indulgence that makes me feel pampered and gives me time alone to relax, so what’s a girl to do?

Surely there’s a way to get a manicure that will last and not damage my nails. But for so long, I have looked for a solution without finding anything that worked. Until a couple of weeks ago, I found a game-changing product. It’s too good not to share! I went to a new nail salon and discovered CND Vinylux Nail Polish.  This nail polish looks and lasts like gel nail polish, but acts like a regular nail polish.

Let me explain.

Applying CND’s Vinylux doesn’t involve the curing phase under UV lights that you have with gel manicures. It is applied just like a regular nail polish, and it come off the same way too. This is best part! There’s no soaking of your nails in acetone or asking the nail technician to stop digging into your nail bed as they scrape off the polish.

The only down side is that CND’s Vinylux does not stay for a full two weeks, like you can expect with a gel manicure. CND claims itself to be a weekly polish. However, I am pretty hard on my nails and I was able to keep Vinylux on for nine days with just a few chips around the edges of the polish.

 I love how long gel manicures last, but I hate the damage they do to my nails. I recently found an awesome gel polish alternative - CND's Vinylux


CND Vinylux Nail Polish in Cake Pop

I love the Cake Pop color for late summer or early spring, too. It has a touch of lavender in the light pink, which makes it different from a lot of pastels out there. CND has a ton of other colors though, if this one is not your cup of tea!

Do you have a love/hate relationship with gel manicures? Do you have a gel polish alternative product that you use? I would love to know if you ever tried CND’s Vinylux polish or if you have found a different solution to the damage from gel manicures. Share with me what nail polish brands and shades you enjoy as well.


Sarah Camille

P.S. This has seriously helped strengthen my nails!

38 thoughts on “Prevent the Damage of Gel Manicures with this Alternative Nail Polish

  1. Tessa G says:

    Thank you SO much for sharing this – sadly, I just broke down and got ‘dip’ nails because mine were so thin – they’re growing out already, so I’m going to have them removed and try this out – can’t wait to see all the colors!

    • SC says:

      Aw I’m so glad this is helpful! There’s a huge range on amazon you’ll see if you click CND the link above. There’s some really pretty colors for fall and winter especially.

  2. blogthirtyminusone says:

    This nail color is so pretty, so soft and feminine. I also had not heard of the brand but will have to check them out.

    • SC says:

      This is a different product than gel nails! I like it because it lasts long and doesn’t damage my nails like gel does. 🙂

  3. nlampert says:

    I definitely have to try this! I also love the look and durability of gel polish but I hate the idea of damaging my nails. Thanks for introducing us to this product!

  4. Cierra L Cross says:

    I have never gotten a gel manicure, I always go for the acrylics, but I’ve always wanted to try gel! I never knew it was such a pain, I can’t wait to find this nail polish and use it all the time!

  5. thatssodarling says:

    Ahhh I feel your pain I have the same problem my nails are so weak and have horrible breakage even after taking tons of vitamins to try to save them haha! I still haven’t tried vinyl but definitely need to now! Thanks for sharing


  6. Via Bella says:

    I don’t get my nails artificially done– or haven’t in 15 years. This is good for some of my friends though that live on them. Thanks.
    XO Via Bella blog

    • SC says:

      Thanks for stopping by! This product isn’t as harsh as gel polish, that’s why I like it so much. CND polishes are cruelty-free and they don’t do any animal testing. 🙂

  7. Mercy Russo says:

    Gel nails looks really lovely but I tried it twice and gave up. I have strong nails but after after every session I have my nails were very sore and got weaker so i decided not to do gel anymore.

  8. bcanfield1 says:

    I LOVE the Vinylux line! I tried the actual CND shellac’s at home before with the light and could never recreate it as well as the professionals do. And I don’t like having to spend money on manicures unless it’s for something special. So Vinylux has been a favorite recently! That color is great on you!

    • SC says:

      That’s true – it is a great way to save money! I have tried the light option too, but I really feel like there is less hassle with Vinylux. It’s such a great alternative to gel manicures!! 🙂

    • SC says:

      I hear ya! I love it for those reasons too. I just have brittle nails, so I have to give my nails a breather sometimes. 🙂

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