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If you follow me on Instagram, you’re sure to have seen some repeat offenders .. don’t worry I’m showcasing an example for you in my favorite color ;-).  And if you have a really good eye, you’ve probably noticed that the style of my work pants generally look quite similar.

Well, it’s not a coincidence.

J.Crew’s Martie pant has quickly become my favorite work pant this year. I was admittedly a big fan of their Minnie pant. But I officially broke ties with Minnie and moved on when I found Martie in the spring.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the Minnie pant, but I’ve found the Martie fit to be much more practical and versatile for work. The Martie has a fitted straight leg with more room to breathe than the Minnie. The opening at the bottom is just the right size. What’s even better – the tall length hits right at my ankle so I can easily wear them with flats or heels. The fit around the waist also allows me to easily tuck in shirts or wear an untucked blouse and still look put together.

The quality of these pants has also stayed the same throughout multiple trips to the dry cleaner. I’ve tried similar brands, like Loft’s pants and they just don’t seem to last as long. For me that justifies the price. And for the record, my Martie pants have lasted longer and have maintained their fit more nicely than my Minnie pants.

If you’re like me, when you find a pant that can do all of these things for you, it’s a no brainer. You buy more in different colors!!

-Sarah Camille




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