Nail your Gel Manicure at Home with Pink Gellac - Pink Gellac Review -

Nailing a Gel Manicure at Home with Pink Gellac

Hello friends! I have shared my love for a good manicure many times, so I am super excited to share a line of gel manicure products with you all today. These products are from the European company Pink Gellac, and they have all the tools and nail polishes you need to get a gel manicure at home. Let’s dive in!

Nail your Gel Manicure at Home with Pink Gellac - Pink Gellac Review -

I tried out Pink Gellac’s starter kit, which retails for $99 and is currently on sale for $50. The kit, pictured above, includes:

  • 1 Pink Gellac LED Lamp
  • 1 Primer 
  • 1 Nail Polish in the color Dynamic Pink
  • 1 Pink Gellac Base2
  • 1 Pink Gellac Ultra Shine 15ml
  • 4 Online courses
  • 1 Nail file 240-180 grid 
  • 1 Orange Woodsticks 
  • 10 Cleaner pockets
  • 10 Remover pockets

Nailing a Gel Manicure at Home

With the Pink Gellac starter kit, I found the process quite easy from beginning to end. First, I started with the remover pockets to see how they would work on removing the gel polish I got at a salon. I have tried removing gel polish with other products at home, and was skeptical about these pockets. Am I the only one who has majorly struggled to get a gel manicure off at home!? Well, these remover pockets worked like magic. I inserted them and wrapped them around my fingers, waited 10 minutes and all the polish just slid right off.

With my old gel polish off, I trimmed my nails and got my cuticles in order. Then, I used the cleaner pockets to wipe off my nails and create a nice, clean slate for new gel polish. With Pink Gellac, the application was super easy for the primer, base, color and shine. The brush is sturdy and has a nice curved edge, so it forms to your nails and applys the polish really well.

Nail your Gel Manicure at Home with Pink Gellac - Pink Gellac Review -

The Pros

Simply put, Pink Gellac’s polish colors are great quality — they are not opaque and after just one coat it looked amazing. There is also a large range of colors, many of which are sold on Amazon, if you aren’t ready to try the whole starter kit. In comparison to other gel manicures (at home and at salons), Pink Gellac’s polish stays on quite well. I am quite hard on my nails, but one week into my gel manicure and there are just two little knicks near the tips of my nails.

The other great thing about Pink Gellac are the remover pockets! Damage from removing gel manicures can make your nails really weak. These pockets seriously work like magic though! Lastly, there is one general positive to doing gel manicures at home — the cost savings. In the D.C. area gel manicures can easily cost $45 (without tip). So, investing in something like Pink Gellac, can literally pay for itself with a couple uses.

Nail your Gel Manicure at Home with Pink Gellac - Pink Gellac Review -

The Cons

The only negative I found for the Pink Gellac starter kit was the size of the LED lamp. I had to be pretty careful not to hit the sides of the lamp, so a slightly larger lamp would be nice. Aside from that, I do not see any cons with the Pink Gellac products. That said, nailing a gel manicure at home may prove challenging or frustrating for some.

If doing your own gel manicure is new to you or seems scary, Pink Gellac has online courses that come with the starter kit to help you out. You can also take a look at my tips for nailing a manicure at home, which are good for traditional nail polish or gel nail polish. I also have a little advice: have fun practicing and know that it is ok to mess up. It is just nail polish and the worst case scenario is you have to take your polish off and start over.

What do you think?

Do you give yourself manicures at home? Have you tried a gel manicure at home recently? I have always found doing my nails to be a relaxing activity at the end of a long day, and it feels good to do a little something for myself. Is that just me? How does an at home manicure make you feel?

I would love to hear from you! And many thanks to Pink Gellac for sending me the starter kit to try out.


Sarah Camille


Nail your Gel Manicure at Home with Pink Gellac - Pink Gellac Review -


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22 thoughts on “Nailing a Gel Manicure at Home with Pink Gellac

  1. Hannah May says:

    Wait this looks like a great way to have great nails! It’s also cost cutting *heart eyes emoji*

  2. Angela Tolsma says:

    I did my own gel manicure for years and I love doing it. It can be so relaxing and fun. You might be able to find a better lamp on amazon because that one does indeed look small!!

  3. Times With Kai - Mommy Blog says:

    Looks fun and looks great on you. My nail pampering journey has ended the moment I had a kid lol. I stopped growing and painting my nails since then. haha. When I do get back to nail care, I’ll keep this gel polish in mind. 😀

  4. Joline says:

    Yes I’ve tried to give myself manis at home but they were always disasters! I’m just not very good at it so I just let the pros do it. You have mad skills!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Is this an independent company that sells this or do they also sell it through other places? (Like retail stores or Amazon) The end result looks great!

  6. chelf says:

    I love a good mani, and I also love gel polish since I use my hands a lot and cook all day, it’s the only thin g that lasts on me! I would love to try out this amazing kit!

  7. loisaltermark says:

    I don’t do my own manicures or pedicures because I do a terrible job! It feels so relaxing and indulgent to get it done professionally and have some much-needed “me” time. Plus, my nails just look so much better then!

  8. Sandra Negron says:

    I just recently got rid of my acrylic nails and when back to my natural ones. I’ve been looking for something like this that I can do at home and save some money. Thanks!

  9. Natalia says:

    I’ve already got my own equipment and LED lamp. I love when my nails look good for a longer period of time. I don’t know Pink Gellac yet, so I must try them out. 🙂

  10. Travel with Karla says:

    I have mixed feelings about this. It is indeed therapeutic to make your own nails. On the other hand, I sometimes feel so stressful whenever I bump into things while waiting for it to dry. It happens many times!
    Btw, I haven’t tried gel manicure. I’d love to experience using the pink gellac too!

    • SC says:

      Yeah I have the same struggle with normal polish! These are dry after 60 seconds of putting them under the LED light so it might be a stress free or stress-less alternative for ya 😊

  11. Rhonda Albom says:

    That sounds very easy. The remover pockets sound like a great idea. I’ve tried to remove my salon polish and the results were not that good (and it took a while).

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