Babe Lash for Longer Eyelashes

At the beginning of summer, I decided to try Babe Lash, an eyelash serum that claims to “strengthen, condition and enhance your eyelashes in as little as 4 weeks.” I was curious to see if this product would thicken and lengthen by blonde eyelashes.

Babe Lash’s instructions say to apply the serum to your eyelash line daily and you will see full results after six weeks. It is important to make sure your eyelashes don’t have mascara or makeup on them before applying. The serum goes on really easily, just like you are applying eyeliner.

I bought Babe Lash Eyelash Serum on Amazon for about $30 (it retails for $65). After six weeks of use, I could tell my eyelashes were thicker and longer.  I just applied the serum every night after washing my face and taking off my makeup. The wand and product were super easy and quick to use.

The photos below show my results. It is difficult to see the full results in the photos where I do not have mascara on because my eyelashes are quite blonde at the tips. Nonetheless. I think you can see a difference. What do you think?!  While I could tell after six weeks that my eyelashes were longer, I did not see full results until I had used Babe Lash for eight weeks. For the price and results, this is a product I would definitely recommend.


babe lash review afterreview babe lash after

Here is what the packaging looks like. It is simple and chic in design and about the size of a mascara tube.
I have never been big on fake eyelashes (mainly because I do not like the hassle of gluing them on). Babe Lash feels like a more natural alternative, and I like waking up and not having another step to get ready in the morning. Have you ever tried Babe Lash or do you have a different method for achieving long eyelashes, like extensions or fake eyelashes? I would love to hear about it.


Sarah Camille

11 thoughts on “Babe Lash for Longer Eyelashes

  1. Gayathri Lakshminarayanan says:

    I thought I was naturally fine in the lash department. But by the time I reached the end of your post and seeing the difference between your before and after pictures, I NEED IT.

  2. Mayuri says:

    I have never seen this brand before but I am impressed how it turned out on your lashes…giving volume and length. I need to find out more about it now!

  3. Sweet Coralice says:

    I used to have nice and full eyelashes when I was younger. I guess all those sleepless nights of my rubbing my eyes trying to stay awake with the kiddos made them disappear, lol. I saw this a while back but didn’t want to spend $ on something that MIGHT work. I recently bought an eyelash primer to try out but haven’t used it yet. Good to finally read a review of it but I’m wondering if this something you have to keep applying long term? – Cori

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