The Best Wedding Decisions We Made

Wedding planning is one of those things you cannot fully understand or appreciate until after your wedding. In the throes of it, it can be super stressful and feel like a roller coaster of emotions. Side note: If you’re a bride-to-be, hang on and try to enjoy the ride! Some days are super exciting and others are draining. So often, a lot of time, sweat and tears goes into the wedding day. Some brides have things they regret in hindsight, but I’m thankful there are very few things I would have done differently. Today, I am sharing our totally un-regrettable, best of the best wedding decisions. These are the ones that really stand out, the ones we would make again in a heartbeat and the ones that made our day feel extra special.

Best of the Best Wedding Decisions We Made - Un-Regrettable Wedding Plans - Wedding Plans, Wedding Decisions and Wedding Planning Tips - SCsScoop
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Our Best of the Best Wedding Decisions

1. Writing our own vows.

Will and I wrote our own vows a couple of months before the wedding. During the ceremony we read these to each other out of personalized vow books before reciting the traditional vows to each other. It felt very meaningful to share in our own words our love and personal commitments to each other in front of so many family and friends.

2. Getting a month-of coordinator.

My mom and I tag teamed a lot of the wedding planning, but by the time we got to a couple of months from the wedding day there were still a lot of details that needed to come together. I was also extra busy with work at that time. So, I was very grateful to have our coordinator Cara. During the month leading up to our wedding, she checked on vendors, finalized our timeline and ensured we hadn’t overlooked any details.  She was amazing to have on hand the day of our wedding, too. There were details I envisioned checking on in my head before the ceremony, but it was logistically not possible. That’s where our month-of coordinator came in and kept everything in line.

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3. Incorporating family into our day.

From our wedding party to the details of my dress, we planned for our family to be a big part of our wedding day, but I didn’t realize just how special that would feel. Weddings symbolize a new union and the beginning of a new family, but Will and I both know that we would not be the person the other fell in love with if it was not for our family. I did not realize just how much it would mean to have our siblings stand with us during the ceremony until it was happening. To honor my late grandmother and namesake, I used the sleeves from her wedding dress on mine and wore the veil she made when my mother got married. I also wore a cocktail ring from my paternal great-grandmother. All these touches made us feel even more special and so loved by our families.

4. Relaxing on our wedding day.

A few minutes before I walked down the altar, my good friend and bridesmaid said I was one of the most calm brides she had ever seen. Do not get me wrong I was a bit of a mess in the last couple weeks leading up to the wedding, but I deliberately told myself (and Will told me too!) on the night before our rehearsal dinner to let go of the small things, focus on the great reason behind the wedding and just enjoy it. I am so glad I can look back on our wedding day and say that I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.

5. Starting our honeymoon two days after our wedding.

The week leading up to our wedding, I did not have a lot of time to think about our honeymoon or pack. Our wedding weekend also FLEW by and we were in desperate need of a nap come Sunday afternoon! I’m so grateful we relaxed on Sunday evening and finished packing for our honeymoon, instead of rushing to an airport the morning after our nuptials. I know many people delay there honeymoons these days, too, but it felt very special to spend that first week of married life with just the two of us. Getting back to work after the honeymoon was a different story though!! Hellooo reality haha!

Best of the Best Wedding Decisions We Made - Un-Regrettable Wedding Plans - SCsScoop

So there you have it the best wedding plans we made! I would love to hear your thoughts on the wedding plans or details, you think matter most (whether from personal experience or from wedding guest experience). If you are  married, what are the moments that stick out most to you? What are the plans you are so glad you made in hindsight?

Let’s chat in the comments!


Sarah Camille

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Best of the Best Wedding Decisions We Made - Un-Regrettable Wedding Plans - Wedding Plans, Wedding Decisions and Wedding Planning Tips -

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Our Spring Wedding Highlights

Spring Wedding Highlights - April Wedding Recap - Sarah Camille's Scoop -

Our wedding was 20 days ago. Time is flying. We are settling back into reality (or trying to), and before my memory escapes me I want to share our spring wedding highlights. Will and I got married on April 28th in Middleburg, Virginia. It truly felt magical and dream-like.

Of course, there were days leading up to it when I was super stressed out and I wondered how it would come together. In the end, all the hard work and coordination of everyone involved paid off. I cannot thank enough everyone who helped me along the way or listened to me vent when I was stressed out about something. It still means so much and I appreciate it more than you know. The wedding planning process can have a lot of ups and downs, so having people support you through it is such a blessing.

First, here are a few pre-ceremony pictures.

Spring Wedding Highlights - April Wedding Recap - Sarah Camille's Scoop - Spring Wedding Highlights - April Wedding Recap - Sarah Camille's Scoop -

Spring Wedding Highlights - April Wedding Recap - Sarah Camille's Scoop -

Side note:  If you are in the throes of wedding planning, I hope these details give you some inspiration and confidence that it will all come together. I will share some advice in the coming weeks as well, but if you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment or reach out to me – seriously!

Also, I have mentioned certain vendors and products below because I truly loved working with them and their work. I did not have any obligation to mention anyone in any way. And to my vendors mentioned below – you all rock and exceeded our expectations!! We could not have asked for a better group of people to work with for our wedding.

Our Spring Wedding Highlights

Spring Wedding Highlights - April Wedding Recap - Sarah Camille's Scoop - Spring Wedding Highlights - April Wedding Recap - Sarah Camille's Scoop -

For the ceremony, I wore Badgley Mischka (similar here) shoes I got off Poshmark. They were the last pair I could find online that were my size and had a block heel. But, right before our first dance I decided to put on a comfier and sturdier set of heels that were the same height. That was probably one of the best decisions I made that night because my feet didn’t hurt at all and they made it so easy to walk in the grass!

Now, here are some post-ceremony and reception photos.

Spring Wedding Highlights - April Wedding Recap - Sarah Camille's Scoop - Spring Wedding Highlights - April Wedding Recap - Sarah Camille's Scoop - Spring Wedding Highlights - April Wedding Recap - Sarah Camille's Scoop -

Spring Wedding Highlights - April Wedding Recap - Sarah Camille's Scoop -

My Favorite Wedding Detail of the Day

It is quite hard to choose, but perhaps my favorite detail of the day was my dress. As I mentioned above, the designer was Paloma Blanca, however, I was able to get the sleeves from the wedding dress of my grandmother and namesake added to my dress. I also wore the veil that my grandmother made for my mother’s wedding day, which has also been worn by my aunt and three cousins. My grandmother passed away when I was seven, so having these pieces integrated into my wedding day look made me feel extra special and connected to her.


Spring Wedding Highlights - April Wedding Recap - Sarah Camille's Scoop - Spring Wedding Highlights - April Wedding Recap - Sarah Camille's Scoop -

Are you married or planning your own wedding? I would love to hear all the details! Are there certain, special parts or details of your wedding or a wedding you recently went to that you loved? Please share in the comments! And like I said earlier, if you have any wedding planning questions, feel free to ask. There is definitely a learning curve with it, and I wish any brides to be out there the best of luck.


Sarah Camille

P.S. Here are my tips for brides to be!


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10 Wedding Registry Tips to Make the Process Easy

When the wedding planning process began for Will and I back in April, I always envisioned registering for wedding gifts would be one of those fun and easy tasks for us. Now, we are less than six months until our wedding day, and we just recently finished setting up our wedding registry. It has taken us over a month from start to finish. The process was much more confusing and time-consuming than I had imagined it would be!

There are so many options of what to register for and so many ways you can register for gifts. In addition to all the options out there, I got a lot of opinions on what was proper or “normal” when it comes to wedding registries. If I could go back and time and give myself some advice before going down the gift registering road, here are the tips I’d share.

10 Wedding Registry Tips -

My Wedding Registry Tips

  1. Get inspired. Looking at other couples registries is a great way to start thinking about what you and your partner should register for.
  2. Make a game plan. Start by checking out a comprehensive wedding registry list online. I printed off two of the ones below. Then, Will and I went through individually and circled things we thought were needed. This was a great way for us to start the conversation. We discussed what we should register for, noted what we already have and thought about items that can be upgraded.
  3. Pick a few registries. It is good to register at two to four places because your guests will have their own places they typically shop. Some may also prefer shopping online over a store, or vice versa.
  4. Take your time. Set aside a couple full days on upcoming weekends for you and your partner to focus on the registry together. Going to a store in person was not originally something I thought was necessary, but for certain bigger items it is definitely helpful to see them.
  5. Don’t delay. It is ideal not to put off registering for gifts until too late. Aim to register for gifts before the six month mark. You do not want the process to feel rushed, and as I mentioned it can take longer than you think to figure it all out!
  6. Vary the prices. Don’t register for lots of small things or only a few big things. It is best to have the majority of your gifts be under $100 and then have about 25-30% that are more expensive.
  7. More is better. Register for more gifts than guests. Now, there is no need to register for 400 gifts when you will have 200 guests, but registering for extra things will make gift buying easier because your guests will have different preferences for shopping and gift giving in general.
  8. Check in. Keep in mind that certain products or items you register for could go out of stock. Every so often, and especially a couple of weeks before your wedding, check on your registries. Make sure all the items on your list are available and make any necessary tweaks or additions.
  9. It’s ok to be unconventional. Don’t feel pressured by the opinions of friends or family on what you should register for. Everyone has opinions, but if a certain item will not be used or is not your taste, don’t register for it. Whatever people say, it is absolutely fine to register for unconventional gifts. For some, these can include a honeymoon fund, hammock or a cool bluetooth speaker system. This is your time! Your registry should reflect you and your partner’s tastes.
  10. Keep a gift tracker. Each time you receive a gift, write what the gift is and who sent it. Many registries have an online system that will track it for you. But, if you are registered at a few places, it is much easier to have one master list when you are writing thank yous.

Here is the Wedding Registry Checklist I used, from PopSugar:

10 Wedding Registry Tips

Will and I registered at four places – Macy’s, Pottery Barn, Zola and Amazon. Zola is not as well-known as the other three, but it is a great option to consider for your wedding registry, especially if you would like to include have some unconventional gifts. The bulk of our gifts are from there. They have a huge range of brands and products. There are well-known brands like, KitchenAid, Le Creuset and All-Clad to shop from. In addition, Zola has several  unique brands like Creative Co-Op and Brooklyn Slate.

Zola also makes it more possible to get some pricier gifts, by allowing you to activate group gifting. For example, we registered for a KitchenAid mixer on Zola that is $380. With the group gift activated, multiple guests can contribute what they’d like to gift you’ve picked out. The other great differentiator for Zola are the unconventional gift options I mentioned in my tips. Through Zola, you can create a honeymoon fund, add a fun experience in your city or give your guests the option to contribute to something like a down payment on a house (pictured below).

Click here to set up your registry on Zola and get $50!! 

10 Wedding Registry Tips - Pottery Barn, Macy's, Zola & Amazon -

Some of the gifts on our registry that we are super excited about include a hammock from Zola, All-Clad pots and pans, Kate Spade wine goblets, a power drill that Will picked out from Amazon and dinnerware from Pottery Barn (pictured above).

For Will and I, getting wrapped up in registering for gifts left us feeling a little self-centered and greedy, but we reminded ourselves that these do greatly help your guests. Not only that but these gifts will play a huge role in turning our house into our very first home as a married couple.

What do you think about wedding registries?

Now, I’d love to hear from you. How do you feel about giving and receiving  more unconventional wedding gifts? Have you used or bought gifts through Zola before?  If you’re married, what were your favorite gifts you received? Is there anything you think ever couple should register for? If you aren’t married what do you look forward to getting one day?


Sarah Camille

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10 Wedding Registry Tips -


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