The Best Wedding Decisions We Made

Wedding planning is one of those things you cannot fully understand or appreciate until after your wedding. In the throes of it, it can be super stressful and feel like a roller coaster of emotions. Side note: If you’re a bride-to-be, hang on and try to enjoy the ride! Some days are super exciting and others are draining. So often, a lot of time, sweat and tears goes into the wedding day. Some brides have things they regret in hindsight, but I’m thankful there are very few things I would have done differently. Today, I am sharing our totally un-regrettable, best of the best wedding decisions. These are the ones that really stand out, the ones we would make again in a heartbeat and the ones that made our day feel extra special.

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Our Best of the Best Wedding Decisions

1. Writing our own vows.

Will and I wrote our own vows a couple of months before the wedding. During the ceremony we read these to each other out of personalized vow books before reciting the traditional vows to each other. It felt very meaningful to share in our own words our love and personal commitments to each other in front of so many family and friends.

2. Getting a month-of coordinator.

My mom and I tag teamed a lot of the wedding planning, but by the time we got to a couple of months from the wedding day there were still a lot of details that needed to come together. I was also extra busy with work at that time. So, I was very grateful to have our coordinator Cara. During the month leading up to our wedding, she checked on vendors, finalized our timeline and ensured we hadn’t overlooked any details.  She was amazing to have on hand the day of our wedding, too. There were details I envisioned checking on in my head before the ceremony, but it was logistically not possible. That’s where our month-of coordinator came in and kept everything in line.

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3. Incorporating family into our day.

From our wedding party to the details of my dress, we planned for our family to be a big part of our wedding day, but I didn’t realize just how special that would feel. Weddings symbolize a new union and the beginning of a new family, but Will and I both know that we would not be the person the other fell in love with if it was not for our family. I did not realize just how much it would mean to have our siblings stand with us during the ceremony until it was happening. To honor my late grandmother and namesake, I used the sleeves from her wedding dress on mine and wore the veil she made when my mother got married. I also wore a cocktail ring from my paternal great-grandmother. All these touches made us feel even more special and so loved by our families.

4. Relaxing on our wedding day.

A few minutes before I walked down the altar, my good friend and bridesmaid said I was one of the most calm brides she had ever seen. Do not get me wrong I was a bit of a mess in the last couple weeks leading up to the wedding, but I deliberately told myself (and Will told me too!) on the night before our rehearsal dinner to let go of the small things, focus on the great reason behind the wedding and just enjoy it. I am so glad I can look back on our wedding day and say that I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.

5. Starting our honeymoon two days after our wedding.

The week leading up to our wedding, I did not have a lot of time to think about our honeymoon or pack. Our wedding weekend also FLEW by and we were in desperate need of a nap come Sunday afternoon! I’m so grateful we relaxed on Sunday evening and finished packing for our honeymoon, instead of rushing to an airport the morning after our nuptials. I know many people delay there honeymoons these days, too, but it felt very special to spend that first week of married life with just the two of us. Getting back to work after the honeymoon was a different story though!! Hellooo reality haha!

Best of the Best Wedding Decisions We Made - Un-Regrettable Wedding Plans - SCsScoop

So there you have it the best wedding plans we made! I would love to hear your thoughts on the wedding plans or details, you think matter most (whether from personal experience or from wedding guest experience). If you are  married, what are the moments that stick out most to you? What are the plans you are so glad you made in hindsight?

Let’s chat in the comments!


Sarah Camille

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Best of the Best Wedding Decisions We Made - Un-Regrettable Wedding Plans - Wedding Plans, Wedding Decisions and Wedding Planning Tips -

21 thoughts on “The Best Wedding Decisions We Made

  1. Becca Wilson says:

    I definitely love when couples write their own vows. There is something so special about it in that moment.

  2. scotthgilliland says:

    Although my girlfriend and I are a long way from getting married (timewise) we also thought about delaying the honeymoon a day or two after the wedding. Though I couldn’t imagine writing the vows! I would totally mess up!

  3. Anvita Bhatnagar Mistry says:

    Planning a wedding is not easy. seems like you had everything under control. It’s always fun to see weddings form different cultures. Intrigued to know if the sparklers are a tradition or was it just for fun?

  4. Sarah Berthe says:

    Your wedding looks so dreamy! I got married in the courthouse so this makes me time maybe it’s time to do a ‘proper’ wedding with some traditions included.

    • SC says:

      Thank you, Sarah! There were definitely times I thought going to the courthouse might be the way to go! Every wedding is unique and special so I love hearing what other people have done. A big party after an elopement has always sounded fun to me too 😊

    • SC says:

      Thanks!! I agree. I know some brides spend a lot of time thinking about little details that go unnoticed by guests.

  5. Nabanita Dhar says:

    I think stressing over wedding planning is something which has become a norm. But good that you chose not to fret over it.
    I think a wedding needs to be simple and peaceful, does that make sense?

  6. ninakasper says:

    There are some great points but I love the Honeymoon one the most. I never even thought about all the wedding whirlwind and then having to get ready and go on a vacation. If I ever do get married and go on a honeymoon I will keep this in mind.

  7. ninakasper says:

    Some great points! I never really thought about how hectic it would be to be doing all the wedding chores and then immediately rushing off on a honeymoon. I will totally keep this in mind if I ever do get married and have a honeymoon.

  8. Gibbs says:

    I am glad you did not stress about your wedding planning. I do like the vow writing, I think it is important to put your own words down. Congratulations and I wish you many years of happiness.

  9. Tara says:

    What a great list for upcoming weddings. We left on our honeymoon road trip on the afternoon after our wedding. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Emily says:

    I think that the month of coordinator is such a smart idea! Some people may not want to have someone coordinating the entire event (expensive much?) but having someone there to help take the pressure off the bride just a little bit has to be super helpful and beneficial.

  11. Natalia says:

    I love your wedding pictures. I’ll use your tips during my own wedding. I think it’s great when you can prepare such a day together with your family. 🙂

  12. Mary says:

    What a beautiful bride you are! I have a few friends getting married so I will be passing your information along to them!

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