Is this Foot Peel the New Pedicure?!

A sensation in Japan that has been around since 1997, this foot peel phenomenon has gained popularity in the U.S. What’s so appealing (no pun intended!) about this foot peel? Well, it promises to remove the dead skin from your feet and give you super smooth feet with minimal effort.

I was given a Japanese version of this foot peel product a couple months ago and told that they are amazing. Still, I was skeptical. Could you really just put a gell-filled bootie on your feet and get soft feet just a few days later? Since the package was in Japanese, which I cannot read, I did some research, realized just how much people enjoy this product and decided to give it a try. Here’s the Japanese version I used, available on Amazon for $14.

So, I put the plastic-wrap booties on my clean feet. The gel was cold, but other than that I didn’t think much of it. After an hour, I took the booties off my feet and washed them off. Other than my feet looking like prunes, they looked and felt fine. I went to bed, crossing my fingers that I would not wake up with dead, foot skin all over my bed.

Sure enough, all was fine the next day and I remained skeptical that the foot peel would work on my feet. But five days later, I noticed the skin felt weird on the arch of my feet. My skin was peeling off! Honestly, it was pretty gross. So much so, I have decided not to include photos of what it looked like. No one needs to see that, and if you want to, you can check out google!

The peeling process took a couple days, and I wore socks for most of that time. Afterward, It was pretty amazing – the skin on my feet was SO smooth. I could see right away why this has gained popularity.

Similar products like Baby Foot, available on Amazon for $17, are the way to go if you want to give it a try. Target and Wal-mart also sell these now. I have also read that some people recommend soaking your feet before you put on the booties, some people leave them on for 90 minutes. Some women even put these things on their hands!

The best thing about these foot peels is the minimal effort and cost. It is less than a pedicure you’d get at a nail salon and it doesn’t involve salon razors, which can be too rough on your feet. To me, this seems like a safer and less-invasive option to get super smooth feet.

The worst thing is the peeling, which leaves little to be desired. This is a product I’d reccomend using in the winter or spring in preparation for sandal season. I could be wrong, but you probably don’t want to be walking around in flip flops with the skin peeling off your feet. The other negative for this product is the time involved. You do not get instant results, so you have to think ahead if you have a vacation coming up. I’d recommend trying this at least two weeks before you want to see results.

I’d love to hear if you have tried out a foot peel recently and what you thought of it. Or if you decide to try it, let me know what you think of the results.




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Inside the FabFitFun Winter Box

Hi Friends! I hope your week is off to a good start. It’s been cold and dreary in DC so I’m trying not to let that keep me from staying motivated. Anyway, at the end of last week, a package arrived at my door that I was so happy to see — it was the winter box from FabFitFun.

I have heard some good things about FabFitFun and all the products you can get in their seasonal boxes. So a couple months ago I decided to order a winter box for myself, as an early Christmas present. I had a 10% off code from their website as well, so I figured it was worth it to see what all the hype was about. Here’s what was inside my box:


  1. Candle in Bergamot Woods by D.L. & CO , $45
  2. Kiernan Double Pendant Necklace by Gorjana, $75
  3. Thank You Cards by Marie Mae Company , $24
  4. 2017 Weekly Planner by Moleskin, $21
  5. Iconoclast Mega Volume Mascara by Butter London, $20
  6. Mineral Peel Face by O.R.G. Skincare, $44
  7. Beach Butter Body Cream in Winter in Manhattan Beach by Anderson Lilley, $24
  8. Star Pin – This is a bonus item in honor of their partnership with the Starlight Children’s Foundation, a nonprofit organization on a mission to brighten the days of seriously ill children.

One particular thing I like about the winter box I got is that it had items that I typically would never get myself.. like a $45 candle! It feels special to get a package of high-end items like these in a package just for you.

I was also originally skeptical about how many items in the box I would end up using, but I am very confident that I will use all of these things. They are all quite practical and the one fashion related thing – the Gorjana necklace – is totally my style. Of course I’ll keep you updated with a review of the beauty products too!

All in all it was amazing to see what all I got for just $45 (the price of just the D.L. & Co candle!) and also discover some new products and companies. According to FabFitFun, the retail value of this box is $253. So, I’d say that it’s definitely a great value.

A FabFitFun box would also make a great gift for someone special in your life. Or you can follow in my footsteps and indulge yourself in one! The other great thing about FabFitFun worth mentioning is that there is no subscription fee or process. You can simply buy one box and be done. There are also different types of boxes and add-ons that are worth checking out on their website because those might be more your style.

I’d love to know if you have gotten a FabFitFun box before and what you think about them. Did you have a favorite product? As of now, I think my favorite thing in the winter box I received is the Gorjana necklace.




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My Quick & Lazy Way to Keep Skin Clean

Surely I am not the only girl who feels tempted to skip washing her face after a long day. It would be so nice to just hop in bed, right?! Please tell me I’m not the only one who has these thoughts. Now, I won’t even going to try to convince you that I wash my face every single night. But, I will share with you the best way to wash your face if you feel lazy at night like I do. My quick and lazy secret to keep skin clean lies with Clarisonic’s Facial Cleansing Brushes. These devices are just as convenient as they are effective.

The Quick & Lazy Way to Keep Skin Clean - Clarisonic Mia Review - Sarah Camille's Scoop
The electronic, vibrating brush head is what makes Clarisonic’s skin cleansing products so effective. It brushes away dirt and dead skin, leaving your skin feeling smooth and looking clear.

My mom gave me Clarisonic’s Mia Facial Cleansing Brush last Christmas and I have been using it consistently ever since. The great thing about Clarisonic’s cleansing products is how fast they are. With one push of a button the brush vibrates for 60 seconds as you move it around your face. It is really the perfect low-maintenance method!

The kit I got came with a Clarisonic cleanser to apply on the brush head. However, I have found Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser works just as well. I used to use off-brand brush heads because the Clarisonic system ones are pretty expensive. But, it looks like those have disappeared from Amazon, at least for now. Anyway, two Clarisonic brush heads retail for $44, or one for $27. You should replace the brush heads every three to four months, based on how often you use them . I would say the recurring cost of the brush heads is the biggest con for this product.

When it comes to how often you use the Clarisonic brush, my advice is to use it a couple times each week. Because the product gives such a deep clean it can dry out your skin if you use it everday. I  prefer to use the cleansing brush  for those nights when your bed is calling you and you don’t want to spend more than one minute washing your face. It is such an easy way keep your skin clean when you’re feeling lazy!

Do you have any similar skin cleaning routines that are perfect for a lazy day? What is a quick way you keep skin clean each day? I would love to hear all about them. If you have tried or use the Clarisonic cleansing brush, let me know how you like it, too.


Sarah Camille


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