Getting that Summer GLOW: Rodan + Fields Sunless Foaming Tan Review

An honest review of Rodan + Fields Essentials Sunless Foaming Tan

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Memorial Day weekend is almost here, and while it is most importantly a weekend to remember our military who sacrificed their lives, it is also an unofficial kickoff of summer. It’s often this time of year when I put on shorts for the first time and cringe when I see how pale my bare legs look. Cheers to all you out there who don’t care at all how pale you are!! To take the edge off that cringeworthy moment, I often turn to sunless tanners. So today I’m going to share with you my Rodan + Fields Sunless Foaming Tan review.

I swear, I try at least one new sunless tanning product each summer. I have never been very impressed by the higher end sunless tanning products because I feel they either aren’t worth the lengthy process or that they aren’t a good value for the results I got. My go-to sunless tanning product is often Jergen’s Natural Glow lotion because the color is pretty good and it is affordable ($10). But recently, my friend Emily, who is a consultant for Rodan + Fields, shared with me their Essentials Sunless Foaming Tan ($26) to try. So far, it’s been surprisingly effective as easy to use!

Rodan + Fields Sunless Foaming Tan: The Review

The best things about this product are – the value, easy application and the natural color! I noticed quickly that a little goes a long way. I used four pumps on each leg and two for each arm, and it doesn’t seem like I put a dent in it. I’m sure I could get more applications out of my Rodan + Fields  bottle than my usual Jergen’s lotion. So, the value of this product is really even with Jergen’s lotion. In addition, I applied my legs and arms in less than two minutes. The foamless tanning solution absorbed into my skin quickly and was easily applied evenly.

Then, after waiting the recommended two to four hours for the product to set in, I noticed how lovely the color was. It did not look orange at all. It truly looked like a sun-kissed glow. As a testament, Will was out when I put on the foamless tanner. When he arrived my tan had set in and he thought it looked nice and natural (score!).

My only gripe about this product is that because it is a light, clear, absorbing foam, it is hard to see exactly where you’ve applied. While a lotion takes longer, because it is a more substantial product, you can more easily feel and see where you’ve applied the lotion. So, there is a bit of a trade off for the quick application process.

A tip for the first time users:

If you’re applying this Rodan + Fields Sunless Foaming Tan to prepare for an event. Apply it about 24 hours in advance and take a warm shower to gently wash your body. This way any little streaks or blotchy areas will be diminished.

I also really liked how the product faded with time, did not give me orange hands and did not bleed on sheets or towels. Bleeding is a problem I have had with many other tanning products, which can be really annoying. Overall, I am sure I’ll be using my Sunless Foaming Tan over the other comparables in my cabinet throughout this summer. The color and convenience factor really make this stuff standout.

I’d love to know if you have tried Rodan + Field’s Sunless Foaming Tan or any other Rodan + Fields product. This is the first R+F product I have tried, so I’m also curious if you all have any other recommendations from this brand.

If you’d like to know more about R+F’s sunless tanner or shop R+F products, check out Emily’s website for all the details.


Sarah Camille

22 thoughts on “Getting that Summer GLOW: Rodan + Fields Sunless Foaming Tan Review

  1. onesharpmamablog says:

    My friend sells R+F and I was just about to ask her about this! Great to see your thoughts on this. I thought I might like this because it’s hard to find time to get some sun with a six month old😅

  2. John says:

    Thanks for the post! We have a spray tan machine at home, but I might have to experiment with this stuff and give it a shot. 🙂

  3. shopgirlanonymous says:

    That tan is so gorgeous and natural in appearance for a tan in a can! Amazing! I have never used a tanning product, the hassle seems a little much, but now that I live in Florida perhaps I should consider it so I don’t blind everyone.

    • SC says:

      Haha but most people in Florida wear sunglasses 24/7 right?! This one is super quick if you’re going to give one a try. 😊

    • SC says:

      I’m not so sure, Eric! I always shave before I apply these things. Since this is foam, I’d bet that it would not be nearly as sticky feeling as a lotion.

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