Three Steps to Create Fall Outfits with your Summer Clothes

I hate seeing less and less sunshine each day, but the anticipation of fall always brings me such joy. Fall has always been my favorite season, so it's no surprise that I get most excited about fall outfits. So, today I'm kicking off a new fall style series and sharing three easy steps to style fall outfits from your summer outfits.

14 Adorable & Affordable Sandals

Earlier this week I made a Target run and stumbled across some adorable and affordable sandals that I just have to share with you! It's a great time to stock up on sandals for spring and summer ...

What to Wear on Your Next Beach Vacation

A couple months ago, Will and I were over the winter weather and craving some time away from work, recharging in the sunlight. So, we booked a trip to Cancun at an all-inclusive resort. It was the beautiful, relaxing, much-needed break we needed, though we left wishing that we could have stayed another day or … Continue reading What to Wear on Your Next Beach Vacation