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A Christmas Tree Tradition in the Making

Christmas traditions are like the special ingredients to someone's holiday season. They are the big, little and most importantly memorable rituals we do. Personally, I love traditions that emphasize family time and connecting with each other. Will and I have created a Christmas Tree Tradition that stems from our first Christmas together. With Christmas so … Continue reading A Christmas Tree Tradition in the Making

5 Necessities for the Fashionable & Practical Traveler

Here are the top five must-haves for my fellow fashionable & practical travelers.

Life Lately

Hi friends! This past month has felt like a roller coaster, and I've been meaning to fill you all in. My fiancé Will and I kicked of July at the beach in South Carolina and it provided just the right amount of rest and relaxation. We were there for a whole week and our days … Continue reading Life Lately