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SmileDirectClub (SDC) is a company that promises to give you straighter and brighter teeth through their system of invisible aligners and teeth whitening. Everything is mailed to you so you don’t have to worry about setting up monthly appointments.

This spring I decided to give SDC a try because my teeth have shifted some ever since I had braces and lost my retainer. I discovered this SDC after some research which led me to a free consultation in the DC area. It seemed almost to good to be true, but I figure it could be worth checking out.

I’m honestly not sure I would have considered SDC much more if it wasn’t for the in-person consultation. Before the consultation, I was worried SDC was a scam. After meeting the people at SDC and getting a free scan of my teeth, everything felt much more real and like it could be a positive experience.

One thing to note about SDC: this is a young company that is still growing. So, the option to do the in-person consultation and teeth scan is not available in many locations. If that isn’t an option, the thing you have to do is create your own impressions of your teeth with a kit that is mailed to you. I’ve read some other SDC reviews about this being tricky. So my recommendation is to do the in-person consultation and let a professional scan your teeth if you have that choice.

Anyway, fast forward to now — I have been using my aligners for two full weeks, so thought I would provide my scoop for the situation so far. The aligners for month one were mailed to me and the kit had everything I needed. My kit had a different set of aligners for week one and week two and another set for weeks three and four. I have not yet tried the teeth brightening system Glo on!, but plan to in the next week.

Two weeks in to using the aligners, I can already see a slight difference in the crowding around my lower front teeth. The system has been easy to use, and thankfully I haven’t encountered any problems with the aligners fitting properly. When I start a new week’s set, it feels tight around my teeth and my teeth feel a little sore because I can feel them shifting. After a good 24 hours of wearing the new set, this wears off. In addition, I have not had people notice them, unless we are up close. So I’d say the “invisible” part of these aligners gets a solid “A” in my books.

I’m wearing my aligners below.. Can you see them?

This has been a good experience so far, and I can see how SDC is an easy-to-use and cheaper alternative to Invisalign. However, it may not be the thing for you if you have to have that in-person experience and want a more hands-off experience. Anyway, I am excited to see the full results in three months. I’ll update how the process is going on here for anyone interested.


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