The Best Podcasts for Your Next Road Trip

After taking a little time off to enjoy the summer, Will and I will travel through Illinois and Kentucky’s Bourbon trail back to the east coast. One of the best forms of entertainment for road trips like this are podcasts. They can be a great way to learn something new or spark a fun conversation. I am sharing a few of my all-time favorite episodes below.

What it Takes — Johnny Cash

I’m not exactly a huge Johnny Cash fan, but this podcast was fascinating. I felt like I got a glimpse of what this famous and talented man was like off stage. Cash talks about some of the obstacles he faced in life, how he became successful and

This American Life — The Heart Wants What it Wants

This podcast shares a crazy story about a man who wrote love letters to other men for years under the pen name Pamela. What’s most shocking is how the receivers of these love letters reacted when the letters stopped coming.

Death, Sex & Money — When I almost Died

Made up of a compilation of stories from listeners of Death, Sex & Money, this podcast shares people’s near death experiences and how life changed for them afterward.

Death, Sex & Money — Siblinghood

Sibling relationships can be so unique and incredibly valuable, and this podcast touches on that. Adults discuss the ins and outs, the complex dynamics and the positive things that make up a  relationship with a brother or sister.

These podcast channels have lots of other interesting episodes for your travel entertainment. Share with me any of your favorite podcasts too. I’ll be back next week to share how the road trip and bourbon trail adventure went.

Happy weekend everyone!!


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