Ultimate Fall Fashion Checklist

The Ultimate Fall Fashion Checklist

Hi friends! How have you been? I feel like fall is zooming by. Is it just me?! I recently celebrated my birthday and was able to sneak away for a little weekend at the beach. Will and I also have our 15-year and 10-year high school reunions this weekend (where has time gone!?).  And now that cool weather is finally setting in to D.C., the time is right to share my ultimate fall fashion checklist.

Fall is my favorite season. I love layering clothes and combining different patterns and cozy textures together as the crisp weather sets in. So, if you love to layer clothes or are looking for some inspiration for your fall wardrobe, this checklist is for you! The items on this list will leave you with endless outfit options for fall and transitioning into winter.

The Fall Fashion Checklist for Ultimate Style

Ultimate Must Haves Fall Fashion Checklist

Now that I have laid out my fall fashion checklist, I will share with you what I own, recommend and love that is on this list. There a few things I am eyeing, noted below too.

Long-Sleeve Striped Tee

Cotton Cardigan

Utility Vest

Riding Boots

Blanket Scarf

Skinny Blue Jeans

Long-Sleeved Lace Top

Flat Booties

Olive Pants

Infinity Scarf

Ruffled, Flowy Top

Crossbody Bag

Chunky Open Cardigan

Lace-up Top

Burgundy Pants

Quilted Jacket

Heeled Booties

While out and about over the weekend, I wore a few of my favorite fall fashion items from the checklist ! So far this season, I have been wearing my utility vest and flat booties the most. My favorite new purchase has been my AG burgundy jeans. They are so soft and stretchy. The high-waisted fit is perfect too. I could wear them all day because it feels like I have leggings on!

Ultimate Must Haves Fall Fashion Checklist

I wore this Levi’s utility vest over the weekend with my go-to skinny jeans and a new lace up top from Target’s A New Day line (p.s. it is currently on sale for $14!). This new line from Target is awesome, if you haven’ checked it out yet. My top in particular is thicker and softer than normal cotton. It is seriously cozy, perfect for lounging on a cold day.

Now, I need to know. Do you have similar go-to items in your closet for this fall? I would love to know if there is anything else you would add to my checklist too. Share with me what you are absolutely loving for fall this year!


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27 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fall Fashion Checklist

  1. Kurline Altes says:

    I love this!!! You presented us with a list of 17 perfectly thought of list for an ideal fall experience. Fall fashion is right up my alley. I particularly love the stripped tee, cotton cardigan and the riding boots. Those boots!!!!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Boots, boots and boots. Until yesterday it’s been nearly 70° where I live, so need for the scarves yet. I guess a good utility vest needs to go on my list, though! How cute!

  3. CaptionDaFashion says:

    This list is right to the tee. I have to go to the storage at get my boots & scarves. I live in Atlanta, GA and it was 38° this morning. I’m like wait a minute, I need to get my winter clothes out the storage, LOL. I can’t wait to wear my booties too. Your outfit is so cute! LOVE your crossbody bag. NICE!

  4. Nina La Fornara says:

    These are so cute! I have most of the clothes on the checklist. However, I’m not sure when Southern California is going to get cold enough to wear them this year. It’s going to be in the 90s all this week! 🙁

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