NEW: Warby Parker Fall Collection 2017

Get the scoop on the Warby Parker Fall Collection. There are eyeglasses and sunglasses for every style!
Just in time for the cooler weather we are getting in D.C., the new Warby Parker Fall Collection is out today!  I’m so excited to join Warby Parker in this release and share with you all their latest line.  Warby Parker is known well for their standard eyeglasses, but as someone with 20/20 vision, I’ve always zeroed in on their sunglasses. Thankfully their Fall Collection has both!

The Warby Parker Fall Collection

Warby Parker‘s new collection is inspired by leather-bound books at a college library and features a rich color palette. The collection also features two new styles — the ultra-feminine Mona and the round-lensed Logan. From chic and shiny rose gold to edgy, jet silver and classic tortoiseshell, I’m sure you’ll agree this collection has something for everyone. Now what are we waiting for? Here is the new Warby Parker Fall Collection!

How Warby Parker Works

If you are unfamiliar with Warby Parker, you can order your five favorite frames for free. Then, you have the ability to try them on and pick which one you like best. I love this option because it allows me to get opinions from friends and get a consensus on which sunglasses fit my face best.

Since I am in the market for some new shades, Warby Parker’s new collection is perfect timing. But now I have to contemplate which ones to try out. I recently took Warby Parker’s quiz to see which frames work best for me and help me decide between a few styles. You can take the style quiz too, if you’d like to be pointed in the right direction.  I have a particularly narrow face, so it was nice to see that there are certain styles that they recommend for my face shape and personal style.

MORE Warby Parker Sunglasses

When it comes to my go-to look, I usually go for a classic shape and tortoiseshell finish for sunglasses, like the Piper and Downing styles above. I think Warby Parker’s new rose gold Tansley sunglasses would be super chic for fall and winter, while also spicing up my current accessories for fall.

That said, I am indecisive and would love to hear from you all! Which sunglasses should I get and which ones would you get? Do you have a favorite style in the fall collection? If you have tried Warby Parker or do you have a different go-to sunglass brand! Let me know all about it.


Sarah Camille


Get the scoop on the Warby Parker Fall Collection. There are eyeglasses and sunglasses for every style!


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24 thoughts on “NEW: Warby Parker Fall Collection 2017

  1. Sarah says:

    I think the ones in the pic look fabulous – but they wouldn’t work for my round face. The awesome part is they have such a unique variety that there’s definitely something in there for me – I would just have to try them on first to see!


  2. Erica D Ardali says:

    A cool pair of shades can make an entire outfit. For me I have migraines frequently so the light bothers my eyes a great deal more than other people so I never leave home without a pair.

  3. Jocelyn says:

    I love tortoiseshell too. I am so pale that if I wear black frames, I swear I glow in the dark. This looks like a nice collection with some cute options.

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