Hottest Items in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s almost here – my favorite sale of the year. I have been looking through all the pieces included in this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary sale and there some items in particular I am confident will go fast! If you any of these hot items are on your list to grab, I recommend pulling the trigger are going to pull the trigger on.

Hottest Items in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale -

Using my past sale shopping experience and a lot of research, I identified seven categories that are the hottest categories for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. There are definitely things that will sell out outside of these categories, but I focused on the hottest of the hot for y’all! For each category I went through all the sale items and identified 5-8 HOT items that are most likely to sell out completely.

Now, here is the visual round up of the sale’s hottest items by category.

Boots & Booties




Flats, Sneakers and Slide-Ons

HOT Tops



So there’s my round-up. There are a few hot brands worth pointing out as well. Barefoot dreams cardigans always sell out fast and there are several styles on sale this year. I shared my personal favorite cardigan above, but there are similar ones that will go fast too. Steve Madden shoes and boots always go quickly too, and the snakeskin flats I shared above come in several other colors/prints. Madewell also has a great selection of pieces on sale this year. I predict their cardigans and jeans will sell out the fastest. Topshop sweaters also tend to go quickly, and last year’s version of this sweater sold out fast last year.

I know it is a lot, but it is really just the tip of the ice berg. There will be lots more things, like fall essentials and basics like faux leather Spanx leggings that never go on sale and will definitely go fast.

I’ll share more favorites on the app so follow me there if you want to see more. The app is free and you can also save items in there and make a wishlist to help keep track of what you want to grab.

I would love to hear what you’ll be getting this year, if you are shopping the sale. And, stay tuned for more from me on the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.

Cheers and happy shopping!


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