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How You’ll Know He’s the One – A Letter to My Younger Self

Today is Will’s birthday and it just so happens to be exactly one month until our wedding day (seriously, where did time go!?). I am soaking up this special time and decided to do something a little different on the blog today. This is a post that is (selfishly) more for myself. If you are not in the mood for a mushy post about love, then I would just stop reading now. This post is something I wrote to remember what this time was like in my life, and what it was like finding Will and knowing he was the one for me. I think everyone’s journey to love is a little different, so here is mine. This is a letter to my younger self, the one who would lay awake at night feeling so strongly that there was a man out there who would be the love of my life. The girl who would stay up wondering,Β  “How will I know he’s the one?” andΒ “When will I meet him?”

How You'll Know He's the One - A Letter to My Younger Self - SC's Scoop

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How You’ll Know He’s the One

Sarah Camille,

When you meet the great love of your life, you will know. There are people in your life who have experienced this and are telling you this, and it can be hard to understand, hard to believe, until you experience it. There are people in your life who are telling you not to worry about the future. They tell you it will all work out. “God has a plan,” they say. Do not doubt them. They are 100% correct.

Now as your future self, I know the picture I just painted sounds pretty great. I am sure you are skeptical, and you should be. Life leading up to the day you meet this man will be challenging. You will face some personal challenges and have some really tough, failed relationships. While there will be some terrible days, the days and years when you are on your own serve an invaluable purpose.

It is during this time you will discover a better understanding of who you are. You will be tested and criticized in ways that will make you question, “How in the world will things improve?” It will not be until you truly believe that you deserve to be with the love of your life that he will appear. It will happen right after a truly awful day and you will not see it coming.

You will have a feeling of comfort and familiarity the minute you meet him and you will know in your heart that he is the one for you. He is the man you have been waiting for.

I know you want more details, but they do not really matter. All that matters is that you have found him.

Now, your relationship will not be perfect. Sure you will have lots of laughter and fun together, but you will face challenges pretty early on. There will be a support within your relationship that will make it feel like you can face any of life’s challenges, so long as you are together. And, it will be abundantly clear from the beginning that you two are connected. He will be the man you dreamed of and he will be more than you can imagine, all at once.

It will make sense when you meet him. So in the meantime, enjoy your life exactly as it is right now. Have faith and trust with a peaceful mind that it will all work out exactly the way it is supposed to. You will know he’s the one, when you meet him.


Sarah Camille


So, there it is. That is what I would tell my younger self about how you’ll know he’s the one for you. For me, I knew in my heart Will was the right guy for me from the very beginning. I was skeptical and worried first that maybe my heart was wrong. I’m so thankful it wasn’t!

What it means to be “the one”

Now when I say that Will is the one for me, I am really saying I believe he is my soul mate (and I am so excited for our marriage!). But, I realize that not everyone has this kind of experience. I believe soul mates do not always fall in a traditional/stereotypical guy-girl relationship. I think soul mates are simply two people with whom there is a deep connection of the souls. Some people have a few of these in their lifetime, while others may just have one. I think soul mate relationships can be in the form of sibling relationships, friends, marriages and so much more.

Those are my personal thoughts. I would love to hear your thoughts on soul mates and experiences. How did you know your partner was the one? Was there a specific moment that made you realize she or he’s the one for you? Was it a yearlong process of realizing this? Are you still looking for the person you are meant to be with? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments and let’s chat.


Sarah Camille




23 thoughts on “How You’ll Know He’s the One – A Letter to My Younger Self

  1. Kiwi says:

    Reading your letter seems like a letter to myself as well. I am still waiting on the One, and when he finds me I will write a similar letter to my past (current) self.

  2. The Crumby Vegan says:

    Ahh you’ve been so honest in your letter which is great. I was expecting to read about perfection but I love how you’ve spoken of challenges.

    I knew my husband was the one. We met randomly at a party, he asked me for my number but I said no because I wanted to focus on studies. I still remember his eyes intently looking at me and his smile. Then two years later, we end up chatting on FB (studies are over) and I realised, wow this guy is amazing! We went through a long time of long-distance (UK to America and then UK to New Zealand) but now we live in Spain with our little dog and I couldn’t be happier.

    Apologies for the long comment… It was nice to reminisce. Thank you for bringing back the memories πŸ’š

  3. Erica says:

    This letter to your younger self is so sweet. I truly never imagined I’d find someone. And it will be my 7th year wedding anniversary this year. My younger self would have never believed it. It’s amazing what can happen.

  4. onceuponadollhouse says:

    Aww this is so sweet. We gain so much wisdom every single day. You should save this letter to share with your daughter one day.

  5. My Dee Dee's Diary says:

    Awww this was such a great letter. I really love that and I am patiently waiting on the husband that God has for me as well. In the mean time I am not obsessing over it because I know in my heart that he will come

  6. Terri Ramsey Beavers says:

    I have a couple of friends who are constantly out on the prowl looking for the one. I keep telling them that when God’s ready he’ll send him to them, but still they keep trying to help Him out. So happy for you that you found your one true love.

  7. Sara says:

    One congrats!!!! Finding the one is really hard and when you find them stick strong! I love this post because it gives women hope! Thank you for sharing! Going on 4 years of marriage and 2 kids!

    • SC says:

      Thank you Sara! Hope is exactly what I was trying to share. Four years and 2 kids is a big accomplishment, hope you’re enjoying it to the fullest!

  8. Ann F. Snook-Moreau says:

    This is so perfect! I knew the second day I met my now husband that I would marry him. People doubted us but you have to trust that your hearts will recognize each other when you’re meant to be!

  9. pinkoddy says:

    Good luck for the big day and I am so happy you found your soul mate. For me I had a really bad domestic violence relationship, didn’t trust anyone and had given up. But yeh straight away I knew my husband was the one! I moved him in straight away! We are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this year and he is my everything. He knows how to make me feel better and sometimes knows what I want/need better than I do myself.

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