The Benefits of Goal Sharing & 2020 Goals

So, here we are! It’s been 2020 for a full week now, and it’s officially getting odd to say Happy New Year to people. But, this is also the first full work week, and time to get focused on our goals.. right!? I have been thinking a lot about the past year and decade, which I touched on last week, and I gathered my thoughts when it comes to plans and goals for for this year. Before I share my 2020 goals with you all, I wanted to share the benefits of goal sharing.

Benefits of Goal Sharing

  • Motivation– Similar to the effect of writing down your goals, when you share your goals with someone, you’ll be much more likely to find the motivation to achieve them. Personally, I feel like there’s kind of an instant accountability that comes with sharing goals.
  • Connection – This may seem more obvious, but sharing our goals can be a great way to connect with people, especially when you discover you have a goal in common.
  • Advice – I am not a big fan of the word advice, but sharing goals can bring advice and lessons learned from other. People are much more likely to share tips and tricks of how they achieved a goal when you share your goals.
  • Encouragement – When you share your goals with someone, you may be pleasantly surprised to receive encouragement.

Sharing personal goals can be scary, and I totally understand that there are some goals you may not want to share. However, if you’re a private person like me, I hope you consider sharing a goal with one person this year. You’ll never know what good can come of it, unless you try!

“The time for new beginnings is NOW.”

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Side Note: Last year, I shared goal-setting tips to help you crush your goals. Definitely check that out if you are trying to come up with a plan to achieve your goals.

Goals for 2020:

Now that you know the benefits of goal sharing, I figured I would go ahead and share some of mine with you all! There are two main focuses with these goals – family and quiet time.

  • Buy a house. A lot goes into making this goal happen, especially in the Northern Virginia housing market, but as it looks right now, I think this will be our year to go from condo to home!
  • Get a library card. This seems simple, but I really want to utilize the public library instead of buying books I read once and creating more waste/clutter in my home.
  • Read at least 2 library books each month. This is how I’d like to begin creating more quiet time for myself!
  • Ship less and buy more things locally. I have a lot of ideas and plans I’m still thinking through on how to do this, so let me know if you have any ways you cut down on shipping things.
  • Get a dog. This one might seem easy but it is dependent on getting a house as we’d like our dog to have a yard.
  • Start reading for 15 minutes in bed each night. This one goes hand in hand with with my reading goal and creating more quiet time.

These goals are pretty simple but there is an over-arching intention I have also made for 2020. I want to focus on living in the moment and slowing down. I have a tendency to be go-go-GO and then burn myself out so I want to find new ways that really help me relax, reflect and enjoy each day.

Are you making goals this year? If so, I’d love to know if you’ll try goal sharing or if you prefer to keep your goals private? Let’s chat in the comments!


Date night look and the benefits of goal sharing -

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