Life Lately: We are Moving!

Hi! It’s been a while my friends! With such uncertain times in the world these past couple months, it hasn’t felt like there’s been a “right” time to share a personal update. So before I get into it, I hope you know I’m thinking about you all and hope this post finds you doing well. Now, the truth is a lot has been going on behind the snapshots you may have seen on Instagram. First, I shared on social media a couple weeks ago that we’re expecting our first child this fall, but you may have caught on to hints that there’s been even more changes happening. We are moving into a home this month!

How we found our new home

Despite being in the middle of a global pandemic, we some how managed to find an amazing house with all the ingredients we’ve hoped for just a couple months ago. We are super excited and feel very fortunate to be making the house into our home very soon.

After finding out we were pregnant at the beginning of this year, we realized it would be really nice to move from our two bedroom condo into a home with a yard, garage and more space. Even before the pandemic hit though, we set expectations with ourselves and told each other it might not happen this year. We didn’t want to move into a place that wasn’t what we truly want for the long run, so we were preparing ourselves to be patient throughout the looking process.

Then, the pandemic hit right when we had begun to think about looking. While we tried to remain hopeful, Will and I really started to doubt that we would find the right place this year. A few quiet weeks passed, and then out of the blue, a house we love appeared. It all moved quickly after that, and it honestly took a while for it to sink in.

Change seems to be the theme of this year…

I never imagined being pregnant during a pandemic much less buying a home and beginning a new job on top of it all. And now, with the Black Lives Matter movement, there’s even more to take in. I’m constantly thinking about how I’m going to parent and prepare our little one to be a positive contributor to society, to be kind and loving to everyone. There’s a lot on my mind, and that is the main reason I haven’t posted lately.

I’m no expert on the coronavirus or racism, and I’m pretty clueless on what’s changing in my personal life — moving, pregnancy and parenting. So, I’ve been listening and reading a lot, trying to learn more about all these changes.

There’s a lot of looming uncertainty with the coronavirus and the societal changes taking place, but, in contrast, there’s a lot of good things happening in my life and I’ve struggled with what degree I want to share the good things. Especially, when I know so many people are struggling and hurting right now. But, I also don’t want to completely ignore the good changes. I’ve come to the conclusion in the past couple days that it’s OK to have conflicted feelings. We can be happy for one part of our lives while also feeling upset about something else. Life is messy and we shouldn’t expect our feelings to be any more organized.

So, this is where I am. The move, selling our current place and preparing for the little one on the way have made life hectic, but in the best way possible. Will and I are so grateful for these happy changes, but I’m also worried about what else this year will bring and tired of all the packing, painting and long lists of details and to-dos to keep track of on top of work and regular life stuff.

Anyway, once we get settled in to our new place over the next few weeks, I will get back into a more consistent blogging routine. So, you will hear more from me soon!

Thank you guys for following along and supporting us in this crazy journey called life.


Sarah Camille

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