Fall Style Essentials for Saving or Splurging

The official beginning of fall is less than two weeks away! If you don’t already know, fall has always been my favorite season and all the fun fashion this time of year is just the cherry on top. I love wearing layers without freezing outside, and I love the warm colors that that come with the changing leaves and fall fashion. Today’s post is one that has been in the works for a couple weeks, so I’m excited to finally share with you my list of fall style essentials. Plus, I really wanted to deliver you all style options that fit within your budget. So, I’m sharing a saving and splurging option for each essential piece.

The fall essentials below are the classic, simple pieces every girl needs in her wardrobe for a fashionable season. These are not the trendy fall pieces of the year. Instead, I focused on showing you the essential pieces that will last for years. To keep things simple, the first picture before the listing has the “splurge” pieces and picture after the listing shows you all the “save” pieces.

Fall Style Essentials for Splurging - SCsScoop.com - Fall Style Guide | Fall Must-Haves | Fall Style Inspiration

Fall Style Essentials

#1 Plaid Shirt — Saving OR Splurging

Nothing says fall more than a plaid shirt. Am I right?! The affordable one below is also on sale for $15 and comes in more prints. The splurge-worthy ones are notorious for their amazing quality and they have more of a blouse feel to them, not super structured.

#2 Moto Jacket — Saving OR Splurging

Moto jackets are a great way to add an edgy element to your fall style. I love how they look contrasted with a floral top or dress. I got the splurge-worthy one a few years ago, and the fit is SO good!

#3 Striped Long-sleeve Tee Saving OR Splurging

I know! Long-sleeve tees are pretty much an essential year-round, but striped long-sleeve tees are the best during fall time. They work so well under jackets, sweaters, you name it. I love pairing a striped top with a trendier piece, like an animal print scarf too!

#4 Field Utility JacketSaving OR Splurging

The splurge-worthy utility jacket (pictured above) was a piece I got earlier this year, and the quality is amazing. It’s the perfect weight to keep me warm into the winter and I sized up for room with sweaters. You can see exactly how I styled it in a previous post, too.

#5 Tunic Turtleneck Sweater — Saving OR Splurging

This style sweater is truly classic — a style that will last for many many years. They look great styled with leggings.

#6 Cognac Belt — Saving OR Splurging

The color cognac will forever be associated with fall. So, incorporating a cognac belt into your fall wardrobe is a must! You can wear it traditionally — in your belt loops! OR, you can wear them over a chunky cardigan, poncho and even use it make your scarf look like a vest!

#7 Neutral Cardigan — Saving OR Splurging

This is a piece I wear non-stop during the fall, so I think it’s good to have at least a couple of these on hand. They are especially great for work, when you’re cold at home (basically me all the time!) and to take with you so you’re covered for those cool nights, especially at the beginning of fall.

#8 Faux Leather Leggings — Saving OR Splurging

Leggings are great for fall and winter in general, but leather leggings will take your style game up a notch. I bought the splurge-worthy ones a couple years ago and they’re so versatile for fall fashion. They look perfect with tunic sweaters, riding boots, long cardigans, moto jackets… basically everything on this list!

#9 Cognac Crossbody Bag — Saving OR Splurging

One of these is arguably the most essential fall essential for your wardrobe. The cognac color will add a pop of fall to any outfit. Plus, crossbody bags are easy to take from day to night.

#10 Quilted Vest — Saving OR Splurging

Quilted vests are a classic fall piece that you won’t regret adding to your wardrobe. I love styling them with plaid shirts and turtlenecks most of all.

#11 High-waisted Jeans — Saving OR Splurging

Yes, please! A good pair of high-waisted jeans can be your best friends. Investing in a skinny pair to work with booties and riding boots is a good idea, but I’m also eyeing this pair of high-waisted flare jeans!!

#12 Animal Print Scarf — Saving OR Splurging

I know some of you may say this is a trendy piece, not a fall essential. But, I would bet big money that a good animal print scarf will be in season for many years to come. There are a lot of loud animal prints in style this season, but if you’re looking to add just an element of animal print to your wardrobe I’d start with a classic leopard print. I can’t believe I found the affordable one below for only $13!!

#13 Cognac Booties — Saving OR Splurging

Do you see a cognac theme here?! Ha! I have no shame because let’s be honest the color cognac is timeless. We’ve been over this, but a dose of cognac on your toes is a must for your fall wardrobe. I personally love how sleek and classic the pointed-toe suede cognac booties look. They’ll definitely stay in your closet for many years.

#14 Suede Sneakers — Saving OR Splurging

Suede sneakers are the perfect casual shoe for your fall outfits. Both pairs I found incorporate fall colors in them, and the affordable ones have memory foam!

#15 Riding Boots — Saving OR Splurging

I couldn’t share fall style essentials without including these! Riding boots are such a classic piece for any wardrobe. I love the simple, sleek style of both pairs I found for y’all. I have had this exact pair for three years and they’re still in great shape.

Fall Style Essentials for Saving - SCsScoop.com - Fall Style Guide | Fall Must-Haves | Fall Style Inspiration

A Fall Style Tip to Stay on Budget

Since these are true style essentials, I think you can more easily justify the “splurge” option, but obviously splurging on every item can do some damage to anyone’s bank account. If you’re looking to incorporate more timeless pieces into your wardrobe for many falls to come, I’d recommend picking one or two splurge options each season. Asking for good quality pieces for a birthday or anniversary is always a good idea too!

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I’d love to hear what fall style essentials you’re saving and splurging on this year. Is there an investment piece you’ve been eyeing for fall? Is there an essential in your fall wardrobe that I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments, and let’s chat.



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