Reminder: You’re stronger than you think.

Four years ago, I hiked a super steep trail until we reached the overlook you see above. This photo appeared a couple days ago and I have since been reflecting on the BIG period of growth I faced at that time in my life, and how my perseverance got me through it. I had been let go from my job & started a job that I hated. I had lost my confidence and was very unsure of what career path to go down. I felt deflated. I was dealing with a lot of anxiety. But I was also in the best relationship I had ever been in (grateful to still be in it 🤍) and feeling determined to sort through my struggles.

Life’s not a Disney movie, though, and I haven’t magically solved all my problems. News flash — A “dream job” or “dream partner” won’t solve all any problems. BUT, thankfully I mustered up the strength to quit the job I hated, and I kept trying new jobs until I landed in the place that is right for me. It took a couple years for me to figure out what I really wanted in a job. There was a lot of trial and error and I know there were many people who thought I was crazy for all the job changes I went through in such a short time… but I stayed determined to figure it out, and eventually I did.

SO, where am I going with this?

I’m sharing this little story of mine just in case it helps anyone else searching for something better — whether it’s your job, relationship, friendship or something else – or anyone else who’s struggling with confidence.

If we can find the confidence to “say NO” to the things that are not meant for us, it makes room for things that are meant for us to SHOW UP!

It’s not easy though, and I hope this doesn’t sound like I solved all my problems. Remaining confident in myself is something I still struggle with. And my career was one big problem I faced four years ago. There were others then; and now, I have new challenges. Life has a way of presenting new ones as our lives change!

But, seeing a picture like this reminds me that life’s struggles are worth it, and remaining confident in ourselves really helps us get to the other side. In fact, when we struggle greatly and get through it.. that’s when we truly grow and learn the most about ourselves. Just like the view at the top of this hike, that growth is a beautiful thing.

Don’t give up my friends! So often we are much stronger than we think.


Sarah Camille

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