The Classic Fashion Essentials You NEED For Spring

Springtime is here and for obvious reasons I am feeling much more hopeful this year compared to last year! The vaccine progress is promising and the thought of getting back to normal social activities is quickly seeming less like a pipe dream. So with that, I have been feeling inspired to update my wardrobe for spring. I put my joggers and leggings aside and assessed the staples I have and don’t have in my closet. After a thorough analysis, I realized what pieces I own that are essential for creating spring outfits. These are classic pieces I will always own, and wanted to share them with you for a little inspiration. So, here are the classic fashion essentials you need for spring!

Actually, before we dive in I just want to make my thought process a little more clear. Many if not all the pieces I’m sharing can be easily styled for other seasons. The pieces below are what I see as essential for spring in particular.

The Classic Fashion Essentials You NEED For Spring - Beige Loafers -

Beige Loafers

Let’s start off with the newest item in my closet! These beige loafers are classic, comfortable and perfect for those early spring months when it’s not quite warm enough for sandals. They look great with denim, skirts and trousers. And while I am partial to the beige color for spring, there are many other colors available that I have my eyes on.

Navy & White Striped Tee

You just can’t get much more classic than navy and white stripes. This fashion essential looks great under a jean jacket and with just about any bottom you can imagine. I have owned A LOT of striped tees at different price points, but I swear by the one pictured above. It comes in a short sleeved version too.

The Classic Fashion Essentials You NEED For Spring -

Sweater Blazer

Sweaters are an obvious layer for springtime, but sweater blazers take them up a notch. They are more structured. So, throwing one on instantly makes you looking more polished. But the best part is they are still soft and have stretch, so you can comfortably wear it all day. Personally, I love the khaki color of this one for spring. It comes in other classic colors too, and they are all currently 49% off!!

White Jeans

I don’t subscribe to the “rule” about not wearing white before Memorial Day. White jeans are perfect for creating a fresh, classic spring look. On a practical note, they are much more comfortable to wear in the spring compared to those super hot middle of the summer days. This pair has an amazing fit! They are slimming and really hold you in. I love them so much I own them in black too. So, if white jeans is not your thing, I’d check those out!

Leather Tote

There’s something about a natural leather tote that I just love in the springtime. It’s a practical accessory to freshen up any outfit in the spring! I got the tote pictured above as a gift and absolutely love that it comes from a company that helps empower and support women.

Jean Jacket

Jean jackets are so versatile in the spring, especially on those days when it’s still quite cool in the morning and evening. I love how they look paired over a maxi dress and with white denim and heels! The one pictured above has over 2,200 reviews and almost 5 full stars. It’s normally $39.99 but currently on sale for $24!!

The Classic Fashion Essentials You NEED For Spring -

White Buttoned Down Shirt

Like so many of the fashion essentials I’ve already mentioned, a white buttoned down shirt can truly be worn year round. But for spring, this is a MUST.HAVE. I just recently snagged the this buttoned down shirt for only $20 and I was very impressed by the quality and fit. While I have it tied, pictured above, it does not come that way. I’m wearing the same white shirt at the top of this post. So you can see how it looks buttoned down all the way, if you scroll up ;). The shirt is made of a gauze fabric that’s more breathable, similar to linen, so it will transition nicely into summer too!

White Leather Sneakers

There’s just something about white sneakers that says “hello, fresh, spring look” to me. I have had different types of plain white sneakers for years, and I always wear them the most in the spring time. The Adidas pictured above are so classic, and the touch of gold adds a little unique-ness that I love.

Eyelet Top

Wearing an eyelet top is a classic way to bring a little femininity to your spring style. There are, of course, a lot of options and styles for incorporating eyelet, but I am adding the top pictured above to my cart right now! The pale pink color is perfect for spring and the flutter sleeve is so fun! It would be cute styled with a pencil or midi skirt and of course any jeans.

Knit Maxi Dress

Casual dresses like this one are great for spring because they are so easy to style with layers and different shoes.

In addition to these essentials for spring, there are other I love to wear during the spring. For me that includes, floral dresses and tops, along with shorts and sandals when it gets warmer. For more spring fashion inspiration, check out the style checklist I made a couple years ago. I would love to hear what your classic fashion essentials are for spring.


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